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and they thought money laundering was no crime?

Those of us who happen to live in Pakistan were inundated with images and sound – in case of Chaudhry Nisar, screams – of PML-N leaders lambasting PPP in general and President Zardari in particular, for presenting NRO in the parliament and threatened to go to any lengths – constitutional as well as populist – to resist it.

PML – N leaders have said it time and again that they have nothing against any particular politician and they only wanted the absconders of national wealth to not benefit from the aforementioned ordinance. I wonder what they will have to say in response to the recently emerged NAB Court documents where Senator Dar has made a confessional statement in April 2000. Mr. Dar had accepted that he had been handling the money matters of the Sharif family and he also said that Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif were involved in money laundering case (Hudaibiya Paper Mills) worth at least $14.886 million, which is still pending in the National Accountability Bureau.

Dawn also reports that the statement by Senator Ishaq Dar is irrevocable as it was recorded under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

Would the Shareef Brothers maintain their ‘holier than thou’ stance towards all the absconders of national wealth, including themselves or would they try to pin this one on Gen Musharraf and his dictatorial policies like they have done with everything else?

PS: Why did it take 9 years for this information to be surfaced? Would it affect Shareef brothers (known to some as Jimmy & Timmy) eligibility to take part in elections?

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  • Ofcourse this is Musharraf’s fault. He created the NAB, and NAB still works under his directions from London. Dawn News also got it from Musharraf…Or maybe..well im out of ideas.. can Sharif bros come up with something even more ridiculous? 😀

    Dar is Nawaz Sharif’s relative too in some sense as far as I know, so this would be fun 😛

  • Well… hamam main sab nangay hain – stands true for our politicians.
    The rantings of ‘Shurafa’ over NRO has been unjustified considering their own records – but can we really say that they were wrong in opposing it? Hardly! They ought to be tried on this one as Mr. President too should be on the cases against him, but the question you cited that why the surfacing of these docs now is significantly important. Maybe it has surfaced so that the current government can buy off leverage to avoid any re-opening of cases against it, after it has stopped the pursuit of NRO’s passing.

  • There is a saying in Urdu:

    “Goo Khao Tu Bara Khao”.

    That’s the strategy behind all the corruption cases.

  • Wow! This is news. Seriously, the holier-than-thou attitude of the Sharifs has to take a step back. It’s all politics though. Get your enemy before he gets you…

  • this news has come out now in 2009. It took this nine years only because media was paid or did not want it to be released intentionally. Media is just like the intelligence firm of our country. They exactly know what is going on and where is it going on. But they just try to show that what can sell the most on television and get them rated better. The media has forgotten its role and responsibility that this nation required from them. I am sorry to say that the Long March of PML-N was given full coverage but this news was not shown on television. The political parties often use media channels to scratch each others back but the media should understand and try to act what is in the favor of the country.

  • How can dawn be trusted for a statement. Dawn has recently lost its repute since in Dawn metropolitan they mentioned in the news Nov 10 that the Islamabad Sector E11 attack was a fake encounter. Its hard to believe the media when they have a history of giving unauthetic news just to sell themselves and get a little profit.

  • One word: Hypocrisy.

  • I would just want to know why the person or persons involved have not been charged under the relevant law, if the case is still pending in the Courts ( I assusme the NAB is classed as a Court) then why has it not been tried and a judgement given. As Pakistan now has the much trumpeted and heralded ‘azad adalya’ this should have been dealt with as a matter of urgency. People ought to remember the saying “justice delayed is justice denied”. Or is the delay deliberate? I m not holding my breath for the answer.

  • True faces of politicians can only be shown by the media officials. Once the media begins to unfold their realities I think all the problems shall be solved. Media is too busy generating revenue that it basically forgets it main role. To create thrill the media people have also attacked their own colleague like Matthew which in turn has forced the International media organizations and official to write a letter to the Pakistan Government. You should read this newsletter:

  • Great post! I really like your blog!!

    ps. Link Exchange???

  • In my opinion the media is to be blamed. A good example would be off the Frontier Post newspaper today on whose main page they have showed a man burning himself due to Unemployment. I believe all this is media’s faoult. They have began to show so much negative things in the TV that with time we start to become normal with it and adapt violence ourselves. A recent survey done by Gilani Research Foundation showed that 60% of people do not trust the media anymore. You people should check this out:

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