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Gift of gall or permanent lapse of reason?

On September 14th 2009, 19 women were killed in a stampede in Karachi. New York Times reported that the stampede occurred when a local trader was distributing food – flour, lentils and other goods – in the southern part of the city. Hundreds of women and children had gathered in the narrow lanes, and according to the witnesses; the women tumbled over one another trying to enter a building in an attempt to collect the food first. 25 people were reportedly injured in the incident.
The event was sad and a lot has been said and written about the incident. A couple of the people who have discussed this tragic incident on tv are Aamir Liaquat Hussian and good ol’ Junaid Jamshed in a program which was aired on the eve of the aforementioned horrific incident.
While Aamir Liaquat was busy reading out from what can only be called excerpts from Urdu thesaurus and acting all humble and modest in response to the words of praises from his female fan brigade, Junaid Jamshed came up with a very interesting theory about class differences, hunger, stampede, self respect and religion.
According to Maulana Junaid Jamshed, it is ok if rich Muslims do not follow the religion, but if poor Muslims let go of the sacred religious teachings, the whole society would collapse. He repeatedly made references to “Ghareeb ka Imaan” (poor people’s faith) and “Ameer ka Imaan” (rich people’s faith) as if your class is responsible for your levels of faith and piety. He further went on and said that when poor people embrace the true values of Islam, they are endowed with the gift of self respect, restrain and integrity. His theory was that even if people are poor and hungry, their self respect – endowed only through strict adherence to Islam – will not allow them to go beg for food and consequently, they will be saved from such incidents and death by stampede. Around minute 16.20 in the video, Junaid Jamshed further said that if poor people just practice restraint and stay hungry for three days, Allah will provide food for them for one whole year. This is from a man who probably never had to stay hungry in his life and charges Rs. 2000 for a shalwar (loose Pakistani trousers) that actually costs Rs 200 in his clothing store? He even had the cheek to ask if staying hungry for three days and then waiting for manna from heavens for one whole year (I have absolutely no idea how he arrived at the exact time range of 3 days of hunger and one year warranty of food supply from heavens) is an easier option or getting in line for free food and risking death by stampede?
Mr Jamshed has four children, if they are hungry and crying for food, would he rather stay cooped up in his house telling his children to stay hungry so that Allah will send manna from heaven or will he run all over the place to feed his children? A man who was paid a cool 2 million rupees for half an hour’s work (he shot a tv commercial for Lays Chips also known as Lays chips fatwa) will probably never know what hunger is and how devastating it can be? Self respect, privacy and integrity are things that only rich and well off people can afford, the rest are busy making out a living for themselves and their children.
I am astounded at the cheek of the man. Not only did he blame the victims for begging for flour, he was annoyed at the beggars who knock on his car windows for alms and blamed them for making the likes of him more indifferent to their plight by constantly banging on their air conditioned car windows. I would never condone beggary but one must also take into consideration the recession, loss of jobs for so many people and government’s apathy towards employment generation schemes for its populace. According to the World Food Program, 24 per cent of the population of Pakistan is under noursihed and 38 per cent of Pakistani children under the age of five are under weight. It calls the state of hunger in Pakistan, “alarming.” Imagine, if everyone takes the advice of Junaid Jamshed to heart and and sit on their ass and do nothing and wait for the manna, how will the situation of hunger exacerbate in the country.
What is a bigger tragedy that none of the live callers to the program were intelligent enough to point out what a fraud people like JJ and Ammir Liaquat are. Everyone sang their praises to death and one of the callers even called Junaid jamshed an angel (I am not sure angels would be as big a sartorial disaster as Junaid Jamshed was in his burgady red kurta).
PS: Its a very long video, if you are short of time, just catch the bit from 11th minute to18th minute in the video.
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  • Junaid Jamshed is an effin tool… just because thou is holy does not mean holy is thou…


  • Moving Post.

    The entire South Asian region seems to be stuck in a vicious downward spiral. Religious fundamentalism everywhere (irrespective of country or religion).

    Malnutrition and poverty seem to be around even 60 years after independence.

    In this backdrop-
    a) Pakistan is leasing agricultural land for commercial farming (with no control on stopping export in case of a food crisis) and
    b) India is grabbing land with left hand and giving it away with the right hand to a select few oligarchs.

    I keep hoping that this the lowest that we can go in South Asia. I hope the people on all sides of the border are able to take back control sooner rather than later. When will it be the proverbial last straw.

  • never liked JJ and i H A T E that clown Aamir Liaqat.

  • Disgusting. Disappointing and disgusting.

    What authority does Mr Jamshaid have anyway to pass judgement on anything, even if it is about religion? Because he took up religion in his middle age and grew a beard? That suddenly brands him a scholar? And Amir Liaquat is a jackass. I can’t believe anyone with the slightest memory for all the unflattering facts the media’s presented about him and the monumentally stupid things he’s said in the recent past still watches his show. His “female fan base” needs a lesson in how even from a religions perspective a person like Aamir Liaquat has no authority/dignity/credibility. And from their fawning phone calls, it also seems they need to go take a very, very cold shower.

  • ugh! this proves you can get away with anything and still be considered a farishta as long as you sport a long beard

  • JJ is a disgrace.

  • People,

    It doesn’t really matter of people like JJ are disgrace or scum of earth or whatever. The point is they get the airtime, they have a huge fan following and people hang onto their bullshit. On the other hand, sane voices are muffled. I dont think someone like Rabia or myself would ever get the airtime to say anything sensible.

    him being a disgrace is not scary, him getting prime time is scary …

  • Fundamentally this comes down to the fact that a lot of rich and well off people don’t like to be reminded of these truths.

    They’d really like it if everyone would just behave politely and not mention the inequities that govern our society.

    If only these poor people would stop knocking on his window he wouldn’t have to be reminded of the state of their lives. Because it really spoils his pleasant drive down to the office.

    It’s just not cricket old chap.

  • Tez,

    Considering that morons like Zakir Naik have their OWN TV show and a sheep-like followers, I am not surprised by this at all…


  • chor ki daadi may tinka sorry Lay Chips

  • Oh yes, reminds me of this poster The priests are up there to tell the poor to be happy with their lot, they are in the pockets of the rich. They don’t want the poor to rise up. The opiate of the masses indeed!

  • uh oh…

    knocking down on mullahs and beards? – Check

    trashing JJ AND Amir Liaquat? – Check

    following up your swine flu haram post with another pot shot at the faithful DURING the holy month? – Check

    Arrite boys, open up the gates, the trolls are gonna be feasting tonight!

  • KK,

    You know what, I actually have a friend who is suffering from Swine Flu. He is self quarantined and is watching youtube videos to pass the hours, he is the one who told me about what JJ and TV clown-in-chief are upto. So yes, in a way, swine flu is responsible for the post.

    And quite surprisingly, no trolls left any comments,its been what almost nine hours since I posted this.

  • Quite WTF.

  • As they say in Punjabi, ‘Aeda Kaan Chita aee!’

  • Actually. I m really pissed at almost everything. Bcos u know. What. Everything is wrong. I see human suffering. And it frikin hurts and yet nothing can be done. How can you not feel sympathy. For both who beg bcos. They r really in need and those who do it habitually. I rarely like these religious know it all uncles anyway. Life is a bitch and they are constantly fukun others PPl bitch. Mostly I hate zardari too. KIA musebat hai. Mein kidhar phans geya hoon.

  • JJ is pathetic indeed. I watched the whole program and wanted to throw stones on GEO for promoting such fanatics.

    He himself admitted at NUST, Isb that his income has increased by 300-400% after coming into religious industry. Imagine, these people have made religion an industry.

  • Kulsoom,

    So if I need to increase my income by 400% (which is non existent right now)I need to don a burqa and say Alhamdullilah halaq se like Saudis. May be I can open a designer burqa shop right in front of all JJ stores and steal his business … any investors willing to back me up?

  • Hey Tazeen,

    Shame Shame Shame to the self-professed messiahs of the Muslim Ummah .. Junaid Jamshed one of them is to be ridiculed to the most .. Next we’ll see Ali Haider opening up a Imama shop next to JJ’s. And about the SRK of Islam Mr. ALH we know very well who and how make phone calls on the program!

  • I believe that the incident on 14th was a great opportunity for the media to pick up on the issue of poverty, flour and sugar stocks in punjab [that the Punjabi feudals are keeping to themselves in opposition of the Govt] and creating crises and chaos all over the country.
    If media makes some noise over this poverty issue, like it makes noise over Meera’s shadi [or No shadi] in every bulletin, the Govt WILL pay heed.
    They rather want to waste precious airtime on useless political debates warming selfish political parties and paying tribute to crazy dead guys. Its a shame that although media has gained enough power to make a difference,[If it weren’t for media the goals of Democracy, judiciary, military rule.. would have been way more difficult to establish] but its NOT making a difference in the right directions.

    I have read around 10 (or more) pieces on the issue. I must say you have written it with an intelligent insight.

    To Ayesha Khan’s comment above: Please don’t hate the person; hate the idea, don’t attack the person; attack the idea.

  • I just surprised why GEO promotes these clans, to keep people remain in dark.

  • JJ isn’t even meant to be on TV anymore considering that TV was haram in Islam. Everyone has derived their own subset of Islam to follow.

  • Uffff!! Tazeen WHY did you post this? WHY? I’m fuming so much and there is NOTHING I cant do! I never thought aybody could beast Amir Liaqat in being a moron, but this guy does a perfect job! And did you notiec after saying crap about ‘ghareeb baydeen afrad. he goes on to claim that he is actually condenming thier deaths! tauba!
    And WHY the hell does he have to wear his shalwar like that? I mean UGH! He isnt praying on the set is he? WHy are we being treated to this awful sight??

  • “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich”.

    — Napoleon Bonaparte

    JJ wants the poor to behave themselves — he is rich and therefore dreads the poor creating a law and order situation — what if they turn violent?

  • it is funny how this halal/haram thing transcends borders. I was having a drink at a bar minding my own business. Up come these two clowns (later I learnt they are my friend’s mates..bosnians for that matter) and start lecturing me how drinking is haram. they probably dont know a word of urdu/arabic but buggers knew what haram meant. i was shocked to know this debate is raging across the entire “muslim world”…if there is such a thing…
    (i am from napak-istan.. aka..india 😉

  • Thank you for this post. Can you imagine that JJs worshipers are still trying to defend him with the lamest apologies. I feel disgusted.

  • As Kazim points out, there’d be hell to pay if there as no religion to control the sheeple.

  • What total and utter wankers both of these idiots are! Great post Tazeen!

  • thanks for this…really unbelievable. Who monitors this sort of stuff in Pakistan…?

  • Why is it so hard for JJ to simply use google? or may be some Halal search engine as you’ve highlighted previously! Well, if he decides to explore this arena, it might get through his thick skull that one cant merely sit and wait for sustainance from God! Famine has killed billions of people over the years.

    “…Famine in Deccan killed at least 2 million people in 1702-1704. There were approximately 25 major famines spread through states such as Tamil Nadu in the south, and Bihar and Bengal in the east during the latter half of the nineteenth century…”

    And I’m sure all these people who died must have gone more than 3 days without food!

  • Junaid has become such a disappointment. he was once a role model and a hero for folks like me who grew up listening to the Signs. but he’s gone off the deep end… his views on the Kashmir earthquake were even more disturbing and illogical… so sad! JJ, come back to your senses and come back to the people who love you!

    as far as that idiot fraudia Aamir Liaqat Hussain is concerned, I just don’t understand how people can stand his fakery, his fking lisp, his horrible Urdu and his awful clothes…

    also, sad to see another superstar from my teen years – Ali Haider – go the way of the deranged mullah… so sad…

  • I was watching A TV channel a day or two after the Khori Gardens incident. Mr Jamshed was on, raising money for some charity or the other. A caller rang up to say that when he heard the news about the incident he broke up in tears and was very upset etc. What was Mr Jamshed’s response? He said that the caller shouldn’t feel sorry for the dead women because they were only “professional beggars” and we have loads of them in Pakistan, who beg for free food and then sell it for money, so no one should not feel sorry for them. Yes, and I heard him say that if a poor man stays hungry for 3 days then God will provide food and sustenance for him for a whole year; I switched the TV off.

  • jamshed and faux-mulla amir liaquat are misplaced targets tazeen

    please direct your ire at their mothers for creating such imbeciles

    and if you want to spar their mothers then launch a concerted media campaign against their sponsors and the media that airs their programme – go all out with blogs, letters in papers, tweets, and product boycotts with one single aim…to get them off air and to prevent them from spreading imbecility

  • hey um, first time leaving a comment. Can I just say? I agree, that it is all just SO ridiculous! and your post points out all the possible wrongs with it. I thought it was only me thinking that Amir Liaqat was such a fake…and I dont know, something about him just gives me the creeps :p

    And okay, its true that Islam *does* ask us to maintain our self-resprect and integrity. But it ALSO requires us to “help the needy”. Jeez.

    Oh my god. That reminds me, there was a bit of news on Geo..or maybe Ary- about this couple who are putting their kids up for adoption…which is an everyday story right? But idk, the way the newscast puts it, it was somewhat heartbreaking 🙁 aaa, stupid newschannels! *shakes fist in air* But its still sad that they’re driven to that point of helplessness…

    Everyone has their reasons and excuses for not helping someone else- be that someone else rich, poor, needy or whatever. I’m not saying that it JUSTIFIES *anything* though. Heck, they’re all stupid excuses.. What I dont understand is WHY do people constantly come up with excuses based so loosely on religion and act so strictly on it that one cant help but stare open-mouthed and wonder at their pettiness and, just sometime later, the contradictory behavior. He does charity shows, but condemns the poor?! wth? Lame is all they are.

    And I’m happy for Ali Haider though. He was always a good man..I I just hope he doesnt go deranged and/or psychotic on Islam like everyone else :p

  • It seems that any religion can be “cut to suit”.
    Your country is the source of our dismay in Northwest areas, and in need of help elsewhere.
    I am sorry

  • wow, this is intense. thank you for bringing this to the world’s attention….

  • Hi Tazeen,
    The rich donot keep beard,wear Hizab and their girls fly the fighter jets without scarf.
    ditto in India we have seperate morals for the super rich who have two wives,will not bother about Karwah chauth,will not touch their pati’s feet etc but when the poor especially the women start showing their independence then the tenets of manu is brought out to subdue them. When Mayawathi builds statues with public money and wears uncouth salwar or wear a diamond then the Indian Media will pooint out all this and a miniser who normally travels firstclass was asked to be a hypocrite, then the whole party comesout against himbecause he was little honest about holycows.You see in India all those upright wear cotton sarees,big bindies,no jwels and they are considered INTELLECTUAL cutting across party lines from Sonia Gandhi,Brinda karat and BJPs Shushma swaraj.

  • This is so damn disgusting, Don’t even know what to say to this.

    You mentioned, most callers sang praises for JJ. How can everyone be so blind?

  • yep i saw that programme. The guy JJ has always struck me as arrogant-with faith comes humility.sadly, he lacks that. he thinks he has acheived a lot when he has infact acheived nothing. Comes on television from time to time, and act like he knows everything. refers to amir liaquat hussain using the pronouns such as tum, etc. the callers get the same treatment. no sympathy for amoir liaquat though but i think JJ has forgotten all his manner.
    Easier for a guy, who has always enjoyed and had the best life can offer, to make such statements. Three days of faka and God garuntees food for the next year. Say that to a beggar on the street, whose child is dying of starvation.i am sure he will beat JJ up with whatever energy he can muster. I think he has regressed not improved.

  • jis khiat se dehkan ko musar nehi rozi

    us khet ke hur gohsa-e-gandum ko jila do

    – Iqbal


  • Referring to what JJ would have tried to say. I think you guys could make a bit efforts to read Quran rather than wasting several lines here.

    And whoever fears Allah, for him Allah brings forth a way out, and gives him provision (rizq) from where he does not even imagine…” (Surah At-Talaq: 2-3)

    And enjoin upon thy people worship, and be constant therein. We ask not of thee a provision: We provide for thee. And the sequel is for righteousness.”(Ta Ha:132)”

    As far as selling a kurta of Rs.2000, what’s wrong in it? are you saying u were with him when he was in transition phase and had canceled all the contracts and did not even have enough money to pay school fee for his kids and he had to readmit them in low standard school?

    but why am I telling all this to an ignorant woman who prefers to bully rather talks sensibly.

  • What a fucking retard!

    Nicely stripped of his JJ kurta by you! 😀

  • Some lady up there said: “And from their fawning phone calls, it also seems they need to go take a very, very cold shower.”

    aaaarghhh!!! thats disgusting and disturbing -.-

  • Umar,
    Allah never asks you to not struggle for existance. Islamic teachings (those pre-dating Zia ul Haq’s time) implore people to explore all possible resources to earn a living and progress.
    All I would ask of you is this:
    Why does JJ come on TV and sing naats? Why doesnt he do that in his local mosque or indeed, in the place where vital signs started recording their songs, in Junaid’s home.
    I find it absurd to wait for manna. As for JJ’s idiotic comments about the poor, he is no one to judge whoever is a begger and whoever is not. People don’t stand in lines all day because they have money and can buy flour but somehow have an obsession to stand in lines. I live in Punjab and the government provides subsidized flour to poor people. That’s Rs. 10/kg. I buy flour at Rs. 35/kg because I am not an idiot who has money and should stand in lines and deprive someone of thier meal. I would rather put my Ivy league education to good use and work for the people that I am doing already. What JJ is doing is being judgemental. No one queues up unless they have a need. And if you are that hell bent on dragging islam in here, then Caliph Umar said, a muslim can not sleep if his neighbour is hungry. While quoting those out of context ayahs, did you even think about the last time you went inside the shanty town closest to your house? Do you know how it feel to earn Rs. 5000/month and feed a family of 8? That buys less than 90 liters of diesel for your Corolla.
    I find it absurd when people pick and choose from islam, but then, that is probably how people kill their conscience.

  • And all those who have been crying for those poor women and cursing Junaid, I ask what do you people have done for the families of those poor souls? Did you come out of your closets and visited those families and console them and help them?If no then how do you guys even think about condemning others? Get out of your hypocrisy and ignorance and don’t act like cowards retards while sitting in home.

    Tazeen, the time you spent in writing this rant, you could utilize it by helping those poor families. Not only that, you could utilize it to recite few verses of the Quran for those departed souls and for your dad who died recently. Cursing Junaid and others is not going to save and help your father. What will be helpful for him is that you read Quran and other related things for your Dad so that he could rest in peace. Your dad needs your prayers rather than your bullying about Junaid,Amir Liaquat or anyone else.

    Senilus: did your Shia Mullah teach you to use F word in Ramadan? If yes then I can imagine what kind of a moron is being prepared by Shua Mullahs.Carry on

  • “he is no one to judge “

    Hahhaa. Omar, Ironically everyone including you is being a judgmental here and issuing fatwas. Hypocrisy is the best policy right?

  • well omar even if we are not going out of our closests and helping the poor out there we are not being judgemental. the point we all are criticizing is what JJ portrayed bad and wrong image of Islam…there is no harm in voicing your opinion… so act as broadminded individual. you need to broaden your horizons instead of being orthodox conservative Muslim.

    and tel me another thing…. if using F word in ramdan is prohibited, then is it allowed to use it freely in rest of the 11 months ??

    and plus who are you to say what dead people need? what authority do u have to instruct anyone about what to do and what not to do?
    get a life umar!!

  • Kiran

    I am amazed you are failed to see how every one here is being a Mufti and judgmental about Junaid? The whiner Tazeen is lecturing Junaid to quit selling 2000 Rs clothes and he never faced hardships while anyone who knows him closely and have listend him on TV,CDs etc can say that he openly admitted that he did not have money to buy food and pay fee of admisson when he refused Rs.1 corore contract just because the pepsi guys asked him to getrid of his beared.

    Kindly don’t be so ignorant. Do some research before passing comments from your chilled rooms. While pointing out fingers at others you must realize that the other three fingers point at you.

    You guys should quit being Jamatis like Qazi Hussain who gives lectures to others,criticize others while themselves never wants to quit luxurious life.

    And my wise friend, no where i said cursing is allowed in other months. When a guy can’t give respect to Ramadan then how can he hve respect for other months.

    “do u have to instruct”

    Look who is talking. The author of this post is instructing what Junaid and others should do and what not and you are teaching me? Wow! Ulta Chor kotwal ko dantay.

    Don’t hate me if I show you mirror. It’s not mirror’s fault if you appear ugly in it.

    Try to grasp what I said above.

    have fun AND eID MObarak.

  • Ah,

    I am so happy to see a JJ supporter here.

    Thanks Umer for invading my personal space (its a blog) and calling me a whiner (go check out what whining means in a dictionary).

    So we must feel sorry for JJ that he refused a 1 crore contract with Pepsi (a jewish firm) and found it hard to pay his tuition fee but JJ has every right to ridicule people who do not even have ata to cook roti for their kids?

    I refused to believe that anyone who was as popular and successful as JJ was as a pop star would be so hard pressed that he would not even have money to pay his kids school fee. What happened with all that money he made while doing thumkas and singing a multitude of anthems for pepsi?

    Dil dil Pakistan, Pepsi pepsi Pakistan anyone?

  • This article is just same old rhetoric that we listen everyday from so called dumb ass “enlightened” moderate , who are self centered and call themselves the most “sane” and “sensible” . matter of fact, they just give BS in the foreign language As they call such idiots “angrezi may channay bechnay walay” give their sermons without sense !

  • WOW! talk about knee jerk reactions! I wonder if these ppl have been taught anything other than using the term ‘enlightened moderation’ every time something challenges there ‘all so sensitive egos’. This guy is clearly twisted, which explains why he was on the zalim online show in the first place, What ever happened to humanity?
    I have been struggling to even write a post on this topic, it was a tragic tragic incident. and here we have maniac conveniently blaming them for their own death. All these comments in support juts go out to show how JJ is not one of a kind, and How he will never learn or mend his ways, but ofcourse he is an army of mindless individuals who would go all praises on him juts for the heck of it! tragic!

  • I am seriously disappointed to know that there are people who would become this shameless that they will defend the mullah even when he is committing crimes against humanity.

    How stupid are these JJ defenders who in order to prove their point, give us his statements. Don’t they know how to argument and there is something called circular logic? Its plain stupidity that they fall for the lies of JJ that he had nothing to pay for kids fee and nothing to eat. How lame. He ruled the music industry of Pakistan like 15 years. He was the brand ambassador or the largest and most famous brand of the country. He was among the only artists who used to do foreign concerts. Where did all that money go? Did Satan took that away when he decide to keep the beard?

    This mullah is so shameless that he has never hesitated to sell religion. Selling Lays in the name of Islam and getting millions gave him some branding experience. Now he is branding religion as well. New brands introduced by JJ are “Ghareeb ka Emaan” and “Ameer ka Emaan”. More spicy flavors coming soon.

  • @ Kiran … ” what authority do u have to instruct anyone about what to do and what not to do? ”

    very interesting !!! by the way I’just wonder that what authority do u have that bothers u to criticize those who hold their opinion about social issues, xyz, poors, beggers or rich ?? !!! what purpose you serve when you make mockery against others ?! plz enlightened your readers about this double standard and hypocrisy

  • Where did my last comment go? *scratches head* Darn, posted it with the wrong email address. =( Rewrite in progress.

    @Kiran, what I was trying to say was, that JJ was wrong when he indicated that those who queue up fot atta are begger. There are two reasons for that.
    1. Your average Pakistani bread earner earns Rs. 6000/month. The average family size for the low socioeconomic class is 6. Ata is Rs. 33/kg in the open market. It is obvious that this family needs support through subsidized foodstuff. Classifying a white collar family as beggars who queue up for atta is high headedness.
    2. Even if some are beggers, they are not rich people. Beggers take to begging usually because of poor education, poor skills and/or bad health, which lead them to the streets. Me and you don;t need to go out and pan handle. Therefore, beggers are also poor and deserving people, and discriminating against them even, is a shame. In societies where there is social harmony, no one pan handles.
    As far as being judgemental is concerned, with regard to people with resources not coming out and helping the poor, well thats our society’s lack of empathy, to put it plainly. Whatever global school of thought you follow, western or islamic, helping those less fortunate than you in every way possible is a basic tenet of ethics. Ignoring that is a social trend here. Thats what Junaid is doing. Unfortunately, thats what most of us here are doing as well. Debating what Junaid said, without looking at why he said that, would do no service to the society. Junaid is one of the millions who make their fortunes from the poor of the land and never think twice. Let me ask you this: How many times have you volunteered for a humanitarian cause? Following the same line of reasoning, should anyone volunteer for a humanitarian cause? Why? Why shouldnt we just earn money, go home and watch HBO?

  • Oh God this blog belongs to Tazeen hence all readers bow infront of her and start “Anti Junaid” Anthem right here otherwise our dearest Tazeen gets fitz after reading post.

    Tazeen bibi, Use your brain, a star like Junaid will never send his kids in Peela school. He had money therefore his kids were studying in some high class O/A Level school. I believe you know the amount of fee one has to pay for such schools. He had no money to pay the amount of fee hence he had no choice other than admitting his kids in some 3rd class schools.

    The reason I mentioned it because you stupidly mentioned that he sells a kurta of Rs.2000 and tried to act like a Jamati member and misguided the reader about him as if he himself never faced hard times.

    I don’t know how calling beggers as beggers is something wrong? What all I know that non Mullah dictator, Musharraf said Pakistani Women like you and others that,”Pakistani Women like to get raped” but no women like you had guts to slap that guy tht how did he dare to offend women like that because Musahrraf is a clean shaved Mullah hence any crap by him is acceptable for so called learned class here.

    Here comes another Hijabi expert,Sana Saleem who believes that wearing hijab has automatically transformed her into “I-Know-All-You know Nothing” hence desperately attending TV programs here and there to get some fame. Poor and desperate class of Pakistan bloggers

  • the word “beggar” has been irking to people of the nation who have been begging officially here and there for past 61 years. The non Mullah president Zardari gave us another Kashkol in the form of IMF and here so called literate people are crying for being called beggars. LOL. U guys are Damn funny!!

    Seriously, Pakistan has been suffering more due to parhay likhay jahil than genuine jahils.

    Thankyou Tazeen for reminding us that how harmful is the psuedo learned Pakistani class for the entire nation.

  • OMG tazeen, some of your commentators can see right through me. Thank you Umar I am now officially the Hijabee expert! i love the name btw! o and yes our religion is blogism and we ritually bow to tazeen, what do u do besides advocating JJ?. O right watch my programs here and there! am so glad the few and here and there programs have such a diverse audience! flattered nonetheless.
    Also does your fanaticism has a limit?
    How about we stop taking our ‘ideals’ as GOD, you may know JJ personally, and may know a hell lot about him that we don’t but does that allow you to treat him like GOD, cant he make mistakes?
    Also what’s up with character assassinations, if someone doesn’t agree with your point of view than be it, or if its too itchy to get over juts prove it logically. And when nothing works at least GET A HINT!

  • Well Umar after reading your entire conversation I just want to ask you a simple question that do you think a person dieing from hunger and poverty will think about the religious values or about Islam rather than having thoughts of what they will eat for their next meal?

    Second, I appreciate people like Ms.Tazeen who has the courage to raise her voice against the hostile and cruel behavior of rich people prevailing in our society. JJ thinks that after keeping long beard and moving his shalwar up he became a true Muslim but in reality people like him is actually portraying the negative image of Islam. Islam has to be in the minds n souls of the people rather than exposing it in physical form.

  • Umer:

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i get the feeling what bothers you is how ‘liberals’ attack actions perceived to be religious. your posts seem to suggest that you believe liberals should first embrace islamic ideals before considering criticizing poster boys such as JJ. considering the spiritual ramifications of secularism, i can understand and even empathize with your fears.

    but the point is that secular or religious, calling a spade a spade is never wrong. look at the mystic sarmad’s life, or bulleh shah, or hallaj – they laid bare hypocrisies prevalent in society, and encouraged others to do the same.

    ridiculing tazeen just detracts from the validity of your arguments. defending JJ’s actions strips away all credibility. which is a shame cuz you are a smart guy.

  • LOL!tsk tsk Sana Saleem got sleepless night. Logically? what logically did Tazeen say? I think the other “Omar” explained quite well which wanna be experts like you can hardly grasp.

    And see, the frustrated expert issued a fatwa that I am a fanatic. See! Was I not right that this society is going to face non-Mullah Jamatis like Tazeen,Nadeem Paracha and now this little girl Sana Saleem who just wants to preach their own version and starts throwing up when someone refute their baseless statements. Tazeen’s intolerence was exposed when she had made a post about women who were protesting peacefully against working women and this jamati Tazeen got fitz and make posts on Karachi Metroblog and here and there just to Silence those voice which she dislikes. Redefining hypocrisy right?

    If you just want to criticize Junaid or anyone else just for sake of criticism then you guys should have enough courage to admit it. Frowning like a child is not helpful for you.

    my dear bedbug: Nope you are wrong. Liberal or no liberal, everyone has right to question about a religion or any other matter. Even Islam encourages it but here Tazeen is not questioning, she has been making statements just on basis of her assumptions and just because she would have some issue with Junaid’s practice of Islam. I could appreciate if Tazeen would have listened others point of view but she got pissed and started reminding,”Hey this is ma blog, Follow me otherwise..” This fanatic and mullah attitude exposes her easily. One has right to question but should have tolerance enough to listen others and correct himself/herself.

    “calling a spade a spade is never wrong”

    LOL. It depends what’s your brand of spade. Don’t get pissed if your opponents using the same spade to hammer the head. Accept it with smile. Right my friend? 😉

  • The last comment was made by me(Umar) not by “Omar”, the other guy.

  • By the way Tazeen, It seems “ex” singers love you a lot and always ready to provide ingredients for your future rants.

    Do you know Ali Haider has also quit singer and being “religious” now? And he is not a Tableeghi either. If i am not wrong, he is a “Khatmal”, right? Not sure what re his intentions.

    Also, do you know that “Agha Khani” Shahzad Roy is inclined towards Junaid’s Islam these days? Also, do you know that Tableeghi person Molana Tariq Jamil conducted the Nikah of Moin Akhter’s son last month here in defence?

    DO you know famous pathan ptv actoress Anita Camphor reverted to Islam and what I heard she is quitting the TV now?

    God! Tazeen, it seems everyone is going against you and everyone is ready to give you sleepless night. Imagine if your neighbors also turned to some “Mullahs” or some of your dearest cousin joins Tableeghi Jamat, what u gonna do? Suicide?

  • On ex-singers loving you a lot, Tazeen does Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam love you too? I is a fan! do say deliver my msg xoxo

  • Sana,

    dont bother responding to the fella above. The poor thing cannot even decide how is he gonna spell his name. I feel sooo sorry for him.

  • Ok so I watched the video over and over again to see if I could find one reason to find it logical. The video initially didn’t tick me off as much as reading comments here, that were directly jumping to character assassination, what pissed me off most was how Tazeen’s father was being involved, I do apologize for being a bit offensive in my comment though, it makes me sound pretty much the same as Umar but only on the other extreme.
    So I guess what ever came after was expected, specially when personal comments were being made.
    The thing that disturbed me was the comparison between those who were there to collect the food and beggars.
    They weren’t there to beg, they were there to collect food that was being distributed. I do agree that certain people have made vegging a full time job, shunning those who are genuine, but sorry the example doesn’t set well with this situation.
    These women were not gathered because they were begging, they were their to collect the food being distributed. In conditions such as these where even an employed man is not capable of feeding his family properly, its impossible to classify who deserves what. Also when we give away charity we focus on the intention, there is no ruling as to ‘who should we abandon from having it’. If we were to start judging our help would not be prompt.
    As a scholar (or preacher) Junaid touched the angle of patience, well all right we have all heard stories about immense patience of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Sahabas, but at the same time we have heard a great deal about their habit of giving, the goodness in giving and sharing has always been highlighted.
    At this point and time where every other day ppl are dying while waiting for roti, we can certainly do a lot more than ask them to be patient. Also patience until when? Patience till we work our way around and make sure they get food, how will that work?
    It will work if preachers,ideologists,activists or even individuals would realize that patience would go hand in hand with the habit of giving and sharing. It would have been rather appropriate had JJ said ‘if ppl were in the habit of giving’ this incident could have been refrained.If each one of us was doing something may be so many women didn’t have to line up, may be the damage could have been less.
    Islam is practical in every way possible, the practicality of everything needs to be visualized in all its dimensions and not one.
    I am not i the habit of getting into virtual fights, so I would really want to end it here.
    Also I do realize that each one us has the right to hold their own religious belief, may be my scrutiny or criticism hurt your school of thought. Nevertheless it wasn’t my intention, the only thing that realy bothered me was your personal attach on tazeen and on a matter that wasn’t really decent.
    If she or I attacked (unintentionally) your religious values, please feel free to do the same but don’t jump to personal comments.
    If you do know JJ like you say you do am sure you will find a better way to deliver this to him:
    Lets preach patience and endurance, but also keep in mind the timings. If someone’s son got killed in a motor accident, would it be appropriate to tell him ‘Your son used to drive fast, youngsters usually do which causes these accidents’. Even if that sounds logical, there is a time and way to deliver something.Hope it makes sense, my intention was not to offend you,your beliefs or your ideal.

  • Tazeen, wrong spelling could be corrected but a reluctant mind can never be expected to expect something from other.

    “Your son used to drive fast, youngsters usually do which causes these accidents’.”

    Sana, I think your holier than thou attitude is out of control and you continue to assume things nd then giving weird analogy to prove your point. If my arguments are not making sense then kindly do read what “Omar” replied to Kiran. It would help you to understand what JJ wanted to say.

  • WTF. KIA bukwaas hai yeh Omar insaan. Tazeen I enjoy your blog but can you pls start to filter ppl who are simply trying to waste our time with all these unnecessary long nonsense. Reminds me of a saying “you can’t reason someoe out of something that he wasn’t reasoned into in the first place”

    The world may be changing with all these pop ztars turning into mAulvis So be it. My religion is humanity and human suffering is quite painful. Some of it brought upon themselves others were inflicted as my late uncle used to say. It’s a make belief world u make a belief and then live in it. Unfortunately current male beliefs are too narrow and short lived

  • Junaid Jamshed is appalling not just because he said this but because he is asking poor people to do sabar when their kids are crying from hunger.

    Can anyone of us do what he is asking us to do? forget class or society for a second. If my kid is crying of hunger I will go to any means necessary to feed them, beg borrow, steal whatever and we are castrating people because they stood in line for a handout?

    I agree the poor should ask Allah for help, well who the bloody hell do u think gave that trader the impetus to distribute free atta in the first place? Allah!!!

    Its sad to see that we cannot have a discussion without resorting to name calling and obscenities.

    If i were JJ i would at least clothe the poor people for free since Allah has given him so much for following his path, but wait they must do sabar as he rakes in the ramazan profits.

    Deen ko dhandha jab banate hain log tu phir aise hi aalim aate hain tv pe. Ive lost all respect for JJ.

  • Mullani Atii asking to shut my voice because like Talibans this lady Mullah FazulRahman also can’t tolerate others point of view and would be declaring me her version of Infidel.

    Pls Tazeen now be a lady Qazi Hussain and ban me and let the world know that only bearded and hijabis are not conservative people. There is another clan which tries to look sexy even if wears half sleeves on clumsy body and “shemale” type “men” who despise if someone don’t buy their lame theory.

    @FaisalK: our dearest Tazeen started mudslinging in initial post. Now she and her supporters are facing the same weapon which they use against others.

  • Acha U/Omar Sahib or both of you, I think you are just messing with the readers here. Well you win, I lose. You are certainly amusing with all your creative synonym. As I mentioned before, I am not intersted in reasoning with you, I have more of a buddhist theorey of not really slapping other people when they slap you.
    What they say is “one nations freedom frighter is other nations terrorist”, I can never make sense to you. Pakistan is full of people like you and may be people like me as well. Who cares? right? What difference will it make? whether I am right or wrong. JJ is right in a sense that our nation is responsible for our own downfall including beggars and illiterates and coocoo’s like you and me. But anyway.
    The point is that you are an expert provoker and you are doing a kar’e kher by fighting people off from this blog. Unfortunately, I know that you are just enjoying this while the real problem is the people who died and the nation who still has to subsidize the basic necessaities of life. Thats the tragedy. You and me with all our difference are way down the line. Anyway…

  • welcome to the bottom of the food chain.


  • hii I am noureen – new @ ur blog & found really interesting.

    Well i watched that episode too where Mr.JJ is bluffing all around.
    One thing i would like to share with u guys – once i got a chance to read an article about weighing Owais Qadri in a blog theeth then I happened to watch Owais Qadri in Aalim Online with Aamir Liaquat (the biggest bias) they both were
    Doing full time natak & was playing hard with confused Pakistani awam about Islam & stuff. Very same day I wrote an email to Aamir Liaquat on his website Aamir Liaquat .com and ask him to pls stop calling all these faltu people in your show since you are enough controversial & fake and top of it I know this Owais Qadri personally and he belongs to a big time greedy retard family well I raised a few questions – if he is real follower of Mohd(pbuh) then he should not charge money for praising Allah Kareem & Mohd(pbuh) and what about the Mankabat he is singing(almost) in every wedding functions and adding & mixing dolhe ka sehra in between and charging hell lot of money for all this tamasha (I have a personal experience & was not even attended a close cousin wedding for all his and them contribution for this nonsense) well cut the long story short I have sent 5 emails to Aamir Liaquat but did not get any reply and most of it he always only displays a praised emails but in reality they all are fraud. big sigh

    Wake up & get a life Pakistani quam.

  • Umar sb,

    I am wondering that either you’re somehow related to Mullah JJ or you belong to the same league as he does since I couldn’t find any other reason of your diatribe against Tazeen’s blog post. Mullah JJ has lost his mind, if you really haven’t listened to the whole show, you can just read a bit:

    “Mehngai insaanon ki wajah se nahin aati. Subah ke waqt aik fareshta aata hai aur aa kar ailaan karta hai, aur..aur..chawal ke danay se le kar tael ke saaray nirkh tae kar ke jaata hai. Ab laga lo jo aap ne karna hai aap ne, jitni stock marketing mein karna hai, yeh karna hai, woh karna hai, jitni aqlain lagani hain laga lo. Bula lo finance minister ko bhi aur falaanay minister ko bhi aur uss minister ko bhi. Koi kuchh nahin kar sakta. Jab loag farmabardar ho jaatay hain tau Allah ta’ala ki taraf se moafaqat ke faislay hotay hain oopar se.”
    (Courtesy: Cafe Pyala)

  • Ubi Ali

    i guess we all know the famous saying ” Neem hakim khatraye jan and Neem Mullah Khater e Eman” so people like jj are doing the same and i totally agree that a certain class will never understand that what hunger is,
    i personally know a family consist on four children,husband and wife when i knew for the first time that the lady told my mother that she actually kept boiling her “water filled handi” whole night because there was nothing to eat her children were crying for food and got sleep because her husband could not get wage due to unrest in the city at that day i really got depressed and i cursed my self that what the hell kind of society we are where at one side people are wasting so much and at other side people are dieing.

    i really appreciate that you wrote such a great thing and made all of us realized many thanks and God bless you.


  • Did someone say JJ didnt have money for kids school fee when he left music and cancelled contract? Do you guys believe he was so poor financially? His father is a retired air force officer who served in Shaheen Air at a senior level after retirement; his mother-in-law is one of the leading fashion designers of Pakistan, Farida Qureshi who is doing a roaring business for almost three decades now. How could he be so financially worse off that he had to get his kids admitted to a low-grade school? thats all bakwas. And how after leaving music he opened the garments business? where did the money come from? if he only gave his name and money was invested by his partner, this means he always knew his name has so much worth why then would he get so poor by leaving music?

    Finally, what did he do with the millions he made while he was singing? did he spend all the money not saving a penny that as soon as he quit, he had nothing?

    Why do we believe in all of this???

  • Assalam walakum,

    This blog is a very nice blog, I have found it very beneficial to know more about Islam. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • I think JJ should close all his outlets and start practicing this 3-days hunger program on yearly basis which according to him guarantess a whole year’s sustenance.

    This is not actually limited to JJ only, he actually learned all this from his holy clergy. Every clergy in every religion has always advocated that the wealthiness and poverty are from GOD and then associated such crafted stories towards GOD and HIS prophets. A well-known holy scholar wrote in 1966 that “If someone dies of hunger, he dies because
    Allah had written for him to die of hunger.” Can you imagine? How beautifully they put every thing on GOD and on the day of judgement.

    And then there are people who support such false beliefs and dogmas. They then bring verses from Qur’an to prove their concepts without understanding the whole teaching of it.

    Yehi Shaikh-e-Haram Hai Jo Chura Kar Baich Khata Hai

    They don’t even ashame telling people that poverty and hunger are from GOD. See how beautifully Qur’an rejects this idea in Chapter 36 verse 47:

    And when it is said unto them: “Spend of that wherewith Allah hath provided you”, those who disbelieve say unto those who believe: “Shall we feed those whom Allah, if He willed, would feed? Ye are in naught else than error manifest”. (Hum unko kyon khilaayein, jin ko agar khuda chahta to khud khilaadeta?)

    There has always been a joint-venture between autocracy (Fir’aun), corporatocracy/capitalism (Qaroon) and theocracy/Clergy (Hamaan) to suck the blood of humanity. “Peete Hain Lahu, Dete Hain Taleem-e-Masawaat”.

    Ameer-e-Sheher GhareeboN ko loot leta hai
    Kabhi Baheela-e-Mazhab, Kabhi Banaam-e-Watan

    Quran Chapter 9 Verse 34:

    O ye who believe! Lo! many of the rabbis and the monks (clergy) devour the wealth of mankind wantonly and debar (men) from the way of Allah. They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful doom

    An explanation of Chapter 107 Verse 1-7:

    Have you ever seen a person who orally submits to Islam but in practice belies it? He is actually who pushes away the helpless, neither assisting the needy nor inducing others to do so. In order to show himself to be a religious person, he offers a lot of prayers. For such people prayers become a source of self-deception because they are deceiving themselves (and others) that they are the virtuous ones.They, in fact, are oblivious to the concept of Salat. The outcome of such self-deception is that while on the one hand they offer prayers and on the other they take total control of the sources of nourishment that should remain open and available. They are thus depriving the needy of the sources of nourishment and thus belying Deen.

    An Eye Opener

  • Its’ interesting to see a multitude of people merely fighting a battle of perspectives. For me, it’s just construing facts according to one’s bias. In reality, most often than not, things have to be understood in a context and from varying angles to get a clean perspective.

    Those who coined the term, “3-day hunger theory,” as a mere vantage point should know that JJ didn’t invent it. It you dare call it a theory then let it be known that it’s actually a Haidth, which (in my words) is like – “If a believer in distress reaches a point where he/she has nothing to eat and ** chooses ** not to ask anyone besides ALLAH, ALLAH (swt) promises that 3 days won’t pass and he shall provide sustenance from Ghaib.” When he said it’s easier, then implied was the fact – for those who believe in seeking an alternate albeit spiritual resolution to their state of affairs. Maybe, he should have been a bit more explicit.

    That said, JJ might have mis-represented or have used it at the wrong place and time, but then that’s a different point. Maybe that did not apply to the question that was asked. Most, including the author of the post actually consider it – a contra-logical proposition. And since noone scoped their statements to that very context of Karachi incidents, I assume they have an issue with the idea in absolute terms. Some even watched the program multi-times and failed to find a tint of logic in what was otherwise a delineation of JJ’s religious standpoint.

    I also could not find conclusive evidence that he said that everyone should “sit on their ass(es),” unless ofcourse if you add a few tolas of exaggeration to it.

    From a different angle, the reason he has such a viewpoint has less to do with his socio-economic vainglory, but with the ideology of Tablighi jamaat itself. And just so that someone might not get offended (these days Islamic activism is on the high), I am myself very close with Tablighis (partly a tablighi myself), for the past 12 years or so, but they have a very narrowing and monastic standpoint, which interestingly appears to the contrary, if you watch it from a distance.

    If Iqbal were alive today, he would have explained tablighi jamaat in two words – “Mobile Monasticism.”

    What JJ said was, again, not “from him,” but the repurcussions of the ideology he associates himself with. Those were the people who unplugged him from the Matrix, and hence the relation.

    “Allah se hota he, Allah ke ghair se nahin hota,” is the underlying principle behind his rationale. To what extent is that misconstrued is still something to be unraveled and you have the right to differ and reason, provided you are willing to do some homework and approach it a few grains of positivity.

    My perspective: Irrespective of your religious affiliation/ideology, you are responsible if your fellowmen die of hunger. Being able to sell a 2000 Rs shirt, or pay a 2000 Rs. Internet bill to run a blog to curse that is all the same to me. Sorry – and no pun intended!

  • i think you probably are not aware that the clothing brand J. is not owned by junaid jamshed, and he is as rich as you have portrayed him, also i would appreciate if we would not work towards dividing the already polarised pakistan.

  • Just another blog post hating on religious (bearded) people. Logical fallacy: They sometimes say wrong things because they are religious.
    Furthermore what he said about the poor being provided for 1 year if they’re patient for 3 days is technically correct – it’s a hadeeth. However, the test of the poor is patience and the test of the rich is to help the poor. He could’ve (should’ve?) devoted an equal amount of time talking about the countless ahadeeth and ayaat of the Qur’an encouraging the feeding of the poor. In short, give advice for both the rich and the poor.
    However, as someone else mentioned here, this is just another post attributing some poorly-made statements given by a non-Aalim to religious following. When Musharraf said that Pakistani women get raped for money, how many people said, “Look! He’s only saying that because he’s not religious!”? None that I know. Non-bearded people or non-religious people don’t have their dumb statements attributed to their irreligiousness. So let’s be a little consistent here OK? Either have a fallacious argument with regards to both categories of people, or just don’t make sweeping generalizations. Eh?

  • OMG! I just read this today.. and sharing it right away. Apart from that, the post is so nicely written! The fact that such people are listened to more than the sane ones is what baffles/disturbs me a lot!
    (Also, the prices of his clothes have come down drastically :P)

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