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The dilemma of Pakistani "Left"

Guest post b

y Haider Shah

The other day I read Zahida Hina’s article in which asked the United States to leave us alone.

So how about this argument that Pakistan is fighting America‘s war? And this argument is not only coming from the Islam-loving right-wingers but America-hating left-wingers as well. If anything, we are fighting our own war that we brought upon ourselves by adopting Pan-Islamic policies up until 2001. After mid-80s, the State of Pakistan had literally transformed itself into a terror-exporting Islamo-Fascist haven for domestic and international terrorists empowered by Islamic bomb/Islamic Army and united under the Green&White flag of Puritan Arab-Islam. Our Left must not let their hate for America forget such recent bloody past of ours and its implications. People in Panjab are afraid and terrified by such unpredictable ideology-driven attacks. Well, what can I say: Welcome to the bloody league of Qaadianis, Shias, Christians and Hindus of Pakistan who have been living with this bone-chilling fear since the 80s. I am saying all this as a Pakistani because this Pan-Islamic policy has killed more Pakistanis in last 30 years than people in any other nation on earth.

Pakistan is indeed fighting a war at American gun point but we, the peace-loving secular people of Pakistan, are delighted to see our state slowly abandoning its Islamist policies albeit at gun point. No matter what other people say, I see this as a civil war between secular Pakistanis and Islamist Pakistanis to determine the future of Pakistan.

I won’t name names but, right before Swat Operation, a very well-known left-wing figure of Pakistan was collecting funds to set up an underground left-wing guerrilla warrior force in Swat to fight, get a load of this: Talibans, Pakistani Military, United States and NATO!

I asked him if that was indeed his plan and he said that this was the right time and we, the Inqilaab-hungry people of Pakistan, should not stay silent anymore and rise up against Talibans, Pakistani Military, United States and NATO: All the forces of darkness. I asked him who is going to join this guerrilla force and he said he had 10,000 boys ready. I couldnt hold it anymore and asked him point-blank: What is the difference between you and Maulana Sufi Mohammad who took 25,000 Pakistani boys into Afghanistan when US attacked Taliban in 2001 to fight the evil West and came back alone?

His reply was as disorienting as his plan was. And that’s what is aggravating me about our Left. Like Islamist Pakistanis who let their love for Islam decide everything, Left is letting its hatred for imperialist America decide what’s best for the people of Pakistan. Like our Military, Left needs to understand that if there is an imperialism rat-race going on in the world, we may be a foot-fucking-soldier but we are sure not running. If there is a GREAT GAME, we sure are not playing. India is going to be the 3rd largest economy, surpassing Japan, between 2015 and 2020. If Left wants to be nostalgic and wants to fight the old tired war of USSR with the United States, I am no part of it. Our Left wants to give us the gift of equality? We are equal alright: Rich or Poor: All Pakistanis are equally screwed.

If Left can focus on saving us wounded Pakistanis from our Military-Mullah-Nexus, I stand with them shoulder-to-shoulder. But please don’t make me a boy-toy in your juvenile goal of world dominance. We can always destroy America later. But, for now, can we please use them like a condom as they have always used us.


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  • This is really a strange post, may be its too late in the night for me to fully grash the authors point of view, let alone appreciate it. I do agree, we are equally screwed. I am just very convinced that sense of border, national integrity has always been a tool to contorl the masses. We are conditioned to love our country, feel pride and enthusiasm and then fight wars. Overall, I think it has always been wars of resources, dominance and power. What Jews are doing in Palestine right in front of everybody is just a sample of what the world powers are doing to the entire world. Thus the ever changing world, totally unpredicatable in many ways constantly unfolding, yet wrapping at the same time.

  • A brave post !

    I expect to see lots of Pakistanis bashing up the author’s point of view in the comments section with the usual defense of the Military-Mullah-Nexus: India-US-Israel-RAW-CIA-Mossad-Afganistan-Iran-India’s consulates in Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Timbaktu, Papua New Guinea and Moon supporting Talibans, Balochistanis, Waziristanis, Mojahirs, Mehsuds and other motley groups.

    Comments by Indians in support of the author would only aggravate the opposition to the author’s point of view as being that of a “traitor”. So, I guess it might be wise for Indians to stay off the comments section.

  • @ aTii

    “what the Jews are doing in Palestine”

    its not the jews, its the israelis.

    @ author:

    are you serious about the left army guy? hahahaha that’s the funniest thing i have ever heard. i wonder if you were ever at lums, where we had a cantt mansion living rabid communist teaching us

  • Indian-hired minions one of whom owns this blog, spreading doubt & trying to weaken our nation.
    I request my fellow Muslims all over the world not to get disheartened by this Hindu propaganda. Muslims are destined to rule the world & to do so we must defeat the enemies of Allah & turn them into believers.

    Shame on you Tazeen for serving the Hindu non-believing nation.

    India the third biggest economy. biggest joke of the millenium. That nation of dalits & shudars will only become big after we conquer them & show them the way of Allah.
    Inshallah Pakistan & China together will rule the world. These Christian Hindu Zionist controlled media is trying to weaken our resolve & projecting Pakistan in bad light because they are scared of Pakistan & its people.
    Do not forget, by the will of Allah we are a NUCLEAR POWER. The progress and eventual prosperity of our rich nation is making the Zionist cartel nervous. So they are indulging in this image destroying campaign of telling the world Pakistan & weak & on the verge of braking up – ALL LIES

    Pakistan is a strong country my friends & within a decade Pakistan & China will be the only 2 superpowers of this world

  • Wow, Zen Harris you defy belief. People like you make me sick.

    P.S. If that was a troll, it was an incredible one because I bit the bait.

  • “Shame on you Tazeen for serving the Hindu non-believing nation”

    Lol. Is this guy for real?

    @Haider I absolutely agree. The Left is entirely missing the bigger picture with its all-consuming hatred of America.

  • I am not sure but u want us to use US like condoms as we did in the case of Bait-ulah Mehsood?

    Oh u don’t know? Story goes like this: Pakistani intelligence gave the info about him many times but due to some well pretty obvious “reasons” US didn’t initiate a single drone attack based on that info. So next time we give them the correct location info but about someone else and US rapidly did a drone attack but for their disappointment it happens to be Baith-ulah Mehsood. How is this for a use?

  • Reverse Swine, I like this story 🙂 So, our intelligence can plan something.
    Zen Harris, remind me of Zaid Hamid, great ideas, I salute you:)

  • @ Zen Harris Shame on you Zen harris for using a christian name inspite of being a self-proclaimed true follower of allah…may allah spank your sorry ass into infernal fire.

    and what the fuck is a “Hindu non-believing nation”…India is a secular country dude…

    As for being scared ‘of’ Pakistan and its people…i think the proper prepositional use should have been ‘for’ instead of ‘of’

  • What a pathetic post…. I never expected this on Tazeen’s blog…

    What does this sentence really mean??

    “But, for now, can we please use them like a condom as they have always used us.”

  • I really don’t understand these ideological driven/ religion driven dudes. Don’t they have children to send to school, mouths to feed at home? how can they sacrifice their immediate duties for an utopian one? whether that utopia is religion driven, pan-islamic blah blah, virgins in heaven or marxy lenininy chit chat. Are these people even normal or just nutcases?

    Yes, and condoms can prevent AIDS, STD’s and what not.

  • Ummm…. yeah, def. not something I’d expect on your blog. This is too vague, too ambiguous. Just doesn’t cut it.
    But maybe we are spoiled by your wit & writing? 🙂

  • @khatmal.. sorry .. Jews sound lil racist I guess. Israelis would be the right choice. Is it what muslims doing in palestine or palestinians?.. just wondering…. 🙂 In such chaotic world, its hard to draw a line…but you are right.

    @ibteda… you are 100% right..

    @tazeen.. Can i guest post on your blog.. My articles don’t make any sense.. sorry just pulling your leg..

    @sameer. why did you bring indians in?

    @author.. man.. left army guy or right army guy.. we are the nation that spend 100% (whats not spend directly, indirectly ends with them).. army.. so left or right.. we are doomed 🙂 I agree with that..

  • @عنیقہ ناز

    Salaam 🙂
    Zaid sahib is a truly great Muslim, a great & learned human & is Allah’s gift to Pakistan. It is because of the untiring efforts of people like him & Shireen Mazari ji who are continuosly exposing the evil axis of CIA-RAW-Zionist-BJP/RSS that Islam prevails and we are able to defend Islam against the evils of pagan Hinduism & their dirty daily practice of drinking cow urine.

    Inshallah if Zaid Sahib decides to lead our country, in no more than 5-10 years of time we will suely gain back control of that land that had been snatched away from us as a result of treachey of 1947 partition & liberate the millions of oppressed & tortured Muslims of India who are being killed & raped daily by the Shaitan Hindutva propogators and living like third-grade citizen of that fifth-grade Bharti nation. Brother the glory days of Islam in Pakistan-subcontinent will be back when we re-introduce Islam to the misguided citizen of India who are being tricked & forced to live as Hindus [even Hindus who see the light and are re-embracing Islam are too scared to come out and say so – it will all change – we wil spread Islamiat among all] We will also re-connect with our Bangladeshi bretheren who were decieved into back-stabbing Islam and forming their own non-Islamic nation.
    Zaid Hamid sahib is a true icon for all the Muslim youth of the world & beyond. As a Muslim youth in Pakistan, we all seek our daily inspiration from him and doing Allah’s work for the glory of Islam.
    My younger brother who is studying in a Madrassa too is shown Zaid sahibs videos in there – such is his greatness. I have his talks on my iPod and play it whenever I feel weak.


  • @dehatidood
    “Zen Harris Shame on you Zen harris for using a christian name inspite of being a self-proclaimed true follower of allah”

    I am not a “self-proclaimed true follower of Allah”. I am born in Pakistan. So I am a Muslim. Muslims are born in Pakistan and hence are followers of Allah. As a Muslim it is the prime duty of my life & exitence to spread the word of Allah and bring more & more misguided people back in to the Muslim fold & make them aware of the greatness of Allah. Any name a Muslim takes on is a Muslim name. PERIOD

    “…India is a secular country dude…”
    Firstly INDIA IS NOT A COUNTRY. It is a slavedom that is being controlled by a miniscule few indivduals belonging to the historically-previlaged Brahminical class. They are mantaing their grip on their fiefdom by continuously trying to supress Islam, The rising illitearcy, unemployment & poverty in Bharti India is a testament to that. Brave Naxal freedom fighters are now fighting back against this domination. Kashmiri freedom fighters whom your Hindutva Army rapes and kills in hundreds every day too will soon be liberated once we decide to take back our land & drive away the non-Islamic religions from the regions.

    Believe me, the time for it is not too far. Living in India you yorself must know, that the rate of child birth among my Muslim brothers is much higher than the non-Islamic relgion followers. We are preparing the groundwaork for allah’s greatness to descend upon the region. Not only this there are scores of Hindus are converting to Islam. Look at all the Movie actor in your lala-bollywood. All of them are marrying Hindu girls & converting them to Islam. The child they bear are all Allah’s gift, that is increasing by the day, much faster than Hindus [who anyway have much lower birth rate thanks to the much smaller-sized penis compared to others (read the BBC article)]. Aamir Khan has converted two Hindus and brought them back to the Muslim fold, one of whom Kiran Rao has Brahmincal parentage. So has scriptwirter Salim Khan, who has converted a Hindu woman & a Christian woman through both his marraiges. And now his son’ too are following their father’s admirable footsteps & marrying non-Muslim girls to convert them & beget Muslim children.

    Even Muslimmahs are doing a comendable job converting Hindus to Muslim. Muslimah Ayesha Khanna has converted a prominent Hindu Parag Khanna and made him a Muslim through marraige [If you don’t believe me, then ask your own Hindu channel TimesNOW that had interviewed them in a program] And now they have a Muslim child born to them by the grace of Allah
    Parag Khanna
    Ayesh Khanna
    Don’t worry about the name. They are all Muslims – name notwithstanding. As the leader of the Muslim world, when were decide to give a call to the Muslims of Hinduia, they shall answer the call as true Muslims and rise up against this Brahminical rule along with the milions of Dalits & Shudars, who too wll be brought back into the Islamic fold. Powerfull Nuclear power Pakistan is patiently waiting for the number of Muslims to increase by a suitable number before giving the call. We prefer Islam spreading through self-realisation before we step in and have to make them relise it. Pakistan has ruled Inda for centuries & prosperity prevailed in the region. It is our duty to bring back the honor & prosperity that the Hindu rule has squandered away with their non-belieivng ways

  • @dehatidood

    Your people recognised the world over as SLUMDOGS, a land where the people have no honor and for a few scraps of dollars are eage to do work that has given you the title of technoCOOLIE. A country whose best and brightest work as Coolies [porters]. We proud Muslims prefer death and unemployment rather than disgrace Allah by taking up such demeaning jobs thrown at people like you by the CIA-Mossad Zionist run companies.
    We are a NUCLEAR POWER are living with honor & dignity instead of licking American & Israeli boots for the haraam inflation-inducing paper currency.

    The formation of Ummah Wahida is inevitable & a matter of time. Being the only Islamic NUCLEAR SUPERPOWER the responisibilty of being the leader of the Calipahte naturally to be taken up by Pakistan

    Pakistan is soon going to be World SUPERPOWER by fellow Muslims. Our time will come. do not be mislead by the Zionist & Slumdogs


  • so Mr Zen. After you convert everyone to Islam, what’s next on your agenda?
    Convert everyone to Shia/Sunni/take-your-pick-brand-of-Islam?
    After that, what?
    Exterminate all non-Pakistanis?
    After that?

    I am really eager to know what your final goal is.

  • Zen Harris, one simple question, since the issue is not clear from your posts.

    When the Islamic Caliphate is formed, under the eminent leadership of Pakistan, the Fort of Islam, is it enough to convert India, Israel and the US to Islam, or do you also have to convert the 1.2 billion population of the People’s Republic of China?

    I think the Chinese might have an objection to that.

    Please clarify.

  • wow, the post was fine but this Zen Harris guy… oooohhh – he’s giving me the creeps… I’m scared now ! No seriously, I mean, are these guys for real?

  • Zen Harris the TFTA peach bottom Paki that he is will do GUBO (Grease up & bend Over) for the Chinese — Despite the Fact the Chinese have KILLED more MUSLIMs in Xinjiang !

    Hey Zen, do you PRACTICE “ASHNA” for the Pathans ? -Now that the Taliban are coming.

    Wear a PINK Carnation & pink tutu — you will look cute ..when you GUBO.

  • AoA Zen Harissullah.. Masha-allah, what a fight you are giving.. very much commendable, nishan-e-haidar Baitullah Mehsood will be pleased in heaven seeing your e-jeehad..

    All the infidels reading this haram articles must be aware that within few years, mahdi will come and make islam best religion of the world.. suck that you infidels..

    but diyar Zenuddin Harissullah, why did joo choose a kufr name, hain? Are you really one of the true believers and birader of ummah OR are you a CIA/RAW agent wearing burkha? If not, are you a Pakistani Jernail wearing Burkha? If you are not either of the above, your visions are utmost commendable and i would request you to tell me what herbs you eat so that I can have similar glorious visions like you..

    you are right.. as our peer-baba zulfikar bhutto said, we are proud people.. we paid the price, our entire generation ate nothing else but grass, but hell we acquired the bomb from our godless brothers who are also our taller-than-mountains phliends who help us out of our deeper than the ocean troubles all the time..

    They are our true biraaders, and we will spread message of peace to them as well, when our glorious ghazwa-e-hind is accomplished.. our biraders in east-turkestan will gladly help us in spreading the message..

    phinally, diyar zenuddin harissullah, i would like to pray to allah that you continue your honour and dignity bhara life full of grass, goats and peachy-bottomed boys.. in case you attain glorious shahadat, may it be that you receive finest of hoors in djannat.. aamin..

  • I Think ZEN HARRIS is a RAW agent. No pakistani is so stupid, esp only educated intelligent pakistanis have access to internet. He is trying tricks to make pakistanis look like idiots. He should be banned.

  • At the present moment there are many Pakistani troops fighting in south wazirstan so we have our young men out there who are trying to fight for a better future of Pakistan. This is the war that wants to get rid of terror elements from our country. Taliban and Al qaeeda have constantly misued the name of relgion and take terrorism to a different level where they are killing women and children are justifying it as war against non-muslims.

  • ….But, for now, can we please use them like a condom as they have always used us.

    But aren’t you already?!!! Though I’d say you use the countires more like tampons than condoms, what with all the bleeding of life and economy of the nations of the world emantating from the Army-backed Jihad factories in your Caliphte Isn’t it how your Caliphate has been sustaining itself for the past 62 years. Billions of dollars in aid from Sam chacha w/o having to provide any accountability in the best of cases or a farcical sham of accountabilty in the worst, an international body of countries that has been formed for the sole purpose of handing out money to the Islamic Caliphate of Pakistan. Please notethese countries don’t hand out cash to Burundi or East Timor or Ruwanda, no it is only to your esteemed Calpihate they’ve been throwing their own hard earned money at – to a nation that hardly earns any money, save for the illegal prolferation of Nuclear weapons technology to every rougue nation on Earth.

    Yet, inspite of reciveing this free handout, you still have the gall to tell the world that they are not doing enough to sustain your nation [oops!!..Caliphate] and ask for still more. If that isn’t treating the world like world like a tampon then what is.

    Holding the world to ransom by pointing a gun at your own head and extorting money from them then for your own sustenance – nobody does it better tha pakistan & the world contiues to fall for it every single time. Every terrorism threat faced by the world finds its origin in you esteemd land & yet you are successfully able to get away with more cash & aid for your Armed Forces, when it has been these very entities that have reared the Frankenstein monster of terrorism

    I think pakistani is condoming/tamponing the world all right…no worries for you at all

  • @Zen Harris

    You are a truly enlightened soul. pakistan is truly blessed to have men of such great vision & ambition as its citizen.

    I am sincerely and earnestly hoping & praying [to my non-believing, pagan God though] for every pakistani to drop off their pretense of pseudo-liberal inter-religious bonhomie and start saying it the way you did it – it is so effin reassuring & refreshing to hear ipod-wielding pakistanis talk like you.

    @Anon 24 November 2009 10:23
    What a moronic Q. The momet his eminence Zen Harris steps down on the hallowed soil of PRC, the CPC would make Zen Harris’s Islam the only official religion of PRC…duhhh!!

  • This Zen Harris dude is just too cool….. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

  • The Taliban say that this is a war against non-muslims. They mis use the name of religion brain wash youngsters and make them kill innocent Pakistanis women and children by saying that Muslims supporting the non believer are also non Muslims. They have evil propaganda behind all this. The cannot be succeful in this mission even if they lasted for another five years. Pakistan is going to fight terrorism and we will have a peace country once again very soon inshAllah.

  • that zen guy has convinced me to convert to Islam. Islam fanatics here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Zen guy is typical of the Pakistani whose only aim in life is to abuse India and Indians.

    One gets the impression that the Pakistani does not care how deep down the abyss his own nation pratfalls , as long as he can still abuse India, Hindus, Indians and People of any Religion other than Islam, or better still , drag India down along with his own Nation.

    @ Zen – Your nation is truly getting it in the arse nowadays and all you can come up with is Anti-India, Anti-Hindu Pigshit??? It’s only ending up on your face.

    @ Pakistanis – Get a life.

  • Atii and Ibteda,

    I think this post is very clear, at least I had no problem in understanding it.


    Please do not generalise. This is a Pakistani blog, the post is written by a Pakistani as well. Just because you don’t agree with zen, like most of us, that does not mean you tell us to ‘get a life’. Your tone is extremely high handed and this is what pisses most Pakistanis off about Indians.

  • Pakistani Left has No dilemma as are the Indian Left.Just keep banging USA the big satan.When Bush came calling, they didnot even allow him to address Indian Parliament.These guys took ages in 1962 to determine whether Mao’s China is a brother or a Friend because a Communist nation can Never Invade another nation!!!!They just overlooked when Communist China invaded communist Vietnam to teach it a lesson.Black water, XE, Haqqani ,drones these leftist guys have a handful to thrash their govrnment but will never question why Saudi arabia or Abu dhabhi bailout Pakistan of $8 bilion Kerrylugar peanuts so that their Muslim Umma’s brother nation stand independent of American humiliation.

  • The author is quite clear. What all he’s trying to say that leftists of Pakistan are cowards and tin soldiers. That’s it.

  • Firstly INDIA IS NOT A COUNTRY. It is a slavedom that is being controlled by a minuscule few indivduals belonging to the historically-privileged Brahminical class

    LOL. God!!!!!!! you’re so bitter and true. please don’t steal smiles from Indians 😀

  • Another two bomb blasts in Lahore. What do u guys have to say now the dilemma is? We as a country can not reach anywhere unless extremism is killed from the roots.

  • Another two bomb blasts in Lahore. What do u guys have to say now the dilemma is? We as a country can not reach anywhere unless extremism is killed from the roots.

  • Another two bomb blasts in Lahore. What do u guys have to say now the dilemma is? We as a country can not reach anywhere unless extremism is killed from the roots.

  • Excellent post!

    Do you mind if I repost this to Bazm and my blog?

    I must contact this brilliant man.

  • Excellent post! The author of this post is brilliant, and we need more Pakistanis like him.

    Do you mind if I repost this on Bazm and my blog?

    If the author wants to contact me, he can do so at

  • A courageous post indeed.

    I have heard leftists claiming that they will make this region a graveyard of the empire!

    One should ask them how they consider themselves any different from the empire which has created this mess. Just like the right-wingers want people like us to append criticism of Drone attacks with everything we write or speak, segments of Pakistani left would castigate you for not speaking enough against the empire.

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