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Persecution of another kind !

Pakistan’s cricket board has got to be the most indiscreet sport regulating body in the globe. First they leaked the reports about Shoaib Akhtar’s genital warts to the world and now they are showing displeasure at his attempts to gain fitness after undergoing liposuction. While it may not have been the smartest move on Akhtar’s part – his whole life is a series of one bad decision after another – the board in general, and its deputy director general Dr Waqar Ahmed in particular, have been quite vindictive in repeatedly over sharing his medical condition with media down to the details of exact numbers of kilograms of fat lost during the aforementioned liposuction session.

Pakistan Cricket Board is not the most efficient sporting board in the world and is using one Shoaib Akhtar incident after another to deflect the spotlight from its own incompetence and mismanagement.

It’s not just the cricket board or the media that laps up every little morsel of salacious news about the likes of Meera & Shoaib Akhtar, everyone of us who consumes such news, laughs at it and shares it at various social networking sites are just as guilty. It’s about time we give them a break.

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  • Hehe…without celebrities and their celebrity gossip what is there to discuss in our vain life… 😛

  • I actually agree. I found the whole Meera thing really funny before, but after the Tapu vid, I feel really bad for the girl bechari.

  • But Tazeen, don’t you feel they bring it upon themselves? I mean I understand that maybe the media overdoes this but Meera and Shoaib should know that they’re in the celebrity zone. And since they’re public figures, everything they do is public. And open to public scrutiny.

    O well…Eid Mubarak =)

  • Agreed.

  • I agree that we who consume such news are equally guilty. Goes on to say that we have nothing better, nothing substantial to do and don’t have our eyes on the real issues.

  • Hallo Tazeen,

    First time in my life I hear of this chap. But it is true, these sports people belong to show business and to the publicity world.

    In fact I hate it and look elsewhere, if possible, when one of them shows up, is interviewed, or gives us his ideas about the political situation.

    Cheers, Tazeen

  • Yup, so you’re guilty as well 🙂

    But then, what’s life without some smiles 🙂

  • Feel sorry for Meera. Do not feel sorry for Shoaib. As a centrally contracted player, any medical procedure has to go through the PCB. He didn’t tell them. End of.

    The picture in the article is priceless though. You can see his entire tidd falling over his shorts. Classic.

  • No sympathies for the either of the two – they are simply reaping with they sowed 😉
    And well…we love laughing over such news, judging people and that’s fun 😀

  • Come on Ahsan, emailing every random sports journalist in the world about his genital warts or liposuction was not very nice on part of PCB. That was pure malice

  • I’m sick of both of them :-s

  • I think the whole affair is sad. All the boys who laugh at SHoaib Akhtar wannabe him and most of the Pakistanis making fun of Meera’s “bad english” only produce a grammatically correct one, by chance…that too, like once a year?!!…

  • the guy can have an army of girls queued up outside his place waiting to get laid, in pindi or mumbai. i think thats some success.

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