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Apakalypse Now – I ♥ Jon Stewart.

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I ♥ Jon Stewart.

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  • Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert rock! Especially when it comes to exposing Republican and International hyprocrisies

  • Ha ha ha ha ha… Is there a thing called accountability out there?

  • LOL.

    “Easy for you to say! You’re staying at St. Regis!”Too good.

  • “Were my daughter allowed to go to school she’d be an honor student at Islamabad High”… It was kind of sad, but it made me crack up at the same time.

    Seriously brilliant segment by Stewart.

  • Tie a knot with a Talib and Secure your future in Pakistan.

  • Am so glad you liked this!!!

  • I love the “what are you taking bids?!” part! It’s such a desi thing for Zardari to say “take a look and you decide how much to give us” and we Americans are like WHAT??? The clash of cultures! It’s so funny!

  • This was quite funny, and kinda scary if everything is true.

  • I saw this before and I felt awful about it. We’ve become become nothing more than beggars. It’s disgusting.

  • Our media sucks… but at least we still have straight shooting Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert! :o)

  • somehow it did not play – will try later – I love his satire
    Here is one on Obama I posted at Chowk:

  • I don’t know whether to laugh at this or cry at how incompetent Pakistan’s President really as, in addition to being vague and inarticulate.

    /me misses Musharraf.

    Oh and Stewart/Colbert are brilliant, as usual.

  • hey taz.

    It is hilarious. 🙂


  • It is simply brilliant

  • Sarem

    You know what, when i saw this clip, it reminded me of Musharraf’s interview in the Daily Show where Stewart interviewed him following the publication of his book. I was actually quite surprised to see but Stewart was not his regular cheeky self with him, he accorded him respect and Mush was pretty casual and laid back, not at all like a constipated govt official.

  • Gawd! Never laughed so much since… dunno, since… I think Since… Since a really long long time.

  • Do you watch “The Colbert Report” Tazeen?? After Jon Stewart, he’s my fave…

  • Hehehe…Good one.

  • Tazeen.

    To be perfectly frank, although Musharraf did have a proclivity towards autocratic leadership, he was supported by many intellectuals, economists and agencies here in the States.

    He projected confidence, whereas both Sharif and now Zardari (notwithstanding the abysmal Gilani) made themselves look sheepish and incompetent.

  • Hahaha!! God, this was hilarious!!

  • It’s funny and sad ! All Mr. 10 percent or is it more needed to do was just put his large begging bowl on the table as an answer to all questions.

  • This was hilariously amazing! a blast!

  • Stewart for president of Pakistan!!!!

  • Funny, though I really resented him taking out the check book. If only we didn’t beg………

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