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Cheesy chutzpah

One of my favourite objects to photograph are the promotional banners of Pakistani films. This picture that I am pasting here is an artistic gem. This is the poster of a film called ‘Piyasa Badan’ which literally translates to ‘thirsty body’. However, it actually means longing for physical love (readers are welcome to contribute with more appropriate translations).

The closer shot shows the hero taking a girl’s clothes off and in typical Pakistani hypocritical manner; the bare back is censored with a super imposed image of the hero and his paramour in a loving, but clothed embrace. The billboard can display a film called Piyasa Badan, which I am sure has dialogues straight from the gutter but a bare back needs to be covered up because it has the potential of wreaking havoc with the faith of pious men who throng the Electronic market in Karachi (That’s where the cinema is situated).

The clip below is something I recently found on youtube and boy, what a find it is. Sung by Naheed Akhtar, this is perhaps the naughtiest song that ever came out of Pakistan’s now defunct film industry. The Urdu version – very PG 13 – was part of Pakistani film Kora Kaghaz.

Before anyone says that it is a trashy song and does not represent the Islamic Emirate/Fiefdom of Pakistan, I would like to state that it perhaps represents the desires of a lot of Khawateen digest reading teen aged girls across Pakistan who starts dreaming about their knight in shinning armour even before they attain puberty. Lines like “I don’t know dancing and singing, but I can’t say no to my darling, make me a partner in loving, I want to be a wife” symbolizes the aspirations of all those girls and perhaps represents the dreams of more Pakistanis than the erstwhile PPP slogan of Roti, Kapra aur Makan.

The naughtiness quotient goes a little up in second half and retells the longing for loving. Lines such as “I want love, give love my sweetie, interest me, I am love thirsty, what you want, I will do, it will be my duty,” not only promise sex in abundance, they also ensure complete submission to the almighty man.

I fail to understand why Lahore High Court banned Naseebo Lal for singing suggestive songs when Naheed Akhtar has already created history with “Some say I am sweetie.”

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  • look at her attitude in the inside picture.

  • Both the lyrics and the pictures seem antiquated in the video which makes me wonder when this video was made…

  • Adolescence…everybody’s horny…

    Isn’t skin show against islam…no fatwa here…guess it won’t generate much publicity , eh?

    Only does when its sania mirza 😛

  • jaw hurts.

  • Lol! I can’t remember when I laughed so hard the last time! Sounds like someone wrote this song in Urdu and then got it translated into English.

  • Ha… that’s a well placed superimpose i tell you. Definitely beats scribbling over her back with red colour 🙂

    The video’s a classic in creative loopholes to not show skin but still show 😛 Aahhh.. when will all this hypocrisy end and one can peacefully watch a nude scene in the theaters with pop corn? Hey how are Hollywood movies treated out there? Got any kick ass censored snaps of them?

  • This is incredibly funny, but also such a great example of the hypocrisy that prevails–baring all practically but keeping a layer of something on to keep it within the bounds of “decency,” so to speak.

    The singer’s accent was so desi that it took me a few seconds to realize the song lyrics were in English!

  • Suck kind of movies still exist in India too 🙂

  • check out the posters of pashtu movies and you’ll get the drift of “pakhtoon bhaiyon ki pasand”

  • It would have been very amusing if I hadn’t been reminded of the seriousness behind it all.

  • i mean this is official.ths is one of the funniest song i have heard.but i have to tell you that this video is heavily retouched.

  • OMG Tazeen,you’re a bomb!
    My jaws hurt.

    And yes, that’s SOME find! Trust me, it wouldn’t have been such a classic in Urdu/ punjabi/ pushto! LOL!

  • Who wrote this song ???

    Whosoever has written it must be weighed in Gold … what a find indeed.

  • LOL…the song is funny ;s and i so agree with ur ‘digest reading girls’ submissiveness…

  • you’d enjoy going through this then.

  • This is quite embaracing. our film makers sale the beauty and tickets for body exibition to earn money. but they are shameless

  • You’re just quoting Naseebo Lal and Naheed Akhtar while the prestigious Madam Noor Jehan came up with that ‘Meinu Note wekha mera mood bane’. After listening that song, you would know no one works in Lollywood for respect.

  • just one slight disagreement… ‘khawateen digest’ the publication or generic digests for women? because khawateen digest the publication has a good reputation and has produced some brilliant writers like umera ahmed, riffat siraj, maha milk, fariha arshad, sajida habib and tanzeela riaz etc. i disagree, excellency.

  • well who and what to blame ?!
    if bourne series and and “payasa baden” or anything of that sort is screened in some cinema, what do you think will have more viewership from general public ? answer is obvious
    i guess it is the lack of education and awareness that such movies even make it to cinemas and able to attract people.
    but Pakistan film industry is crippling these days which explains that viewers are discouraging such crappy presentations from Pakistani producers

  • Hahaha….loved the posts and posters on Pak cinema. Enough and more of these in India as well. Watch ‘Gunda’ on YouTube to see how we beat you guys hands down in this genre as well. 🙂

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