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The baby daddy of the mostest

A few days back, I was watching TV where residents of a low income locality in Lahore were protesting against high electricity bills and were ripping them off in protest. Most people protested against paying for a utility (electricity) which is not available to them half the time, but there is one old lady who refuse to pay the bills because she has too many children. Her exact words were, “I have six daughters and 4 sons, I can barely feed them, the state should pay my electricity bill so that I can at least feed my children.”

Let me make it very clear that I have no respect for any electricity providing unit; be it WAPDA, KESC or IESC, but I thought her request was really strange. I mean why should the state pay your utility bills because you have been careless and produced far too many off springs? While I was lamenting about this to my colleague, she pointed out this story where a 29 year old man in United States has fathered 21 children with 11 different women. When asked why he had so many children, he responded with the wise & scholarly reply: “it just happened.”

Yes, It just happened – 21 times.

I am just a little confused though, if this was his level of intellect, how did he score with 11 women, had unprotected sex with them and managed to produce 21 children in 11 years time?

The very wise Mr. Desmond Hatchett (baby daddy of 21 children to date) makes minimum wage and his lawyer believes that the state of Tennessee has had to step in because Hatchett can possibly not support all his children. At least the amma ji from Lahore was only asking for free electricity but this fellow has gone on a massive procreation spree (He boasted of fathering four children by different women in the same year.) in a country like US with better health care facilities and more outreach and awareness programs and still is shameless enough to ask the state to step in to take care of the children he carelessly brought in the world!!!
I seriously can’t believe that there are women stupid enough to have unprotected sex with a man who has numerous partners at the same time.

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  • you are right….y should any government pay for careless behavior….I have seen many people cribbing about government and its facilities….but actually it was totally their fault….What should one say about this guy. But how he managed to score with so many chicks….

  • As an anarchist, I am completely for a stateless society where people will be forced to take responsibility for their choices. Have a dozen and half kids… They could be home delivered by storks even! Catch being they have to be responsible for every one of them financially, emotionally and academically.

    The way things are going now, you give birth, and wellfare and state takes care of the rest… public schools, healthcare, etc. Parents are not even encouraged to be responsible.

    Hatchett’s got 21 kids and those 11 girls who decided to give birth are equally responsible too. 4 of them had twins, meaning the other 7 had about 2 kids each with him!! What were they all thinking? Even breeding animals is done with a little more planning!

  • I doubt those women were aware of what he was doing. I am not surprised: Look at Octofreak with her 14 or so kids that us taxpayers have to fund. Then there is Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate has said in a statement that it is the public’s duty to pay for her children’s upbrining due to the fact that modern science caused her to have multiple babies. You know abortion is also legal in the States. I don’t know why anyone would want more than one or two kids anyway. Let alone make it someone else’s problem.

  • People are strange. This post proves it.

  • Wow! I am going to Amreeka….the land of ho’s & honey:)

  • In Amreeka I can understand, anything goes …., they have spoilt their citizens anyway. The state does a lot for them. But why should taxpayers in our countries pay for Ammaji and her ilk?

  • Hi Tazeen,

    I have to differ from you on this, as much as I respect your opinion.

    I think the state should offer support to the destitute who produce large families. Regardless of the actions of the parents, the children should not be made to suffer for the stupidity of their parents. I realise that gives the (arguably) irresponsible parents a free ride or undue assistance, but the fact is, it’s not about helping the parents. It’s about the children. If supporting the children means that the parents benefit, I am willing to pay that price.

  • Considering that reality sows like 18 kids and counting, Jon and Kate plus 8 etc are making severe breeders cult icons, why am I not surprised?
    As for the old lady, sounds like some women in India “Bachche to bhagwaan kee den hain” ( well to insaan ke diye hue contraceptives use karo). Ignorance nothing else, also lack of access to proper reproductive choices.

  • Give this poor chap a break. He was only having sex…its the retarded women who were not on pills, and lazy enough to get an abortion.

    Also, BTW, in the US, popping out a baby is an easy way to entrap a man (wrong man here, because he is a poor bastrad)

  • Liam,

    I respect the fact that you think about those children but after having lived in Engand, I do question the welfre state system, a lot. I used to work part time as a sales assistant in Arndale centre, Manchester while i was persuing my degree at the university of Manchester. Everyday, I would see teenage mothers with two, sometimes three kids, roaming around spending welfare money on cheap jewellery and trinkets. My tax paying hard working store manager who was 34 years old and waned to get pregnant had to wait for 8 years before she could have had her baby because she was working all hours, paying mortgage and high taxes so that people like this man and his multiple partners can get council houses and live comfortably on dole. Welfare societies actually encourage irresposible behviour. You have eight kids in a go and you get half a million dollars in a reality show and a six bedroom house with help. Why bother with college education, working hard and actually contributing something worthwhile to the society and economy except for more babies?

  • @ alam,
    what are you, some uninhibited male chavenist, who lost his brain in some chaotic sexual accident perhaps?
    please do read the first line u’ve written. and then, make the wise decision of not posting a comment in-reply.

  • This is just so ridiculous. But then again even in the US most of the educated people are on the coasts – where the Democrats mostly win.

    Without offense most of the center part (most I mean not all) of the country is about farms, not so greatly educated people, republicans, people who blindly follow faith rather than being rational. So if this happened in Tennessee then I am not too surprised.

  • Tazeen/Liam,

    While I agree with Tazeen on the ridiculous waste generated by a welfare state, I do agree with Liam about punishing the children for the sins of their parents. I’ve come to believe that the private sector in the US has the right answer to this problem = the 401K plan. For every $1 you bring in, the company matches a certain %age in a tiered fashion upto a maximum amount. So the tax payers don’t give away any money. Whatever you bring in as wages, the state will provide assistance as a certain %age which goes down as your wages go up. That encourages people to work and at least for those interested (probably not baby daddy here) brings self respect.

    For baby daddy here, I have a simple solution – agree to become part of a road(freak)show promoting safe sex – and use the proceeds to take care of your children.

  • Satya and Ajay,

    Do you what was the reaction of some of the Tennessee tax payers when they heard his lawyer’s demands?

    They asked for his castration, it looks like that the bible belt of America is not so benovelent towards the baby daddies like Hatchett

  • I would be very interested in the outcome of the case…. looks like a case straight out of Boston Legal!!!

  • Tazeen + Satya,

    Admittedly a welfare system is not perfect – no argument there – but it is my contention that humanity as a whole has a duty of care which extends to all of our members. For administrative reasons, there have to be rules and guidelines, but I think our approach should always be about providing care to those who need it.

    How best to translate that into a system that functions smoothly and is as fair as possible is another question and one that we could debate for many blog posts to come.

  • I blame the women.

    Men are stupid dogs by nature. It’s the women who accomodate and enable that stupidity.

  • I agree with Liam that it should be about the children. Sure, don’t give the parents a free hand, but only AFTER the children are accomodated somehow.

  • well as far as the guy from usa,he is stupid.it is rather funny.but about the woman from lahore,to be honest,coming from a large family,where both paternal and maternal side had 11 kids each side,i understand there is a very little say of women in these matters.birth control is totally unheard and unacceptable.look at the refugee situation in swat.acc to a survey,66,000 women are pregnant. really highratio.this despite the bad situation in that area for the last few years.heck those women cant even speak urdu,let alone know something about birth control.
    so my point is if you are holding a lahori woman responsible for her 10 kids,chances are she has not much say into it.and when you are so poor,you will ask for state welfare.whether it health or food or utility help.

  • I agree with beyond.

  • It has nothing to with the number of children, it should be the responsibility of state to feed the poor, it’s quite simple you bitch!

  • what the f is wrong with mofu jhagvi 🙂 haha.. May be he is one of those kids that state did not really care for. I think from his side, he is right, he is probably lot harder for the state to deal with now then when he was a baby…Feed to the birds haha ..anyway, It makes me mad when people have stupid stubborn opinions combined with utmost rudeness..

    The topis itself raises many questions. I am completely against welfare state but I think it is THE responsibility of the state to take care of orphans, poor, sick, disabled, retarded and crazy.
    That being said, yes welfare state is completely ridiculous, it creates lazy people, it gives too much power to the state to eventually collapse or exploited beyond recognition. The Amma in lahore should really leave everything to Allah like rest of the pakistanis that are excellent breeders regardless of uttler lack of resources.
    The guy in US is an idiot but there is nothing wrong with him…., see US and especially Europe is in a downward population spiral. They need more people to sustain and survive, so they do need to provide more benefits to have more children, so that can demographically sustain and survive as a society(Whole new discussion).
    As for unprotected sex, that is just crazy again. You can’t really argue with the Jerry Springer redneck mix, who cares?

  • Bastard sob aTii comes to rescue her mom. It’s too late, see your birth certificate 🙂

  • Jhangvi, I hope u r not taking my tax money to feed yourself, u sorry ass fuck

  • Seriously, who could have predicted such a sorry ending to one interesting topic..

  • whoa comment form.


  • whoa comment form.


  • Tazeen,

    It’s interesting that you pointed out about the anger of people in Knoxville. But I think it’s too late to be angry!

    Secondly, with regard to the Bible belt. I think it’s some of the blind beliefs the people in these states have that lead to these incidents. If people questioned themselves and the beliefs I guess it would reduce a lot of such issues in the world.

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  • Hmmmm ….

    Why should the poor pay when we pollute the world with our cars, jet planes and ever expanding consumption ?

    Why should the poor pay when the middle class of South Asia has failed to change the backward nature of society ?

    Not everything in the world is about tax payer money …. 🙂

  • Context also plays a role here. In a society with a diminishing population growth rate, and a cash rich State, having 21 children isn’t that much of a crime.

    I am all for the social welfare system, rather than “everyone fends for themselves”. Most of the people who get this money are genuinely needy, rather than “no good laggards”, and redistributes income in an economic system which does not naturally, or fairly, distribute income (think CEOs earning vulgar salaries).

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