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There is lame, beyond lame and something far beyond that

While there are more important things happening like Mr. Nawaz Shareef acting like a prima donna who only wants to become prime minister for the third time at any cost even if means not passing the legislation that the parliamentary committee has been working on for 9 months and alienating the province of NWFP, the fact that he was finally called what he truly is (Remains of General Zia), Indians going mental about the US-Pakistan nuclear deal and the elections in Iraq, but I am leaving all that to other people to ponder on and focus of things of little importance because … well because I am like that only.

Senator McCain has really gone bonkers and has Sarah Palin campaigning for him – again – this time for Senate re-election bid. Did this guy not know that she is one of the factors that he did not make it to the Oval Office? He is like 119 years old and he still hasn’t learned the basics of elections: you do NOT ask someone as pea brained as Sarah Palin to campaign for you.
We all know how important facebook is to all its 200 million – and counting – active users but it sure has reached new heights when it is credited with rise in syphilis. One British public health expert has blamed Facebook for a resurgence of the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis and said that it has increased fourfold in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside – the areas where facebook is most popular – because facebook just makes it easier for people to meet up for casual sex. So what’s next? British NHS suing Mark Zuckerberg for the rise in the cost of treatment for all those syphilis patients? Can Zukerman be sued if facebook is used as personal ad for lonely hearts? By the way, it is learned that there is a film being made on Facebook and Zuckerberg. As if we have not made one twenty something extremely rich by over sharing our photographs with friends and family.

Iceland has been declared the most feminist country in the world – at least by Guardian – for practically closing down its sex industry. India, though still selling skin whitening creams in alarming proportions could be another country where follicle discrimination may end soon, at least on the runways. Here is the first female bald model of India strutting her stuff.

Among other journalistic feats to their credit, Fox news has stumbled up on something that the world had no clue about until now – cultural homosexuality. The good journalists at Fox News unearthed an eye opening unclassified study from a military research unit in southern Afghanistan about the prevalent homosexual behavior in Pashtuns and how they are in denial about it. The unnamed study apparently is based on the scientific data which was gathered during an outbreak of gonorrhea among the interpreters working for US army. I do get the fact that people who watch/read Fox news are not the brightest of the lot but coining a term as clichéd as cultural homosexuality is bordering on idiocy of galactic proportions.

Last but not the least, the fine people at Café Pyala has pointed out that Jemima bibi is quoting old Private Eye covers in her tweets, perhaps in attempt to appear witty. This one does not even bother to cover her tracks. There is lame and there is beyond lame and there is lame so far off the handle that you cannot even reach it. This one goes into that category.


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  • Mark Zuckerberg ! Your link itself says so.
    Unless it was intentional, in which case I didn’t get it.

  • Oops, made the correction. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • When pea-brained voters love bigger pea brains, Sarah Palin is the person you want telling them how to vote. It’s a bold indicator of what John McCain has been all along: a mean, opportunistic grub.

  • well written..!

  • You have personal vendetta for jemima or something. May be you wanted Imran Khan for yourself and she got him, yeah?

  • Fox news is misleading and we all know it. Why give it importance by discussing it further

  • While what comes out of Fox News certainly isn’t consistent with high journalistic standards, I would have to concur with the findings of the report, albeit perhaps not with the term “cultural homosexuality”. While working in the earthquake-affected areas in Pakistan, I came across doctors in health camps who told me how they were struck by the number of women in the Frontier who were infected by STDs, compared to the negligible figures in Kashmir (they had worked in camps in both areas). And we all know how STDs are spread, don’t we?
    Besides there is an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence to back the claims in the report. Strict segregation undoubtedly has much bearing on homosexual practices and this is true of other parts of the world as well, not just where Pashtuns live, such as boys’ boarding schools, monasteries etc.
    Also, isn’t is just like the hypocrisy practiced by many of our co-religionists to say that it’s ok to have sex with a man, but not ok to “love” him as that runs counter to Islamic tenets. Yeah, right!!!!

  • I would very much like Mr Zuckerberg to sue NHS. At least it will jolt them into doing their job and stop blaming others for their inefficiency

  • I think its time that Tazeen and Jemima make up and make out. The way you stalk her, its obvious that you like her – a lot.

  • The bad things about Palin campaigning for McCain are two-fold:

    1) She gets even more air-time.

    2) She gets a certain amount of legitimacy by being associated with one of the less wacko of right.

    There are probably lots more “folds” to this that I have not thought of. She is scary.

  • McCain is OLD so I believe he should enjoy the rest of his days in peace instead of running for one office or the other. 🙂

  • I like your new bog look and feel

  • Quite a combination of odd reports! I would like to check out that Fox News report though…!

  • We are gifting Sania Mirza to your country. Pl take care of her.
    She should not meet the same fate as earlier Indian fiancee of Shoaib.
    BTW is there shortage of suitable girls in Pak?

  • using the same there a shortage of suitable guys in India??? 😉

    btw..I am an Indian too…

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