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Pakistani hockey team fined for hugging a woman !!!


Mr. Dasti will not let go of any opportunity to get famous at the expense of others. After inquiring into Pakistan cricket team’s semi final place in the Champion’s Trophy and getting his 15 minutes of fame, the man decided he can make a career out of irritating various sportsmen and can continue to get coverage for his nuisance value.

The latest in the drama called Senate’s Standing Committee on Sports is that they fined members of the national hockey team after photos were surfaced of them hugging a female liaison officer at the Champions Challenge tournament in Argentina last month.

One of the players, Rehan Butt along with the coach Shahid Ali Khan and manager Asif Bajwa were fined Rs 200,000 for spreading some love.

Dasti could not have reproached them for bad performance – they were the runner ups and lost the finals to New Zealand – so he decided to fine them for hugging a lady. While fining the members of Pakistan Hockey team, Mr. Dasti came up with some quotable pearls of wisdom. He said:

It is not our culture to hug a lady.

He also threatened/warned the coach Shahid Ali Khan and said:

If I would have to take the decision you all could have ended up in a lock up after the team returned home. Don’t get yourselves involved in such parties in future tournaments abroad.

As if this was not enough there was a female member of the committee Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry and she also wanted her share of limelight in the media. She said:

We have our own traditions, our own culture which should be portrayed abroad. We didn’t shake hands with males when our women parliamentary delegation visited the US last year and here they are giving a hug to a lady.

Poor coach Shahid Ali Khan explained it all and said that it was an official dinner and the lady asked to get pictures taken with the players and they obliged.

So what if they got some pictures taken with a woman? They were just spreading some good cheer and love and the senate committee thought there was something wrong with that? I think it would have been churlish if they refused her the pictures. In any case, Pakistan is a cricket loving nation; no one actually notices the hockey players let alone get their pictures taken with them. As sportsmen they also deserve some praise, and if they are getting it elsewhere, then great. In a way, the hockey players must be secretly pleased, at least they got noticed and people are talking about them.

If I have my way, I would fine the members of Standing Committee on Sports and would demand that Mr. Dasti resign as soon as possible. He is the biggest threat to sports and sportsmen and sportswomen in the country.

Look at the poor kid, he looks so happy

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  • Bechaaray. Lagta hai 2 lakhs iss manhoos dasti ki jaib mein jaye ga!

  • culture to aise keh raha hai jaise shariat main jayaz hai hug karna.

    he is strange but funny:)

  • Why not fine the president zardari for his shaking hand with Sarah Pallin and praising her beauty

  • I wonder what Defender of the Faith, Imran Khan the Great has to say. He’s hugged a lot of woman on his tours.

  • well our idiotic politicians need to make money…..waise they are lucky they were just fined not hanged…

  • he is just jealous!

  • arguably the most hilarious bit in the dawn article has to be where the poor chap succumbs to criticism and in his defense says that the girl was akin to a sister.

    aik jaga bumb phatt rahay hai, doosri jaga aik jhappi pe rola bana hua hai :S

  • I guess according to Islam Men and Women belong to different species!

    I say introduce Kamasutra to all!

  • To quote Cowasjee…what a chariya and his chariya-ette counterpart.

  • What a price to pay ! If they knew they were to be fined 200,000 each, they would’ve done more than hugged :P

  • i think pakistani govt. should fine zardari as well because last year being a married guy, he appreciated sarah palin for his beauty.

  • Pakistan gives the impression that it treats sex like a bad habit and a very private matter but in reality everything in Pakistan IS about sex,isn’t it.. Everyone is so sexually frustrated that they lash out against anyone who seems to be having fun with the opposite sex!

  • ha ha…good one!

  • I have no words to comment about the funny things that go on in Pakistan, but as usual you deliver the news in such a hilarious manner! lolz.

  • @anoop: No wonder India has played important role in spreading Aids. Say thanks to India’s official religion, Kamasutra.

    I read the report on NDTV. The lady say right,we should spread our culture rather than copying others. but the point is, which culture? the Punjabi culture which is so filthy and nasty

  • @Umar,
    I had a nice laugh. Isn’t there a Punjab in Pakistan? Anyway, there are 27 States in India and Punjab is just one of them. I dont know on what basis you said what you said. Weird.

    “Say thanks to India’s official religion, Kamasutra.”

    Kamasutra is a document on Sex and Love. I dont know why all the Religions of the world treat sex like a dirty object. Especially the Muslim world. If Sex is so dirty then STOP HAVING IT!
    Kamasutra teaches how a Man should love a Woman and vice versa. It teaches you how pure love is and ought to be. You are just ignorant. Lately, Indians dont give much importance to the Kamasutra but the West recognises its brilliance and that attitude of looking at everything with an open mind is why it has some of the best thinking minds of our era!

    You are just a close minded person given birth by a society which has stopped to evolve free thought.

  • Anoop, what makes you different then? YOU, a wight, YOU are one of those “close minded person given birth by a society which has stoped to evolve a free thought” as well, just to let you know.

    come to think of it, you are classifying wrong from right. first of all, sex is not dirty at all in muslim world. read what islam says about sex et al then please kindly spill your beans of knowledge! and secondly, so what if the ‘muslim world’ considers it dirty? be open about it. why are you reacting to it close-mindedly? obviously same can be asked from YOU, no? so what if someone considers it dirty? you have no rights..NO RIGHTS whatsoever to label/generalize the whole population/religion in regards to what they think about sex!

    lastly, may be you should try to open your mind up, leaving the generalization alone.

    taz, mr. dasti is a great great example of hypocrisy. ufff.

  • @Anonymous,
    “read what islam says about sex et al then please kindly spill your beans of knowledge!”

    Please enlighten me. I am always up for a good read and learn new things.

    I know a lot of Muslims back in India and have interacted with them. I must clarify I dont hate Muslims but I do hate certain aspects of Human behavior be it in any Religion.
    I also condemn various aspects of my Religion(Although I dont believe in the concept of Religion and if there is one its called Humanity). I didnt think this was the right forum to comment on it.

    But, isn’t it true there is strict segregation of Men and Women in Islamic rituals and social gatherings? I dont believe this is right. But, also I dont have any right to dictate any man or woman to be with each other or interact with one another. I just think that sexes freely mingling with one another is Ideal and we all should work towards that. After all we are designed for that. We are designed to procreate,give birth and Sex is an integral part of Human Behaviour.

    We the people of Sub Continent should celebrate our glorious past and the thoughts that were given birth. Kamasutra is one of those gems.

  • This is absolutely incredible! 200,000 rupees for going against the “culture” of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”? Incredible!

  • The hypocrisy amongst us as a nation is deplorable and shameful! Why on earth Rehan butt or any other player should be fined for hugging a woman? The proceeding against such an absurd case will surely make us a laughing stock. How can we fight extremism when the honorable members of the house can be offended by a “HUG”!!

  • what’s wrong with the pakisani sensibility? ppl stop flexing your claws at mr anoop, you’re just as bad as mr dasti and just as hypocritical

  • Instead of focusing on crimes against women they focus on a harmless, friendly hug. :(

  • Human Behavior sometimes sickens me! All you can do is spread good sense whenever its possible and make sure the education system is fixed so that they become thinking Citizens.
    Stop treating the other sex like they are of a different species!

  • This is what happens when you try to restrict normal Human Urges.


    Pakistanis the most sexually frustrated country in the world. India also is on the list but considering it has a 1.2 Billion population,nearly 6 times that of Pakistan India doesn’t have any problem.
    Stop behaving as if sex is unnatural. Stop behaving as if the other sex is of a different species than you. Stop preaching about the sins of sexual thought. Its disgusting and utter BS. What else do you think is the reason that among the top ten countries 6 are Muslim states??

  • @ anoop..

    you spake and dropped this nugget:
    ‘Pakistan is the most sexually frustrated country in the world..’

    Now how you managed to come to that conclusion you chose not to enlighten us with which is okay I guess if one is a pompous windbag..

    obviously you have not experienced rural punjab village life…otherwise you would have been exposed to the rather loose sexual activities that are (shockingly for city slickers) the norm…

    PS: I would advise a trip up to the NWFP to experience sexual opennes at it’s best…my advice? dont pick up any pennies… :)

    PSS: are you that inept little troll that throws up on pak team house from time to time? rather similar…

  • @Gant,

    Have a look at the link I provided to know why I said what I said. Being with prostitutes is not loose sexual activity if that is what you are saying.

    You are right I do not know Pakistan closely. I base my arguments on such news Items that I come across.

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