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Links for the long weekend

Foreign Policy ran a couple of lists of sons and daughters of world leaders with exceptionally bad behaviour. The list included Isa, son of Shiekh Zayed, the notorious torturer of humans & animals and daughters of Islam Karimov and Saddam Hussien, but the name that caught my eye was that of Moammar Gaddafi’s son. His son’s name is Hannibal and if the profile on FP is to be believed, he is cut from the same cloth as Hannibal Lecter – the cannibalistic serial killer.

A lot of people must have tried to rattle the Catholic Church but very few actually proved to be successful at it. Hardly anyone would have been as cavalierly successful about it as the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi. Apparently Catholic Church is ‘mortified’ by the private life of Silvio Berlusconi. What is absolutely amazing is that Italy seems to be totally out of the grips of the Catholic Church because Berlusconi still enjoys a 49% approval rating and a majority in both the houses of parliament.

Here, Maureen Dowd discusses what she calls the conjugal psychodrama (I absolutely adore this term) of the Clintons.

Khaled Diab writes about the Muslim Gay character in Eastenders who ended up marrying a woman for sake of propriety.

A word of caution for those who yawn. You can end up in jail for yawning ‘boisterously’ inside a court.

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  • Yes the Hannibal bit held m attention too!

  • long weekend? **sulks
    says who?

  • Pity, he opted for the fictional Hannibal. In all other circumstances (especially General), a light could flick.

  • beautiful

  • being jailed for yawning! i wonder how it would be if it could have been implemented in Pakistan

  • well last line preety cool.

  • well last line preety cool.

  • good inform

  • Secular Italy and the Vatican remain antithetical; no surprise here seeing the gradual, yet enduring transformation of Europe from God to fashion trends.

  • with a name like Hannibal Gaddafi, how can he get any woman stupid enough to be around him?

  • Berlusconi is the man, no matter what anyone says, he has managed to survive that long in a country as volatile as Italy through democratic means … Catholic church can (*@^_$#%@

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