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Now Aafia Siddiqui is using racism to save her


Aafia Siddiqui has learnt how to work the American justice system to her advantage. She has now asked the judges to spend tax payers’ money on DNA testing of all the prospective members of jury at her trial to screen the presence of a Jewish person in the jury.

It must be noted that Dr Aafia Siddiqui had no qualms in accepting scholarship and stipend money from a renowned Jewish institution like Brandeis University from where she obtained her PhD degree but now she deems it inappropriate that Jewish people be part of jury at her trial.

According to news reports, Ms Siddiqui has repeatedly called into question the integrity of the court and its ‘Zionist’ allegiances and has also attempted to fire her lawyers.

She said: “If they have a Zionist or Israeli background . . . they are all mad at me. I have a feeling everyone here is [Jewish] — subject to genetic testing. They should be excluded if you want to be fair. “I’m boycotting the trial, just to let all of you know. There are too many injustices. I’m out of this.”

Her trial has been delayed repeatedly while psychological tests are carried out, of course on tax payers’ money.

If the US justice department continues to treat people like Aafia Siddiqui with kid gloves, there is likelihood that they are freed as double agents back into their supposed ‘home’ countries to wreak further havoc. I, for one, do not want people like her back in the country. She is a naturalized US citizen who chose US over Pakistan. I say she stick it out in the US where she will be held accountable to her racist comments. Sadly, no one would bat an eyelash at such blatant display of racism in Pakistan.


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  • I hate the way everyone has made a victim out of her :/

  • This is amusing, to say the least.

  • Two generalizations mar an otherwise interesting point of view.

    /I say she stick it out in the US where she will be held accountable to her racist comments./

    If only racism in the US was always accounted for.

    /Sadly, no one would bat an eyelash at such blatant display of racism in Pakistan./

    Really? I know a few people who would more than just bat eyelashes.

    If one refers to the theory of racism it would be clear that to practice racism one needs to have power. By definition one cannot be a racist if one belongs to a race that does not exercise dominant power in the world. That’s something to consider.

  • Racist comments ought to be deplored and punished no matter who the perpetrator.

  • Anon 10:43,

    The reason for writing that line is simple. There is constitutional precedent where racist people are held accountable in USA for there actions. Sadly there is none in Pakistan.

    Yes, there would be a few people like, myself, who look down upon racism in any form, be it against us or by the perpetrated by us, there is no legal and constitutional mechanism where one can file reports against racism. There are Christian victims of Gojra incidents who are still waiting for their FIRs to be reported.

    Mind you, you are talking about a country where majority still think, at least in the villages I have been to, that being a Syed is your ticket to a grand mansion in heaven.

    PS: I am so sick of self righteous anonymous people that I have disabled anonymous comment option. If you have to say anything, at least come up with a name.

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    That woman on your photo looks like like someone innocent of everything.

    As far as I know a genetic test will not tell if someone is a Jew or not. And anyway, there is no jewish race, only a semitic one. And all Arabs belong to the same race as the Jews.
    I am sure if you carry out a DNA test among the Palestinians you have a fair chance to find out that there is family between them and large swaths of the Israeli population.

    Wonderful world.

    What is the meaning of:
    -FIR (your comment here above)
    – what is a Syed?


  • Georg,

    FIR is the abbreviation of First Information Report. It is the first official paper that is filed in the police station against a crime.

    Syeds are considered to be direct descendants of Prophet Mohammed and it is also used as a prefix to Muslim name to show off the lineage

  • unrelated to your post, but OMG, Syeds are full of shit. Lineage is traced through the male; the Prophet (S) lost all of his male heirs in infancy. He even mused at one point according to a hadith (can’t remember the source, not sure how reliable it is) that it might have been so that people couldn’t use their relation to him as a means of intimidation or control or for bragging rights, etc.

    Syeds, the ones that show off their names and legitimately believe it allows them some form of clemency or grace not afforded to other Muslims are FULL OF SHIT. And apparently entirely ignorant of Islam’s teaching that all men are as equal as the teeth of a comb. I have no patience of idiots like that.

    And yeah, I have no problem attaching my name to such a comment, either. 😉 Good for you for disabling anonymous comments. If people have something to say, they should put their name and be accountable. Letting someone hide behind “Anon” promotes the kind of cowardice that allows us to give in to our base perceptions and prejudices and say heinous things.

  • tazeen:


    interesting thoughts

    digression: am not sure if aafia is all there with it

    if she were…then such comments could also be considered a defense ploy

    and if she isn’t fully in her senses…then it is easier to dismiss it as a rant

    btw do you know where are her other children?

  • You have a right to your opinion. But you have made up your mind that she is guilty without being proven as such.

    A very decent writeup published in Harper’s online on her case


    In case the above link is only for
    subscriber’s access, here is a copy of it on some islamist website


    Though it does not prove her innocence or guilt, yet it tells you that there is much more to it than meets the eye


  • But, why are politicians in Pak asking the US govt to hand over “their citizen”??? Isn’t she a US citizen??
    I used to like Imran Khan and thought of him as a great orator. But, look at him now. The art of orator-ship is in the wrong hands. I saw a video of him on Youtube asking for her to be released as she is a Pakistani citizen. Didnt she try to kill US soldiers?? His oratory skills must have radicalized hundreds by now.!

  • It is like that tazeen!!!
    In west we do not dare to oppose has certain hard Islamists of fear can be that the faction of which it is a part carries actions against our country.
    What me afray me it is because moderate Muslims do not dare to show their disapproval when radical Islamists expose and export their violence.

    I congratulate you on your brave opinion

  • She will be President of Pakistan soon lolz

  • reverse swing is probably exaggerating but be very very scared. A colleague who is covering the trial in NY seems to think that they are trying to make an Islamist Benazir Bhutto out of her.

    I am not sure if ‘she is all there’ as someone suggested but in her last court appearance she claimed that she can broker peace between pakistan government and taliban within hours. Now we have heard that from a lot of people who are ‘all there.’

  • The attempt to provoke racist sentiments is unacceptable, terrorism is not gender sensitive and thus this case should be dealt on merit. No sympathies should be extended to those who have either planed or assisted in committing crimes against humanity.

  • humarashid “Syeds are full of shit”?? one doesnt even know how to react to that…its like saying ‘death to america’ or ‘jews are the scorned’ we should all avoid generalization. I’m syed and i know most of my family like me dont consider it as a huge part of their persona.

  • Endorsement of racist sentiments by the leaders gives way to other groups to spread hate speech. Such sentiments need to be condemned by the intellectuals and clergy.

  • “Such sentiments need to be condemned by the intellectuals and clergy”

    –> Intellectual are fine. But, why clergy??

  • There is constitutional precedent where racist people are held accountable in USA for there actions.

    I dunno about that. Unlike a lot of other western countries, the US does not outlaw “hate speech”. They consider almost all speech to be “free speech”.

  • I shudder to think that your otherwise witty blog, can be so unfeeling for someone who is clearly suffering from severe PTSD brought on by years of incarceration and torture.

    I don’t come here to defend Aafia, I am still on the fence as to whether she was terrorist mastermind, or a convenient scapegoat, but no one, no one, no one, deserves to have gone through what she has.

    Much worse, he children are crimeless victims….this is no laughing matter!

  • The way things are going in USA courts, it seems Aafia is not going to get a fair trial. The real issue of her relationship with Al-Qaeda will not be addressed because FBI doesn’t have any evidence and the charges put on her are real baseless. Anyone with even minor sense of justice can see the shallowness of the fabricated evidence.

    She is charged of snatching a weapon and trying to shoot American soldiers .The real great thing is that in the process she herself got shot.

    This is all bullshit and ridiculous. Is American army an army of eunuchs? A weak woman snatches a gun and tries to shoot them?

    There is still no clue about the 2 missing children of Aafia.

    People like you with their social class,sectarian and ethnic prejudices can’t think with a just mind. your myopic vision can’t go beyond you and your selfish worlds.

    First of all it is not confirmed what she is saying in the custody or even in court as no independent source is available even her lawyers appointed by Pak/US govts. aren’t a reliable source.
    Secondly even if she is saying the torture , rape, abduction etc she has gone through with her children we can expect worse from anyone.
    I hope you will learn to think in just manner and with free mind.

    Source : http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-library/dawn/news/pakistan/14-witnesses-accounts-differ-at-dr-aafia-trial-zj-01

    KARACHI: The trial of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has taken a bizarre turn when a witness’s testimony came out to be different from the one given by American official Captain Schnieder, reports DawnNews.

    Furthermore, an FBI agent testified that they did not find Dr. Aafia’s finger-prints on the rifle.

    The US federal court in Manhattan heard Aafia Siddiqui and 5 other witnesses. Dr. Aafia told the court that she is being misrepresented by the prosecutor’s statement regarding the things she has said about America, that only negative thoughts are being portrayed.

    According to DawnNews’ correspondent in New York, Masood Haider, the court heard witnesses who saw the incident including an Afghan interpreter, Ahmed Gul who became a green card holder in 2009 and was processed by the American government and now lives in New York. Abdul previously claimed that he saw Dr. Aafia shoot at the US soldiers.

    There was also a cross examination of witnesses and forensic experts and FBI. On the second day of the trial, four witnesses came under cross-questioning.

    In the previous hearing, Captain Schnieder told the court that Dr. Aafia shot at him while she was on her knees.

    But on the second day of the trial, Ahmed Gul told the court that Dr. Aafia was standing when she fired the gun and the gun was pointing at some other official.

    The Afghan interpreter also told the court that he has been granted a green card and has been settled in America by the officials who brought him to testify in the trial.

    During the hearing, one FBI official told the court that they found Dr. Aafia’s fingerprints on the documents but not on the gun, Masood Haider said.

  • I bet those who are opening their bad mouth on the issue without going into details and thinking in just manner if they would have gone through all this their reaction must have been worse.
    May Allah give Hidayath to all.

  • The problem is her surname. If her name was Afia Rizvi or Afia Lalani then All fascists Khatamals and Agha khanis were going to back her but since she’s a Sunni with a name “Siddiqui” thus every “Mujtaba” or “Tazeen” are writing against her.

    Tazeen, some day you are kidnapped and send back between American men who mistreat you and then one day you read another ignorant “Tazeen” makes fun of you. I bet you will have a good honey mood period at that time.

  • >All fascists Khatamals

    Calling someone else a “fascist” while using a sectarian slur, lol. That word you use, it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  • Saleem, If you search on Google you would find out that Fascism is all about dictatorship-imposing your one-sided views no matter they are true or not. Tazeen did same.

  • spot on!

  • Umar, the word you are looking for is authoritarian. Thank you. And Tazeen is not imposing her views on anyone, she is using her own personal blog to air her views. Is it really that hard to understand?

  • Syeds, sunnis, Aga Khanis, chapli-kebabistanis aside, Just as Imran Khan is considered a true patriot, or Zaid Hamid guardian of all things Pakistaniyat, I think Aafia too is figment of our infertile imaginations…

    Kidding aside, it is ironic though to see all those who are painting her as a victim (I personally have not read enough facts about her to form a judgment) to ignore the fact that what in the lord’s name possesses an MIT trained SCIENTIST to embark on voodoo/taveez dhgay-like path of genetic testing? and that to determine one’s religion?

    In any case, Syed’s – those who wear this as a badge of honour – especially the Najeeb ul Tarfain kind – are indeed full of caca!

    -Thus Spoke Zoobeetushtra

  • while i do not pre-suppose (if that’s a word) the good (or bad) doctor’s innocence or guilt – the fact remains that inhuman as it might be, the treatment of an american citizen by the american government remains an internal matter. i don’t recall many americans complaining (or pakistanis for that matter) when zardari alleged his tongue had been cut by someone while he was in prison – on charges (like the ones against aafia) which have not yet been proven. not that i wouldn’t have cut his tongue out myself (and various other parts of his anatomy) had i had but the opportunity, but thats another story altogether.

    syeds who think they’re on the inside track are full of shit, maybe. syeds who just enjoy being syeds but don’t differentiate beyond that, not so much. that’s my opinion as a non-syed, anyway.

    plus, umar, from one fascist (khatmal) to another (non-khatmal), your assumption that tazeen’s views are being imposed on anyone whether they’re true or not puts you in exactly the same boat as her – ’cause you sure as hell don’t know whether the charges against her were true or not.

  • Abbas and Umar,

    Although I normally do not respond to allegations that are leveled against me, please do tell where did I say that Aafia is a criminal and should be put behind bars?
    Mind you, its a personal blog and I am free to voice my opinion even if it is biased but where did I say that?

    My only grouse is that the holy brigade in Pakistan get their panties in twist over aafia siddiqi as Quam ki beti (who is an American national) while real qaum ki betiyan like Shazia Masih are tortured to death.

  • @tazeen: my point exactly.

  • tazeen its ur assumption that people are not raising their voice on the issue of shazia masih.

    and its because of these voices that the culprits are now in jail.

    we shouldnt bar ourselves from supporting justice in one case because the other one is left in our opinion as unheard.

    if u would ve written something not based on fact against shazia then i m sure people would oppose that as well. no one is denying ur right to blog they r exercising their right to argue and oppose which u vnt taken by blocking comments 🙂

  • @xill e ilahi

    aafia is a Pakistani. even if she wasnt we find it our duty to raise voice for her because we believe in the principle of truth and justice not prejudice and lies.

  • When qom ki beti like Shazia Masih was being tortured then what Qom ki Maain(so called NGOs) did for her instead of acting like JI and came on roads and starte chanting.

    The so called NGOs are breathing and sucking up money in the name of poors of Pakistan and enjoying lives in chilled room.

    Xille Elahi: it means if you are killed in some part of Americas then we should not give a sh it about what happened with you or anyone who is constantly trying to show the darker part of his/her personality? Tell me pls because I would be the one to enjoy your death due to some accident in US or killed by some Gora.

  • The way our media portrays this case makes us all feel guilty as if we are doing nothing for her.

    I like your take on that case. It takes away the guilt!

  • If I follow Tazeen’s logic,we should not care about death of Daniel Pearl or any other foreigner killed or tortured in Pakistan. After all it’s not our job.

    MU must be feeling proud on Tazeen’s ability of critical thinking.

  • @Tazeen,

    The problem with tazeen and her ilk is that their hatred clouds their judgement.

    Here is a woman kidnapped from Pakistan, seprated from her children, two of whom we still dont know the whereabouts of. Subjected to torture and secret imprisonment for FIVE years. Then brought to a sham trial where she is humiliated further by going through strip searches every time she appears in court.

    BUT what tazeen finds to blog about is her alleged statement regarding jews and how the US law should not take lightly “these peoples” racist comments and they should not be treated with “kid gloves”.

    Sad indeed….


  • I read this post with growing sadness (not disbelief) … at the unfeeling take on this whole situation, as if whatever is happening with Dr Aafia right now, is …. fine and well. After all, the good doctor is talking against jews and had the audacity to accept a scholarship from them.

    First of all, in this entire saga, why are we considering her citizenship?

    Why isn’t it enough that she is a human — woman — Muslim — our sister WHO is being tortured in this way:

    1. Kidnapped on streets – one kid (it was in the news) killed — rest taken away
    2. Imprisonment — no sign of any charges
    3. Suddenly re-appears — and so strong that is able to shoot at soldiers? (aqal, anyone?)
    4. Taken to the US, jailed – correctional facility — put on trial
    5. And finally THIS happens (the conviction)

    If you objectively sit and weigh the wrongs committed against her in the above cycle, they far far outweigh the rights that are done. And all you find to harp on about is that she makes comments against Zionism?

    Has she been treated fairly? (You might say, we SHOULDN’T care — and should care about OUR citizens more etc).. but who is undermining Shazia .. in Aafia’s favour? Nobody. Nobody you meet is going to tell you that what happened to Shazia was all cool… :S ..I fail to understand the logic of comparing the two cases.

    Does any human deserve the treatment meted out to her? To have their children taken away – tortured so that they have to enter a mental correctional facility – to have a trial that has shady witnesses (green card holder and settled in the US, what’s wrong with our aqal, seriously?)….

    If I follow Tazeen’s logic,we should not care about death of Daniel Pearl or any other foreigner killed or tortured in Pakistan. After all it’s not our job.

    I agree with this. Injustices do NOT have geographical boundaries…

    (and btw, you’re calling her a US citizen, but I seem to see reports that say that she is a Pakistani citizen too. Are you sure she hasn’t got dual nationality?)

    It is definitely your blog and of course you are free to air your views. But the comments box ensures that we are free to air our views too (which might not agree with yours).. so it’s an even deal on both sides.

    Finally (sorry for the long comment)..

    Humarashid seems to think “Syeds are full of shit” — NOW what do you say about this blatant display of racism? (regardless of the logic of tracing out the tree from the male line or female)

  • @Uni

    If you read about how Nazis behaved with jews, you might be better able to understand tazeen and why she cannot see the inustice done to Dr Afia.

    As for as she and her friends are concerned Dr Afia is not human.


  • Perhaps this will change your opinion about her: http://www.counterpunch.org/brittain02142011.html

  • I may not personally side with Aafia on her views, but I was disheartened when she was convicted.

    She seems like a bright woman and yes there usually are more things than meet the eye.

    But that “more” can go either way. I think – personally – she has been through something and a lot and that has made her lose her sanity to an extent. Still she remains composed somewhat.

    She doesnt strike me as a terrorist and yes Pakistan should not have handed her over. Or Afghanistan where she was actually arrested for that matter.

    But they did and I do find it interesting what makes an educated pakistani female so important or suspicious in the eyes of US government.

    Conspiracy theories aside – the facts are not exactly going her way. Her family has been crying rape and sexual abuse when Aafia has not even once confirmed this or mentioned it when taking the stand. She has been free to speak her mind on the stand, where she as quoted spoke out against jews and so on. She mentioned her kids and so on.

    She has avid supporters in the nutcase called Yvonne Ridley who sees ghosts anywhere and everywhere. Who relies little on actualy hard evidence and more on theories, hearsays etc.

    I started following her case since 2009.

    Some questions come to mind which nobody seems to ask.

    Aafias own uncle, blood relative said, she visited him in the same period where she was missing (reportedly abuducted as per her sister and family). She picked up her uncle in a car and made some conversation and confirmed some sort of alliance (possibly gone bad) with the Pakistani intelligence service. Why on earth would her own uncle lie? What could he have to gain from that? Nada.


    Her sister has been very vocal about the state of Aafia and the injustice committed against her, yet she has never done much to actually prove her claims. Even where the opportunity was present and could help shed some light on the many holes in this case.

    Aafias own family have been denied contact for the most part so how could the sister possibly know details which even Aafia won’t confirm or state, one ponders. The Pakistani press was not even allowed to cover to trial in court.

    In a interview with the UK Guardian her sister comes off as very secretive and conspiracyminded. She clearly knows something and especially considering her guardianship of Aafias one son (who was captured with Aafia), she must surely have asked the boy what happened in those 5 years. He is not mute, but rather can speak and was awake in the 5 years, and must have given some answers when he arrived home at his aunts. Yet she wont answer, or let the boy answer and keeps referring to some secret deal, the family and “they” made. Who they is, she fails to clarify. Deliberately.


    Her family have also denied her marriage to the nephew of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammmed. Though both KSM’s family and security sources confirm the union. So why lie about it? Afterall she was divorced and free to marry any new man. Yet her family is seeking to hide this union. So it may not be the first or only time they seek to cover up things or misrepresent things.


    Obviously it is never desirable when a female is imprisonened like this and certainly her claims of a sham trial seem true. I couldnt believe the guilty verdict. But there are a lot of unanswered questions on both sides. It is not one sided.

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