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Double jeopardy anyone?

For a president who is willing to surrender his powers inherited from his predecessors – civil and military – who used them ruthlessly, Asif Ali Zardari is not getting his due share of appreciation. Between the Chief Justice who is asking the Swiss courts to reopen the cases and meeting leading witnesses on the side and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), it is quite obvious that they are making sure that it remains that way.

Last week when the everyman and his dog was heaping scorn on Nawaz Shareef’s U-turn on 18th amendment bill, Chief Justice very conveniently took a suo motu notice on non implementation of December 16,2009 verdict declaring the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) null and void and asked the NAB to implement the NRO ruling in letter and spirit in – get this – 24 hours.

This week, NAB apparently has decided to reopen cases against politicians, including those disposed of recently by accountability courts. Now I am not defending anyone who is corrupt and all but can it be done legally? As far as my limited knowledge of law goes, no person can be tried for committing the same crime twice, even if they happen to be Salman Farooqui!


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  • And did you notice that he asked NAB to submit a report regrading the final reopening of the cases on 5th – the very day that the president is due to make his address at the joint session.
    ‘m fuming at the case – The decision also calls for the removal of Chairman NAB – and the CJ is actually calling & directing the very same chairman who he wants removed.One day he appreciates his efforts when he reads out the letter in the court – the very next day, the same letter is deemed unsatisfactory.
    One day he claims to up hold the constitution, the next day his bench member claims that the constitutional immunity is nothing, cause only the Supreme Court has the authority to grant immunity to anyone.
    Tuaba Nauseating.

  • tazeen i am with you on this… i don’t understand the legal basis for this (if any!)

  • Im not even interested anymore sare ke sare aik hi maqsad se sab kuch karte hain apni kursi ki hifazat ghasito ghasito govt ghasito…. And in the case of cjp sab ko che banao by playing to upper class drawing room elites who think they have helped cause a revolution blah

  • have you heard about the term judicial martial law. some are saying we are moving to this type of martial law.

  • hahaha.. It is sad that this makes me laugh. We need a law governing the laws. (or go back to sleep because this is going to get dirtier very soon)

  • Hi Tazeen,
    Zardari may be corrupt and 10% and all.But Pakistani civil society can be easily taken for a ride.If 18th Amendment goes through the whole nation and oppressed society of Pakistan must applaud this man. He is being targetted by the very forces which are beholden to the dollars which come through KLB especially the ones who are beholden to Saudi petro dollars.
    Zardari has shown more guts in defying USA and inking Iran/Pakistan gas deal. I am sure only for this the Army backed seminarists can remove him.
    Judiciary is not some holy cow as one sees in India also.Our Supremecourt in India opposed the judgement of Delhi high court making it part of RTI act.It went in appeal to itself !!!!!!Even President of India and PM of India come under RTI but no these holy cows.
    When the PM can appoint the Army chief, then real democracy will come to Pakistan.

  • anyone with just one eye, pun intended, can see that Iftekhar Chaudhry is a Nawaz Shareef supporter, they both scratch each other’s backs when the occasion calls for. It is as simple as that

  • I find your comments disingenuous and I am appalled at the naivety shown by some of the commentators. What people seem to have missed is that the 18th amendment has been rushed through Parliament with indecent haste. “People’s representatives” have actually acted as puppets of their party leaders and approved the amendment without knowing what it is about. Javed Chaudhry and others have highlighted the deception that Zardari, Sharif, et al have played on the nation.



    Re. Zaradari and other criminals: they are acting as both the accused and the prosecutors, which means several have been “acquitted” and they all hope to walk off scot-free. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is our one hope of stopping the unmitigated loot and plunder that has been going on in Pakistan for years.

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