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Gaddafi on a mission to meet 700 Italian women

Separately, Silvio Berlusconi and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi are about as coo coo crazy as it gets, but when you put them together, its gets beyond wacky and enters into realm of subliminally nutty.

Colonel Muammer Gaddafi, who is responsible for keeping a company or two of jet black hair dyes in business, is now touring Italy, the land of Pizzas, Pasta and Silvio Berlusconi. Apart from being the dictator par excellence – he has been ruling Libya for a good forty years now – his claim to fame is that he employ young women as his bodyguard (he has male guards too but leaves them home when he travels abroad to look cool) and erects a tent to sleep in wherever he go.

During his recent trip to Italy, the crackpot dictator personally requested to meet 700 women from the world of ‘politics, industry and culture’. Now how he came about that particular number is something I will never know, but Zoe Williams at Guardian speculates about the selection procedure of those who get to meet the Libyan leader. She believes that “Berlusconi must have gotten down his Bumper Catalog of Hot Stuff, got rid of any that were over 25, discarded those with a loud voice or body hair, and whittled down the rest by ballot until he got to 1,000.” I don’t know how the final 700 were selected.

Among those who get to shake it with the tent pitching nomadic leader, Italy’s Minister for Equal Opportunities Mara Carfagna is at the forefront. Minister Carfagna claim to fame is that she is a former topless model and has been the subject of public flirting by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Before we debate the peculiarity and creep quotient of the request and Berlusconi government’s proclivity to entertain weird demands of the foreign dignitaries, let me remind you that it is not the first time such a request was made and entertained. Apparently, a similar request was made during his trip to Paris a couple of years back where he met with 1000 Parisian women, who were told he wanted to “save European women.” He was not very clear on what he wanted to save them from, though.

If anyone thinks I have seen some crazy ass political satire and soft porn last night and mixing the two here, let me remind you that truth is stranger than fiction almost all the time.

Gaddafi in all his hair dyed glory

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  • Hideous and thoroughly repulsive is all, I’d say.

  • revolting!!..
    though i would love to see this request actually typed on letterhead of Libyan government 😉

    and his uniform is lovely!! brown& turquoise

  • you never disappoint.

    if i was under 25 and italian… i’d have applied…

    except george clooney seems to be the only guy with a thing for desi chicks.
    him and rushdie.

  • what is with that fungus like growth on his chin, beginnings of a beard. He looks like a cheap porn star with that growth


    Desi chicks are still popular with …. desi guys

  • lololol often ‘real’ politics tend to be far stanger than reality t.v.

  • weird guy….can u please ask him to meet sonia gandhi (she is an Italian too)…

  • Hahaha. Weirdo. But he is not alone. He has a totally different class of weirdo in Silvio Berlusconi to keep him company. I guess the saying “birds of the same feather flock together” holds true in this case. What is that thing about having that pic of Omar Mukthar surrounded by Italian soliders on his shirt? Weird totally weird.

  • @varun: pal, ms sonia gandhi WAS an italian lady. now she is an indian citizen.
    (no hard feelings. i did not mention this because of some political affiliation. but simply because she is a lady who got married to an indian citizen and thus deserves to be called an indian.)

  • Varun,

    You cant really mean it. I mean I wouldn’t inflict Gaddafi on a camel, and Sonia Gandhi seems like a decent woman.


    Oh he probably wanted to make a point. You see, Italians were their colonial masters and he just wanted to tell them that look at us, we have come a long way. Its like Manmohan Singh wearing Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s photo on his chest when he meets the Queen.

  • Two wackos giving each other an ego boost! Lol.

    The jerks deserve each other.


    Quirky Indian

  • he may be a wacko but he is the only honest man to tell the truth to both Pakistanies and Indians that it is USA and Israel which is feeding the hatred between the two nations while giving verbal gas of peace.

  • I see you followed the links from Philistine’s blog, o wondrous eye-roller 🙂

    Like the title of your current post. And my parents are currently in Libya – whenever we get together we refer to him as ‘the khusra’ because of this photo:


    It may have been photoshopped (the truth may never come out – of the closet hah) but it’s the way I like to remember him – subliminally nutty, as you say 🙂 Imagine him sashaying over to shake hands with Obama at a conference, batting his eyelids… Gaddafi the Ultimate Feminist.

    P.S. I remember stumbling across your blog a few months back just by chance, then losing it again. Glad it’s back on my radar!

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    There is this saying over here that over 40, everybody is responsible for his face.

    Mr. G.’s face shows clearly who he is, useless to elaborate.


    PS: great post.

  • This guy is a crook…….everyone hates him

  • Btw, if you’ll notice, in the first picture, Gadaffi has a photograph pinned to the right side of his chest.

    That, apparently, is the picture of Omar Mukhtar, a Libyan freedom fighter who was hanged by the Italian colonists in 1931. True to form, Gadaffi sahib didn’t forget to pin it his picture to his chest when he went to Italy in 2009!

  • I’d hit it.

  • lol! this guy’s a playa type thing… 😀

  • 😀 !!!

  • Tazeen,

    What may be more intersting is the picture gaddafi has on his uniform when he went to Italy

    Citizen X

  • I bet he watched a lot of Miami Vice reruns

  • What else to expect of a man who hires only virgin women as his bodyguards 😛

  • Usually, people look for more money in old ages, but Mr. Libya is looking for more women. It may be natural, because he already has a huge amount…

  • kind of odd, i wonder how would have he made a request to see 700 women. if they asked him why he choose 700 i wonder what logic would he provide

  • obviously, i need to quit the UAE govt job and join up with the italains. preferably in this equal opportunities ministry.

    tazeen, let me know if you know someone who knows someone…

  • and this guy was honored by the Government of Pakistan by naming a stadium in his name. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaddafi_Stadium

  • I guess the guy knows what his priorities are, LOOL. He’s BEYOND insane.

    I guess I’m with Xill-e-Ilahi on this. Everyone, let me know if there are empty seats in the ministry of eye candy. 😉

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little…ewww

  • Thanks for your comment!

  • I am sure it is not only hair dye business but also plastic surgery. Just look at his face closesly.
    What a shame such ilk are to their country and to their religion …

  • i have always thought Qaddafi would ve been a successful star had he chosen to star in latin-american commercial cinema..

  • Thanks mate… just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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