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Pakistan’s next super model?

Is it just me or have other people noticed that members of Tehreek-e-Talibaan, Pakistan generally have wonderful dark locks to go with their warrior persona. I don’t know what the brand managers of Clear Shampoo and Head & Shoulders and Pantene proV are doing, but if anyone of them is doing their job right, they must sign the whole executive council of Tehreek-e-Talibaan. Hakimullah Mehsud not only has the locks, but he also has the looks of a super model. P&G and Unilever should be in a race to sign Mr. Mehsud as the next brand ambassador for their respective brands of shampoo, imagine how big a market he would open for them – the whole jihadi segment of the society. And if he declares his chosen shampoo, The Halal Shampoo, then lo and behold, the sales will skyrocket and hit the roof.

Anyone ready to sign on the poster boy for jihad as the next super model?

Hakimullah Mehsud, Pakistan’s next super model?

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  • Rolling on the floor laughing!

  • my version of BM definitely qualifies to become pak’s next super model.

  • you are freaking genius.
    In all honesty, this is not so far fetched from may be a near future reality… Waise bhee I am tired of looking at the Lux Leecher hottie Meera and REMA.. Plus their posters with the bootylicious curvers are kind of I am all up for this..better than Burqa Posh in the shampoo ad..

  • a couple of weeks ago a friend had shared a pic of a wall chalking with me ” Hamaraey hero filmi kanjar ya cricketers nahee” (it went on to eulogize a suicide bomber)…I had joked then that if Pepsi catches on this shift of what defines as herogiri, we will have them sponsoring these new “kuch karney ka dum” guys. So be prepared for our valiant hero declaring ” Yeh Dil Maangey More” and pulling the cord. Im glad you have pointed out that there is a market for Unilever and P&G as well…new markets baybeh new markets.

  • Oh Tazeen! I love your blog! Really, it is insightful yet funny at the same time.

    I hope you are well!

    p.s. I have to admit, I do envy the locks 😐

  • arent we asking for it. <3 πŸ˜€

  • Oh my god!! how they manage to take care of so many hairs on face.

  • I declared H-U-M as a Greek-god long ago because his dark locks and eyes are just so mesmerizing.
    I mean in metro cities like Karachi, who the hell get to see such masculinity.

    He is a super-model for sure.

  • Yuck!!!! Models.. ? i m not sure if many women will be able to stand such hair on edge corps. (corps deliberately misspelt)

  • Well he is most certainly the local version of Rob Zombie atleast.. πŸ˜›

  • LOL! Having said that, I don’t think they wash their hair. I mean they look so icccky!

  • LOL! Having said that, I don’t think they wash their hair. I mean they look so icccky!

  • Hello Tazeen
    excuse my english (very bad)

    LOL – LOL – LOL –
    for this time please answer me. You have never done.
    I realy would like post you bill on my blog. Can i do it?


  • WTF they got such hideous hair styles – what kind of tacky people they are ewwww…

  • halal shampoo would say

    habba habba πŸ˜›


  • You are too good!!! I love this blog πŸ™‚ ROFL!!!

  • he’s hot. i wonder if he has room for a 4th.
    (im totally imagining those eyes in a guyliner).

  • ahh.. seriously .. all these picture give me creeps … like a spider crawling up your spine.. ewww… please sensor these picture hiding their faces with black DOTS,, its really the hair your post wants to focus on … gosh.. and I can’t help keep coming back to see them.. and errkk again.

  • they wont endorse ‘western’ products…home made shika-kai shampoo…may be.

  • Vince,
    I think you want to paste the link of my blog on yours, please feel free to do that. I am afraid my French is limited to just Ja m’appelle Tazeen and few other phrases.


    Hakeemullah has room for both the third and fourth wife and he is only 32. I think you stand a very good chance, after all you now live in the land of Arabs. Hemlock and Hakeem, wah rab ne bana de jori!!!


    If the right price is offered, they will endorse the product. After all, they use American, Russian, British and French made weapons all the time, why not get some more money out of them Western companies huh?

  • dude, im seriously. look at how much these guys have achieved in such a short span of time (right or wrong is purely a subjective matter).

    at 28, i have very little to show for myself.
    i might as well be making babies.

  • Hello tazeen !
    Sorry !! You see!!! My english is very bad and i hope that you will hunderstant me.
    If not, please ask to Georg he will explan you.

    The link of our blog is already on mine since several montes. I often come to read you.

    I juste want to take your texte aboute talibans with snapshots because i have been very enjoyed by hour humour and you courage to write this poste.

    I want to show my readers your tallent.
    So long!!!

  • TJ:
    Hakimullah is reportedly 28 and not 32.

    P.S. I have some good pictures of him. Let me know if you want them, in case to let people know he is not iccky and takes bath πŸ˜›

  • lol

  • so chicks dig power.

  • Hello,
    Is there any post you can link me to which talks about your religious take on things?
    I’m just curious and it will be helpful πŸ™‚

  • Hello,
    Is there any post you can link me to which talks about your religious take on things?
    I’m just curious and it will be helpful πŸ™‚

  • Whatever happened to the prohibition on men having hair like the women and the women having hair syles like the men?

  • Well, jokes a part, i believe Hakeemullah has really the looks of being supermodel and future actor, to me he looks much better than Boby deol [sorry boby deol fan, that’s my opinion….

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