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Last night, I discovered that one of my friends work for porn industry.

I mean I knew what she was doing all along, I just didn’t know that she has been doing it for the aforementioned industry.

So what if she is just a computer programmer who works for a company that caters to adult websites. Porn is still porn even if it means that she writes software codes and all. I think having a friend who works for porn industry makes me way cooler than I am.


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  • Impressive;)

  • why intelligent people who love freedom have to be in industry which majority consider morally wrong?

  • LOL! actually, your friend in the porn industry is cool because she has you for a friend.
    and since you have a friend who works in the porn industry, imagine how cool that makes your friends who have you as friends.
    super cool.

  • hemlock,

    I am so happy to have a super cool reader like you visiting my blog.


  • its really very very very cool….I wish I have such friends

  • LOL! I agree with Hemlock, it just makes her cooler that she has a friend like you πŸ™‚

  • :))

  • haha – I’m speechless.

    With a finger-pointing Uncle Sam style, I’ve only one thing to say to you:

    Porn Needs You!


  • BTW you are one of the coolest chics I know.

  • I am cooler by association with you now.
    But porn connection or not, I am coller by reading your blog!

  • Coding for porn…Glamorous indeed! I mean…who wants to code for boring stuff like networks and bank ATMs….now porn…that’s something to keep you motivated at work.

  • lol…and guess what you are looking for a job…u should find out if they are hiring someone who will redo their whole marketing strategy…you are looking for work and this is something like social wiork hehehhe…ill be quiet now πŸ˜‰

  • No way around it, that is a cool job!

    I would love to say that I had such a job when people ask what it is I do.

    I would also love watching as some people got uncomfortable over it.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • What about Pakistan’s own fledgling adult entertainment industry? S&M style…

  • long before it was even cool to be cool, my wife and i had a close friend who was a whore.

    it mattered little to us what she did for a living, she was just a nice girl which is all we needed to be friends.

    so i don’t know what’s so cool about having a friend in the porn industry…too much fuss is made these days about this cool thing

  • I want a friend who works in the porn “industry” :/

  • If I knew coding, I wouldn’t mind her job at all. Seriously!

  • Wht make you think that people will consider you cool if you have a friend working there? i am figuring tht out?:P

  • The question is if you had been working for the porn industry, would you have considered it ‘cool’?

  • Please tell me she’s not working for the porn industry in Pakistan, because I was not aware there was one and this will cut me deeply. After discovering a spa that could be operating as a brothel (this is my suspicion), and the NYT sex toy story, this adds a whole ‘nother level of things that scandalize me. Hahaha!

  • What company is it?? i want to work for them too πŸ™

  • Wise career move: the porn industry is always at the vanguard of web site development!

  • nice way to say welcome to Ramadan!

  • What is cool or uncool abt it.. sorry, i completely missed the joke.. to my old fashioned mind, porn is as interesting and cool as Railways, or steel, or ITES, or government, or media.. or anything else.. porn really does not stand out in my head..

  • Does she work for Axact because I heard they deal in that sort of stuff!!!

  • Humaira,

    You are most welcome to share my friend, she is super cool.


    Nah, my friend lives in Toronto and works for a Canadian software company.


    If Osman Peerzada is to be believed, Lahore is the capital of desi soft porn (at least thats what he said in Geo’s program 50 minutes). He also said that Lahore’s soft porn industry produces around 400 films of various lengths per year.

    Everything happens in Pakistan, we just like to turn a blind eye to it.

  • Whatever,

    who said this post welcomed Ramzan? Why do you have to bring religion to every thing?

    In case you have not noticed, this is a secular blog.

  • I am speechless, and this time I am gong to roll my eyes better than you TAZEEN, HA… even though I have really small eyes.

    This post is just make me jiggle πŸ™‚
    Do I want to work for porn industry! oh Yeahh..
    Can I handle it! Not really..
    Do I approve of it..Who cares if I don’t.
    Do I like it… Used to b4 I had kids..

    Is it cool… who knows !! It sure is hot πŸ™‚ haha

  • @Kalsoom
    Here’s your alternate Lollywood porn industry.


  • @ Tazeen: So Hemlock is cool because, as Andre Moro put it, everything that is in harmony with [your] personal inclinations appears to you as the Truth, and everything else [maulanas included] serves to provoke your anger.

    Pretty darn nice effort for a secularist but you fail, just like all others fail: in providing any analysis that can stand introspective scrutiny of religious fanatics, like me of course.

  • and sorry to hear about your father’s loss. But worry not. He was from nature and has returned to it. I hope that his bodily chemicals become a part of nature in the form of nutrients of a beautiful flower or perhaps a food of an animal. After all is not that the atheistic world-view?
    peace out.

  • Well, that is.. strange!!!

    to be honest, its hard for me to imagine if anyone in Pakistan specially a girl is working for softwares for an adult website. Secondly saying that, she’s even working for adult entertainment is way too .. bleh! What is it that vivid movies or ran out of women that they’d take one of their developer to work for them remotely?

  • the part where you said “I mean I knew what she was doing all along, I just didn’t know that she has been doing it for the aforementioned industry.” confused the hell outta me


  • It was the twisted end indeed, for a minute it sounded to me like she knew it but she didnt knew it.. πŸ˜€

  • i am the consumer of that industry
    i wonder if that makes me cooooool

  • ‘Cool is such a relative term’ as you would’ve seen from the comments πŸ™‚

    If I had such a friend, I think I’d be ‘hot’ πŸ˜€

  • Dear Wahhabi Backward Mullah, hemlock is cool because she is. really. you need to know hemlock to know how cool she is.
    and hemlock is also cool because she regularly reads tazeen’s blog and tazeen has a friend in the porn industry…
    and i think hemlock just froze from the coolness that is her.

    for everything else, please refer to google.

  • Long live Porn πŸ˜›

  • is this hemlock guy for real?

  • or a girl for real?

  • Dear Wahhabi Backward Mullah. You are an extremely insensitive… well… wahahabi mullah. And a pretty darn backward one at that.

  • i first read “backward” as “bastard” then corrected myself before realising that it was divine intervention that made me read it for it was meant to be.

    after all is that not the mullah world-view?

    only problem is, bastard doesn’t quite cover it.

  • I have a friend as well who works as a programmer for a porn industry. I am just wondering if by any chance its the same person…that would be weird.

  • sami,

    hemlock is a girl and I think she is for real. Although reality itself is relative.

    Adeel and Xille,

    Thanks for stepping up against the Bastards of Mullah variety … I was just too tired to be bothered.

  • hahhaha, I read the original article before … and this one … and I have to say, its all great and stuff … (serious funny) but the comments just take it to a whole new level….


    *pat on the back* πŸ™‚

  • I think that what makes you cool person is that you are all right with that, that is does not make it a better or worst person for you. That you understand it is just another job.

  • In karachi, there is a company that works for porn industry. I got a chance to give interview there but after knowing about their whereabouts (from my resources), couldn’t dare joining there. Personally, i dont find its a nice idea.

  • Honestly Tazeen, you lack values. And that makes you a pretty sad person. Anyone who appreciates the existence of porn is looking down on the sanctity of a human body. About time you popped out of your self-obsessed bubble and figured out that porn is anything BUT cool. As are you.

  • Axact software house just do coding work for a adult companies. It’s like out sourcing. What is wrong in it…. owner was a Pakistani guy in America and other top desi sites do run by Pakistani guys in UK, USA and Australia. Whole Pakistan is fucked up by Zadari and you people are worrying about porn. Come on my friend be bold… All doing business and earning money…..

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