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Happily ever after … in 140 characters

Love is when you tweet your feelings … in 140 characters …
Pakistanis and those who are living in Pakistan – even those who are here for a few short months – treat twitter like MIRC of the bygone era. They may not ask you A/S/L but they do use it as a place to practice romance and/or pick up prospective partners.

I have been witnessing an exchange between two people who, for the lack of better word, seem quite interested in each other on twitter. She regularly tweets to him about what’s on the telly, the food she cooked, her yoga classes and her writing progress. He tweets about his work, life and the booty his bootlegger has brought for him in Islamabad (In case you are wondering, we do not live in prohibition era USA but in Pakistan, you cant just go to a pub and order a pint of lager or hop over to you the off license near you and get that six pack of Heineken, alcohol is illegal and you gotta get it through a bootlegger).

I am not sure how this love story is gonna wok out but here is to sincerely hoping that they live happily ever after … in 140 characters.

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  • All the best to them!!

  • hahaha, interesting.

  • Oh for Shaadi Online to join hands with Twitter…

  • Shame! shame! you twitter stalker you!

  • Stalking is fun… 😛

  • lol. I wonder if you could have a wedding, in 140 characters or less 😛

  • lol, I think I know who that ‘she’ is! JK =p

  • What about medicinal sharab? You know, for the sick.

  • More than the Bootlegged alcohol, i am amazed at the mere mention of Yoga classes in Pakistan. NOW thats a revelation.

  • Hello Tazeen,

    Well, I don’t have Twitter. Maybe that is why I don’t understand what you mean with “140 characters”.

    No Twitter, no Facebook, no ePod, no ePhone, just blogging and plain living.


    PS: have a look at my blog: a little love story, my first and probably the last one, too.

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