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Signs of Baloch dissent in the outskirts of Karachi

Just step out to the outskirts of Karachi and you will notice signs of Baloch dissent everywhere. The picture below says Balochistan Liberation Army Zindabad (Long live Balochistan Liberation Army) and it was taken earlier today en route to the Beach. Apart from ubiquitous PPP flags and some signs of activity from MQM, BLA’s support was chalked on almost every wall.

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  • Does that surprise you?

  • Tazeen, I grew up in Iran and for a long time I had no idea Baluch people wants to be independent like kurdish. A province of Iran (the one close to Pakistan) is called “Systan and Baluchestan” but honestly that part of country is a myth to me. Iranian national TV never covered any news about these people demands, life..I know nothing about them..

  • Just had a really interesting meeting where there was an agro-development proposal for Balochistan. When the guy who developed the project was traveling in Balochistan, he faced a lot of animosity from people who thought he was there to take advantage of the ppl and the resources. The trust deficit that currently exists in that region is such a tragedy, and it’s understandable.

  • What’s the stone actually made for? A road sign?

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  • 2tok,

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  • The problem of Baloch identity and Baloch nationalism is old and has it roots back in the colonialistic era as the Goldsmid line was drawn, which divided the Balochis in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. They have been discriminated against both in Iran and Pakistan. In Iran they belong to the religious minorty: Balochis are mostly Sunnis, hence they must be suppressed. In Pakistan, they have been denied the royalty they must get for all the natural resources and Port of Gwadar now. Balochistan is paid 5 times less the price of gas it supplies compared to Punjab and Sind. It is just inevitable that such “Liberation armies” will arise. Especially, when geo-politically the region is of great importance to the 3 big players.

  • Which beach is this? were you going to Gwadar?

  • Our media does not cover it, but the reality is that Baloch are long way ahead of just chalking slogans on walls. BLA, BSO and BSW are all relentlessly working towards an independent Balochistan.

    The idea of independent Balochistan is as old as Pakistan it self when Balochistan was illegaly anexed with Pakistan. The movement lost pace in 1991 due to lack of resources but pick back again when US invaded Afganistan. Of course they do have a lot of “under the table” international support now.

    Now, they even have their own the national anthem and the sweet fact is that apart from city of Quetta and Quaid residency in Ziarat the whole Balochistan waves a black flag on 14 August.

    At this stage they are not even willing to negotiate with the Pakistani government. All they seek is an independent Balochistan and if Pakistani government does not do anything about it, we might have to face the bitter reality of 1971 once again.

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  • It’s not surprising ever since I listened to a radio interview of two young female Baluch, university going students. Their language and tone was bitter. All they wanted was freedom from the federation.

    And they haven’t given up yet…

  • if you feed milk to an snake and expect it to not to bite you then there is no bigger fool than you ! -Bhratruhari 9th BC

  • if you feed milk to an snake and expect it to not to bite you then there is no bigger fool than you ! -Bhratruhari 9th BC

  • This is very depressing, can anything ever be okay in Pakistan? Here in Europe the countries are getting more and more united through the EU. I have some experience of living in Baluchistan as I went to a grammar school there, everything was beautiful and peaceful and lovely…

  • An inevitable outcome of our flawed national policies, if I may.
    For long, Baluchistan has been denied it’s due share in shaping national policies and consequently, it’s fair share in national resources. That leaves Baluchistan underdeveloped and with military operation of the past, very bitter against army and Punjab in particular. The only way out, hoping there is one still, is to do more than mere words(read Baluchistan package).

  • I have been Balochistan many times. My first travel to Gawadar, in 2001, by road was just an experience that how the province lacks basics of life. The vast empty lands and untouched beaches they are the beauty of Balochistan, but the ugly face of this scene is the feudal or sardari system of this area. No one talk about this and for unknown reasons people like us don’t want to make balochi people know that these sardars are the real culprits. People talk about roylities but they never bother to mention that the roylities paid in past were actually received by these sardars like Bugti for luxuries of their lives. When they and their children were getting education in prestigious institutes of world they never built a school or a hospital or any other vocational institute for their people. When I entered in Gwadar on the very first day about nine years ago, it was like a village. Now after becoming a port the avenues to development were about to open, these sardars are against it. The 650 km long coastal high way took only three years for its construction in Musharraf’s period and it proves that nothing is impossible if one wants to do. The common man still just want basic necessities, they are not with BLA. But these sardars pretend that after libration these people will get good oppertunities. In fact, they are not interested in development of their people but are slaves of their power and authority.
    The government should do things in interest of common man instead of making deals with these sardars.

  • These signs are just rashes on the skin of Pakistan. The chemistry of blood is seriously gone wrong and needs immediate treatment. Another Bangladesh is in making if government did not act very fast. Mere speeches and media statements will not cure the 62 years old ills. Some dynamic treatment is the call of hour. But irony is – our Messiah are sick themselves so what cure to be expected from their hands.

  • Balochs, Kurds, Kohlrabies,Palestenians in Gaza,Lebanon etc are all divided by Imperialists and to be used when their interest wants them to be used. Now it is the turn of balochs as Pakistan was taking on the might of Dubai with Gwadar which can never be allowed to succeed.

  • Another news is this:

    “The Mumbai pictures of AK is a Bollywood Photoshop,just look at clean stylish cloth,clean floor…….where do you find this ONLY in movies”.

  • Balochi come, and settle everywhere in Pakistan…but when other people go to baluchistan, they are treated like dogs..

    I have no sympathy for them

    Ali Abbas

  • I have had Baloch friends who never betrayed such tendencies. But if it is true then I have to say that I somewhat agree with Abbas. It is interesting that some Balochis are willing to roam around and settle whereever they deem fit yet they remain so hostile to the country. Also it is interesting that the sardars and the tribals, with their 14th century mindset, who have plundered the resouurces of the province and have enriched themselves at the common man’s expense are promising panacea through greater autonomy. If economic development is the elusive goal then it is quite ironic that the self styled leaders are so opposed to Gawadar, as a poster earlier said in detail as well.

    Also the picture is in bad taste. It seems Tazeen is not aware that BLA is not a party of legitimate “dissent”; it is an organization of terror and hatred. Please google and see how it has been classified by the British government.

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