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There is an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Whenever I read it, I always think that it must have been coined keeping Pakistan or Pakistan like situation in mind.
Last year with repeated shoe throwing incidents at Ghulam Arbab Rahim, former Chief Minister of Sind, I gave the verdict that Sind Assembly is the lamest legislation house in Pakistan where people indulge in brawling at no provocation. The image took a further nosedive when MQM MPAs in the assembly expressed grief by commemorating a moment of silence at the death of Michael Jackson. I mean we all loved good ol’ MJ and I am sure Mr. Faisal Sabzwari must have grooved to ‘Thriller’ in his younger days, but I was kinda lost and failed to make the connection between Sind Assembly and MJ. But of late, Punjab Assembly has dethroned Sind Assembly as the legislative body where all the moronic, dense and dim witted good for nothing publicity whores gather and talk nonsense at the tax payers’ expense.
A few weeks back, a PML – Q MPA, Ms. Samina Khawer Hayat has decided to straighten the youth of Pakistan by proposing a bill on putting a ban on all the late night cell phone packages across Punjab. According to her, the young boys and girls are wasting their time chatting and texting with each other which is not only bad for their academic grades but is also deemed un-Islamic. She blamed the cell phone companies for the moral degradation of youth by keeping the phone charges so affordable. The best way to deal with the issue was to keep the cell phone charges out of purchasing power of the younger Pakistanis. Needless to say, Ms. Hayat got prime time coverage and was interviewed by many news channels with nothing better on their agendas. A day before the bill was proposed, no one apart from Ms. Hayat’s three children knew or cared about her and all of a sudden, she became the woman who would affect not only millions of young and not so young Pakistanis who call their friends and family late at night, but also the profit margins of perhaps the only successful and commercially viable sector in Pakistan.
Now, Ms. Hayat had tasted blood and she was like this vampire who needed a constant fix to feed into her yearning for more fame, prime time TV spots and front page newspaper headlines. The next thing we knew, she totally hijacked the bill proposed by her colleague Sheikh Allauddin, when she came out and said that men can and should marry a second, a third and a fourth time without the consent of their first wife. While presenting her precious views in favour of polygamy, Ms. Hayat said:

“If there is no bar on them marrying again, all of men’s frustrations would be reduced, while women would be able to salvage their honour and lead secure lives.”

Now call me extremely thick , but if all these men are already married to super women like Ms. Hayat herself, then why in the God’s name are they still so bloody frustrated? Secondly, if there are so many single unmarried women around, why are they not frustrated? Is sexual frustration a male domain only? Are all unmarried women without honour which they can only salvage or reclaim after becoming someone’s second, third or fourth wife? What kind of society have we become where the only course of security for a single woman is to become someone‘s second, third or fourth wife. I guess in Ms. Hayat’s esteemed opinion, the state that has repeatedly failed to provide security to its female population can only go forward by promoting some seriously misogynist legislation.
Like I mentioned earlier, Punjab Assembly has managed to congregate all the idiots par excellence so most treasury members endorsed Hayat’s demand and appreciated her ‘bold’ stance on the issue. Sheikh Allaudin and Maulana Ilyas Chinnioti and Amina Buttar termed her suggestion “ideal”. I was not present there but I am sure that Maulana Chinioti must have been salivating when he said that Hayat had ‘voiced the wishes of Muslim women’.
While there are people who are hoping that Samina Khawar Hayat’s husband marry three more women without her permission ASAP and some are envious of her husband as she has so generously bestowed her husband with the permission to seek wife number 2, 3 & 4, I will only share her contact details.
Those of you who either want to praise Ms. Samina Khawar Hayat or call her names can do so by texting or calling at her cell number 0300-8030786. This is my public service of the day.

I don’t know about the others, but we are seriously living the Chinese curse.

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  • this lady is a fundamentalists’ wet dream!

    on a related note, you do question the assumption that there are all these unmarried women around. what needs to, in my opinion, be stressed is that there is a serious deficit of women in Pakistan. According to your own government data there are 108 men for every 100 women in Pakistan and I am sure the situation would only have worsened in the last twelve years. Biologically, if there is no patriarchal interference, humans societies should have a slight skew in favour of women, that is, there should be about 102 – 104 women for every 100 men. This only makes the situation worse.

    From this data it appears that for every 100 women in Pakistan, there are about 10 women missing. Where have they gone?

    I’d once written about this on my blog (and also in a column in Mehmal’s previous newspaper, The Post).

    It is really sad that women representatives, rather than raising the issue of these “missing women” talk such utter rubbish.

  • Hi Tazeen,

    It has been quite awhile since I last visited your blog but I see you are still on fire. I also note that your writing style has improved so much with practice:) I love your sarcasm, I can practically hear your intonation as I read this piece. And of course, your usual spark adds zing to the entire piece.

    I have a second blog,

    Do visit when you can.

  • oops I tried to put my other blogs name. My original name is euthymic.

  • Outrageously funny… It just keeps getting better and better. I guess, people like these are the only way to show people what is seriously wrong with the Islamisation of governance. Or is the public opinion with these buffons? I seriously hope not.

  • I agree, Tazeen! It is times like these when you feel happy that our parliamentarians have not progressed much on legislation.

  • Another gem from the undisputed princess of wit…keep them coming, please.

    Appreciate your “public service of the day”.


  • I felt like slapping this woman, really. She’s a disgrace to us women folk!

  • Samina Khawar Hayat is defending the justice of her own unjustifiable/condemnable imprisonment by supporting polygamy on th basis of religion.

    This is what happens when Religion becomes the ONLY authority to dictate every possible affair of life. Believing in some god and his “holy” book doesn’t mean that you cant use your own minds (though yes, that what religion demands to forget that you have a mind of your own) and think for yourself whats right/wrong by judging it on its merit.

    “If religion says so, there is no need to question it or exploring logic in it” — Such senseless arguments are confession that religion and logic both are complete opposite to each other.

    Criticizing Samina Hayat is very convenient, but what about the basis of her argument, basis that not only makes her argument loud but also gains support for her idiocy by many circles of society. Its much better to criticize the reasons why she is uttering such senseless words out of her mouth and gaining support from many, instead of criticizing Samina alone, but then its not convenient for many.

    You want a man to have 4 wives at same time without permission from wife, Sure but then give woman right to have 4 husbands at same time. And then preach how much “independence and equality” some religion provides to women.

  • I’m speechless! I feel sorry that we are represented by such people in our national and provincial assemblies!

  • @smokenfog: Whoever mislead you into thinking that women and men are religiously equal in any way? They’re not.

  • This is pretty unbelievable.

  • Once again you have justified your recently acquired crown – ‘the princess of wit’

  • Our women parliamentarians like Ms. Samina Khawar Hayat are nothing short of illogical, non-pragmatic and non-scientific thinking. What a shame…

  • Hi Tanzeem!
    Youve got a very interesting blog, some great thoughts from beyond borders 🙂
    Thanks for your visit to my blog, do come again!

  • Every time I feel that our Indian politicians can’t be matched when it comes to stupidity, you come up with a great counter-example on your blog.

    Though I am not entirely convinced, I have to admit your bunch is giving ours a good fight! 😉


    Quirky Indian

  • Amazing…..

    used in both senses.. for the blog in great sense and shocked to disbelief at the sheer stupidity of the people who’ve ‘We’ve’ nominated….

  • Aniket,

    Yeah, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the two countries with fewer women than men and most doctors think that maternal mortality is one of major causes for that.

    Yeah you would know it far better than anyone that how gallactically moronic our law makers can be. Thank God they are lazy to boot and dont pass such legilations day in, day out.

    Lamat and Maneesha,

    Thanks a lot gals.

    Quirky Indian,

    Yeah, we do elect them nicely. Lets have a shouting match between Mayawati and Baji Samina ‘Polygamy’ Hayat.

  • Why this lady born on earth

  • Haha!I can’t believe you gave out her humber there. Are people spamming her already?

  • Hahaha, Tazeen, can we also offer good rishtas for Mr. Khawar Hayat. I’m sure the lady would be interested in knowing which poor deprived souls can benefit from her generous offer.
    Maybe I should suggest some unmarried MNAs – they could all talk legislation at home and be one big happy family.

  • Ibteda,

    I am not in Pakistan right now otherwise i would be spamming rishtas on her number … Please do this public service message and send rishats for her husband, daddy and father in law who is also an MPA

  • This woman is an idiot who must be rushed for a hysterectomy post haste so she can’t have any more kids.
    Thereby, one step at a time the idiot gene is killed off.

  • Polygamy will lead to more frustration for lower status males.
    If there are 108 men for every 100 women in Pakistan and the higher status 20 men end up marrying 80 women, then the remaining 88 men will be competing for 20 women.

  • After quite a long time im attending ur blog but I must say ur wit is still on and giving a full fledge slaps to our so cold empowered women politicians.Ms. Hayat is simply a retard item to keep in our women’s politicians’ board.
    Her sick state of mind is showing her capabilities to rescue our women’s agenda. I feel pity for us…:(

  • You know what people, I have a theory. I think Baji Samina Hayat’s hubby, Mr Khawar Hayat has a mistress on the side.

    By advocating for the bill, Baji Samina not only scored points by being poster girl for Islamists but also controlled her errant husband by making him publicly say that he has eyes only for her …

    Smart, innit?

  • Please tell me that this is just a one of those Onion pieces. Please. Or maybe I need some more coffee.

    Politicians are assinine, but this is one of the more stellar versions of donkeyness.

    But yes, your bunch gives our bunch in India a fair fight- I guess thoughsands of years of shared history weighs more that 62 years of political separation.

    But honestly, wtf wtf ( in a purely let me read it again to see if I made a mistake way).

  • Publicity whores eh? well said.


    I loved this and i am so going to share this.

  • I agree with @lankrita and Quirky Indian, your bunch gives ours good competition.

    I hope Baji Samina Hayat’s husband surprises her by bringing home three more wives asap.

  • A man would marry another woman no matter what. People like you get fool easily and get into petty issues. No wonder, fooling so called literate class is much easier than genuine jahils

  • Hi Tazeen,
    I think you have done a great diservice to Indian lady politicians by equating this one with Mayawathi who is a dalit leader who is singularly responsible for Indian Brahmin ruling class prince to sup and sleep in dalit homes for the first time in a decade.She may NOT be wearing cotton sarees with Big bindies and no lip stick but she is a women with great guts to wear gaudy salwar kameez, dimaonds and ofcourse build and see her own statues!!!!

  • then the remaining 88 men will be competing for 20 women.

    Given the nice n even number 88, perhaps it makes sense for the men to compete for each other? no? 🙂


  • Lol! Great post!!
    Btw it’s quite understandable that her husband is frustrated 😀

  • Wonderful, we need more like minded people in legislature, who can glorify and dramatize the moral corruption and take it to the stage and hall of fame.
    Anyhow it is not her fault, she is part of bigger Pakistani society, which glorifys such actions, as corruption, self destructive behavior, crime against weak, women, minorities and poor, and listens to fools than wise.

  • Hi Tazeen!
    I love your blog! You write about serious issues, yet your posts are funny, clever & sarcastic! Please keep it up.
    Best wishes,

  • WTF mind you I never never use this phrase but nothing else will suffice, my hand is itching to give her a tight one across her face, can someone manage this for me please ! four marriages indeed for the filthy scums, why can’t they go about dishing out ‘Rakhis’ to these poor hapless souls to rescue them from the bad world.

  • Lady what the fuck? You hated having your privacy invaded by Netherlands customs… but you give out another woman’s phone number. You are funny most days but today was not one of those days. I hope for your sake that number is her official line and not her private/cell number.

  • Publicity stunt or plain stupidity -but her arguments are hollow.

    This “female majority and male minority” crap has been used by the mullahs/imams/schlolars all arguing for polygamy.

    Majority of muslims do just fine with one spouse. And there are other ways to help a woman “in need” financially or socially. You dont have to bed her. Oh and never mind the jealousy part and the psychology of women.

    But thats what you get in a somewhat teocratic society where religion is mixed with politics.

    On a different note – as also mentioned by a very sensible gentleman on a morning show Islam does actually not permit polygamy. But of course guys in support of polygamy chose to overlook that focusing only on the one line that seemingly supports them. The rest of the context pertaining to polygamy they gladly are ignorant of.

    Yet these same men cant entertain the idea of a woman having more than one man. They argue thats vulgar and a trait from the west. Oh but no, in India in the mountain regions there is a tribe where women practise this. It works out just fine apparantly. What if a woman loves her husband but he cant give her children. Second hubby! Or maybe she just fancied a new model after the first husband got wrinkly and saggy. A bit like how men always pick up a young model. They dont go for the widows or women in despair.

    So really Mrs Hayat, your argument don’t stick. They never did and never will.

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