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Mr. Dasti, eat your heart out !


Earlier today, I saw something that made me very very happy.

There is a road in Karachi that is named after our former hockey player (the one who was recently fined by one Mr Dasti) Shahid Ali Khan. I don’t know if the road was named way before the hockey player was fined for hugging a lady or maybe the City District Government Karachi decided to demonstrate solidarity with our former national hockey player and basically showed Mr Dasti of Standing Committee on Sports a BIG FAT MIDDLE FINGER.

Dasti, eat your heart out. No matter how many sportsmen you fine, you will never have a road named after you. For that, you need to show talent and greatness or die a political shaheed; you are not capable of either.

PS: I believe Mr Shahid Ali Khan never had as loyal a fan during his heydays as he recently found one in me; only because he indulged in things that are ‘alien’ to Pakistani KULTURE

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  • Effin moron is Mr Dasti!


  • This Dasti idiot is single handedly f**kng on Pakistan sports then anything else despite we have many other drama kings around in sports, how pity.

  • Shahid Ali Khan was the best goal keeper we had in Pakistan’s hockey history. City Government has dedicated most of streets in North Nazimabad near Asghar Ali Shah stadium to the sports personalities. I saw this street when I last visited Karachi in summer.
    Dasti is an idiot.

  • Good for the City District government.

  • funny how ppl describe culture as something of a permanent fixture…while society by its very definition is an evolving organism

  • Koi Dasti hai, koi Siri hai, lagtay saaray k saaray paai hain jin ki aqal takhno mein hai (agar hai to).
    Thanks to Dasti we now know that hugging the opposite gender is against the culture, only, of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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  • dasti is an asshole.

  • agree with Fazeel. Shahid ali khan was the best goal keeper in our history and its great to see a road named after him. dasti or no dasti… I LIKES!

  • I inclination not acquiesce in on it. I assume nice post. Specially the designation attracted me to read the unscathed story.

  • Dasti seriously needs to get a life! He’s a sore loser who needs to make cheap maneuvers to stay in the news.

  • I see that the middle finger seems to be a universal insult. Maybe we will expoert it to Mars, when we get there?

    I pray you and your friends and family are safe in the mounting battles sponsored by battling religious beliefs. The best to you.

  • Mr Dasti being the moron that he is, we owe him this ‘kaltural’debate he certainly laid wide open what hypocrites weve become as a nation.

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  • i cant help but snort… sorry! 😛

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