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Is swine flu haraam?

Amna: Tazeen, Is swine flu haraam?

Tazeen: depends … see, if it is contracted through a halal source … then it is Halal, but if it is contracted through a haram source then you know what it is …

Amna: Well the Dutch search engine may not acknowledge your contribution, but you do know your halal from haraam.

Tazeen: *blushes*

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  • hahahaha taz you’re brilliant

  • halalness like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder or the be-getter of the swine flu in this case.

  • hahahahahahaha …

  • hahahahah … and second hahahah for the comment ( Aneela Z: loved the spin on the whole thing)

  • LOL!! =P

  • ROFL!

  • 🙂

  • 🙂 LOL 🙂

  • ok..this seems like the perfect “rolling your eyes” post.
    Where you not satisfied with the last halal haram post or you are still upset that dutch site ranked your site not halal and ofcourse you know your halal & haram.
    A.I. very intersting post and also the first comments at the bottom.
    Halal haram does not lie in the eyes of beholder. It is very clear in Quran.
    Interesting twist!

  • why u r so witty and naughty!!!!

  • What was haram mean? was it something like bad luck? I barely remember those words? and halal? that one I never heard of.

    Sorry to bother is just that I would like to understand.


  • Marianna,

    Aren’t you lucky that you have not heard the words halal and haraam?

    They are both Arabic words and literally, Halal means allowed and Haraam means not allowed. In Islam some things are categorically declared as haraam or halal, for instance eating pork is deemed haram for Muslims and eating beef is halal. A vast number of things are not really mentioned and our Mullahs (muslims clergy) usually have a field day deciding for the rest of us what can or cannot be declared halal and what cannot be declared haraam.

  • Thanks a lot for explaining it to me, I like the post a lot now that I get it. I was not to wrong, I knew it had a negative connotation that word. I am a jew therefore I had a little contact with that world

    Thanks tazeen and be well

  • err…kosher?

  • @Aneela Z
    halalness like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

    There has to be a whole cache of truth in this one.

    In ‘non-muslim’ countries, where halal-slaughtered meat is not ubiquitously available, some people would…

    1. eat it anyway with no questions asked, as long as it’s not pork.

    2. look for some sort of ‘halal’ sign (insignia/logo etc) on the product or the restaurant signboard and proceed to eat without any further doubt.

    3. ask the person at the counter if they know it is halal… and proceed only if they say yes.

    4. ask the person at the counter AND request some sort of proof (e.g., a certificate from the butcher), and only then would they eat.

    5. step into the restaurant’s kitchen to see the ‘evidence’ (cooking methods etc.) with their own eyes for it to be considered halal.

    6. slaughter their own chicken at home and bring it to the restaurant with them.

    7. ditch eating at restaurants altogether and stick to home-cooked meals.

    How does this sound for halalness lying in the eyes of the beholder…??

    For all who care, choosing among one of these has more to do with the level of taqwa (the degree of your faith) then the life-and-death decision the Mullahs would have us believe it implies. So just take it easy… and eat wherever you fit. It’s all good.

    and Eid mubarak!

  • Tazeen, what on earth are you talking about? Diseases are not categorized as Halal or Haram. People need to stop being ignorant. If you did something haram, then you did something haram … the actions resulting from that have nothing to do with it.

  • OMG I love you Tazeen! 😛

  • HAHAH!

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