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I just want to thank all the people who extended good wishes to me. My dad is still hospitalized but he is hanging in there and is determined to get better and I am sure that he will get better with his resolve.

While most people send nothing but good wishes for my dad’s health and commiserated over my loss due to robbery, there are some who take pleasure in other people’s misery, even though they have never met them.

I got this comment last night where a guy (curiously named Talib) I never met is actually happy at my loss; here is what he had to say to me:

Well, I don’t know if you administer the comments on your blog or not, but I hope you will let it go.

Haven’t you heard of the word back up? If you haven’t then u r not that smart you pretend to be and you totally deserve this

and if you had and you were too lazy or arrogant to think that if would not happen to you, then u also deserve this

Anyways, I am happy at your lost. Sick thing to say but that’s what you deserve for saying things against Taliban by the way which also makes you a infidel.

Another email that I got from someone called samzrulez said this:

Pahle tou main yeh clear kar doon kah mujhe tumhare posts kabhi achay nahin lage, however tumhare friends tumheen hamesha support kartay rahe but i never liked it….aur tum jis tarah religious issues ko deal karti ho main disagree karta ho

specially woh waali post jis main tum nai aik old man kah baare main likhe tha kah you refused to help him sirf is leye kah woh apni daughters ko kaam karta hoa nahin dekhna chahta…

tum nai needy logon kah leye aik parameter set keya hoa hai kah jo tumhare standard ka ho tum sirf usi ki help karo gi.

tum main aik cheez aur bhi hai jo shayed tum nai khud kabhi notice nahin ki kah har jagah apni financial independence ka shoor machana aur is cheez ko highlight karna acha nahin hota kaun tumhare kis information ko kis tarah use kare no one knows….

Taz sab khuch paisa nahin hota kitna dafa zindagi main aik insaan kah pass sab khuch hota hai magar woh qareeebi logoon kah leye un paisa se khuch nahin karsata….shayed kabhi kabhi hameen logoon ki prayers ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai….kabhi aik sajda bhi woh khushi aur sukoon deta hai jis ko shayed hum imagine bhi nahin karskte….

Mujhe tumhare baare main ziada tou nahin maloom haan aik baar main nai khuch link paste keye thay jis kah baare main kaafi yaeen tha kah tum nai un ko parha tak nahin hoga….lakin tumhare aas paas kaun loog hain tum kitoon se apni kitni privcy share karti ho i don’t know….magar tumheen khud khayal karna chaye kah tumheen apnay baare main kitni info kis ko deni chaye….

Honestly, I am kinda speechless at that.


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  • That was quite sad. Sad in the disgusting way.

    Also, why does retrospective reasoning/justification always come along with religion ?

  • I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope things get better and I’m sure they will.

  • keep up the spirit…its the Silmarillion in the darkest of hours!!!

  • what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger… right???

  • Tazeen – worry not, for those who revel in the misery of others, for them is a punishment worse than the affliction endured by the sufferer – ie. in this case you.

    The Almighty SWT himself states that. So let them continue, they’re just paving their own way to hell.

  • I didn’t comment on your previous post but I was aghast after reading it. Partly because it made me realize I haven’t backed-up all my work. There’s no knowing what disaster, natural or man-made, will strike.
    People like us are so busy constantly coming up with new things, we don’t bother protecting the old. That’s doesn’t mean that we deserve losing it or worse that we ask for it. That comment smacks of ‘it serves you right’. No one deserves being robbed and attacked or worse, asks for it.

    “kaun tumhare kis information ko kis tarah use kare no one knows…” That’s the reason why I am rabid about putting information about myself on the net and blog anonymously.

  • I read your blog but never commented. No religion condones being happy in the misery of others. I pray your father recovers soon. Please ignore such malicious commenters and keep blogging.

  • Tazeen, just be yourself and take things as you used to. They haven’t taken your talent or courage. You can write everything all over again, much better. We know you are unbreakable.
    And the two odd comments sound loaded with jealousy of your popularity and independence πŸ™‚

  • these two are definately idiots taz….we love all ur posts….keep ur spirits high…wish u all the best.

  • I didnot comment on ur last post but i was very sorry for ur loss and i pray for ur father’s health.About this post i would say u should pick up the good things from other’s comments and leave the rubbish aside and care less about what others think about ur ideas.I may not like all that u write and it is up to me if i care to voice them .Just get on with those who do voice or represent the other wise .

  • Calling you an infidel & violating one of our religion’s basic principles of respecting humanity & feeling the pain of others????

    Just ignore them. They are attacking at such an hour just to feast on your present state of mind & spirit. Don’t let them accomplish what they want….

    God bless u….

  • This is wtf moment for me. Really WTF. I am sick of these ignorant, illiterate, truly infidel bastards. By saying these things to you, somehow they are validating the people who did that to you. If we lived in a true justice environemnt, they are nothing less than the accomplice to these horrible crimes. WTF Pakistan.

  • I think these are techie terrorists….who just influence young ppl to commit crime against society…they deserve middle finger for this…
    i m still worried for u…i hope everything goes well…just dont loose ur spirit…no matter what it takes…and keep blogging…ignore these bas***ds…

  • Some people just derive pleasure through others misfortune. Ignore these people.Keep the faith.

  • Just ignore people like that.

    They make me feel ill, honestly.

  • my feeling hurts too when she rants about Imran khan.

    Keep bashing you liberal fascists, I am going through all your blogs and collecting all your personal info.

  • And just how big does that make you feel, Talib? Not even being able to handle just criticism for your self-manifested lack of humanity and manner. That doesn’t speak well for you as a grown person.

    Nobody is afraid of your little threat, little Talib. Small-minded and small (everything else) thing that you are.

    And to Tazeen,
    Very glad to hear that your dad is hanging in there. Thanks very much for updating us and for all the honest posts you make, too!


  • take care… all will be alright


  • Someone rightly said that puritanism is the fear that someone, somewhere is happy.

    People like these get their schadenfreude from innocent victims like you.

    Best wishes for your Dad and hoping that things look up for you soon.

  • Hey TJ,

    I believe Talibans follow your blog. Thats making you quite famous upnorth πŸ™‚
    Anyways, weirdos are here there and everywhere. So chill.

  • miss, why give a fuck? there r deranged ppl everywhere.


  • Both these comments came from Pakistani men, at their arrogant best. Religion fuels their male egos and dehumanizes all those in their heads who are ‘infidels’. If you’re having doubts about yourself, let me tell assure you that you haven’t let ‘money get to your head’, as the second comment is saying. It wasn’t wrong of you to ‘set the parameter’ for who you were going to help – that baba’s bad circumstances does not take away the consequences of his misogyny.

    This is the thing. Most only feel bad about the ‘poor man’, never thinking about the ‘poor woman’ whose circumstances allow even ‘the poor man’ to exploit and oppress her.

    Don’t you dare let them intimidate you, Tazeen. They’re just sad, unthinking products of a bad culture of mindless worship (of Allah, of his Prophet, and of their chosen ideologues). And they hate you for jolting them out of it.

    Of course I am sorry for your loss. I am not gonna give you self-righteous advice to ‘back up your data’, but Talib does have a point – with criminals (robbers, Taliban, etc.) and their sympathizers (like ‘Talib’) roaming free, we can only hope to survive in a state of acute paranoia in this social ‘jungle’- wary, restless, and not even trusting the safety of our homes.

  • @kulsoom: your comment is not lesser ignorant and stupid than Talib’s comment. Get over Taliban phobia lady. You are still free to wear whatever you want to.

    @Tazeen: and you gave importance to those “unwanted” comments by making a separate post? I know I was not going to do it if someone would have said this about me πŸ™‚

  • @Julia: As long as you are on Internet and using products of Google and Facebook, you should not assume yourself safe. Those days are gone when you gotta upload your stuff on remote server. Now there are applications which we happily use who scan our hard disk and secretly transfer all info to remote locations.

  • @Tazeen : Don’t let the Talibs get you down πŸ™‚

  • ignore ignore ignore. y even bother with them? u deserve much better. hope ur dad recovers soon..

  • @ Adnan Siddiqi: I am aware of that. Still why make it easier for the sickos by voluntarily giving out information?

  • After all, it’s impossible to be absolutely anon on the Internet.

  • All I could think of while I was reading the armed robbery, was that nothing worse happened. I know your loss is huge, but it’s terrifying to think about what other horrors could have been committed.

    But what a loss! And as for those stupid comments, what can one say? I’ve often wondered how you did manage to get on, about the hate mail that you must be recieving, choosing to write as you do.

    Well, take care, and once again, my prayers for your father.

  • I got the IPs of these stupid terrorists monkeys son of a bitches…

  • You can always forward the IP of that ‘Mr. Pro Taliban’ to the FBI OR to CIA. I’m sure they would love to pay him a visit; after all they get paid for every ‘suspect’ they get.

    And @ the e-mail, you can CLEARLY see the person loves the sound of his own voice so much that (as per usual of these e-mailers; i get a good portion myself) he hasn’t even bothered to read the whole article before criticizing.I remember you saying that you were not going to give him ANY money since he should live life by his rules. If he’s not going to take money a woman earns, what about your money? I don’t see anything wrong with that. “you refused to help him sirf is leye kah woh apni daughters ko kaam karta hoa nahin dekhna chahta…
    ” Really? when. DUH

  • Hang in there, hope your dad gets well soon and i hope all the cowards who are happy at your misery have to bear the same experience sometime… Tazeen you write very well, i enjoy your work and it gives me a wonderful insight into young muslims.Keep up the good work. Best of luck.

  • lovely. Religious goons rise to the occasion yet again, setting the bar lower still, proving that they can never be out done when it comes to being completely insane and disgusting.Eugh.

  • Hey Tazeen! I hope you are hanging in there. I am aghast at these e-mails. Blaming the victim is plain wrong. You did not deserve to be robbed, punched, & threatened. You did not do anything wrong, so please don’t let people like T & S intimidate you. I wish strength, safety, & good health for you & your family. Take care & be well!

  • OK this Talib bloke is just an attention-seeking-please-talk-about-me kinda guy so you better let him pass which I’m sure you will. Glad your dad is coming through. I hope you come strong out of this.

  • I didn’t understand the second one, but I’m suprised that you are suprised about getting comments like that. After all, you are voicing pretty strong opinions about a certain way of life that those people believe is right. So it follows that they will lash out against you.

    Much as I agree with you on everything you say, I urge you not to believe that they should too. That will make you like them (or worse, George W. Bush!).

    And as Kulsoom said, you are getting pretty famous, so please please take care of yourself, and keep blogging oftener if you can so we know you’re okay.

    And a “get well soon” hug for your dad.

  • Talib’s comments and mindset are a perfect microcosmic reflection of the larger ideology he follows: uncompassionate, unjust, and tunnel-visioned.

    Although I doubt he is being trained in the training camps (and has any real resources to do much harm to us on the blogosphere), he (she?) reprents that part of Pakistani civil society that has been brainwashed under a violent and unfair brand of Wahabi Islam. They will give us problems as we oust the Taliban but I’m sure we will prevail.

    I hope you and your family are well.


  • I like the nonchalant way the first chap tells you that you’ve become an infidel. You know, ‘by the way’.

    As is people alternate between being momins and kafirs like the tide.

  • You did not deserve to be robbed, punched, & threatened, you deserved to be raped only.

  • Hi Tazeen,
    I hope people in Islamabad and Lahore and Karachi understand this phenomenon.Taliban believe they are doing the right thing.It is ordained in Sharia according to them. How u will correct them?

  • I’m always aware that the mean “trolls” are always out there and that they will throw nastiness around when ever they can, still it upsets me every time I see them do it. I thought that I’d get used to it but I don’t, on the other hand it maybe for the best that I’m not jaded.

  • Good to hear ur dad is getting well. i wish him fast recovery.

    All i can say is that backups need to be done and i am sure you will have some backup but the thing is the way u lost all ur work/collection is the least expected thing.Accident happen unexpectdly and that is why they are called “accidents”.

    now namaz and sajdah thing…i think ppl should stop juding other ppl spititual lives. There is every chance that person u are talking to is more pious than u.

    @Taz…don’t let these guys get to u.

  • The comments the people wrote says more about them than anything- more in a nasty kind of way….

    I am glad your dad is doing good. Also great that you are back to blogging. Really admire you.

  • Oh and another thing, if people do not “like” your posts, why do they waste time reading your blog?????? Suckers for punishment are they?

  • :O

    @Adnan: Who the hell is having Taliban phobia…..and by the way they exist, no matter how much you “ignore”

  • Why do u even care?? AND you go ahead and make a post dedicating to these comments? there are always jerks roaming around.. some perverts, some jack-ass, some plain dumb ol’ jerks!

    Anyway, I really wish, hope and pray for your fathers speedy recovery! πŸ™‚

    Take care Tazeen..

  • Speechless indeed, although I don’t particularly undersatnd the second comment. I bet someone would have mentioned it up here, but it’s best to don’t bother about the negative comments by people who have nothing better to do. Hope everything turns out well for you

  • i m not too speechless, the sort of people make me totally speechful.
    how complexed they are in their lives stands out with the words they pour.
    knowingly they are the ones veiled of the facts and yet they take no time to pin point and pay their disgusting thoughts and inputs.

    I wont say to hell with them cuz that is what they would say,
    God Guide Em!
    They Are Needy!

  • Hey Tez,

    Glad to hear that your dad is hanging in there – and glad to also get an update about your person.

    As far as back up is concerned, yeah, in this day an age of nothing but digital bits it sure pays to back things up. Have you looked at http://www.mozy.com for an on-line/off-site backup solution? Lemme know if I can be off ANY help in this arena.

    As far as peeps like Talib and Adnan Sidiqui are concerned – ignore these holier-than-thou morons πŸ™‚



  • hi!

    never commented before,but a regular reader.

    Just wanted to say,we are who we are.Good or bad is mere perspective.How can anyone judge the life and beliefs of someone else is beyond my comprehension.Ah,well.Forget and forgive these dumbos by the same rationale.

    Do keep writing.And keep your chin up!This too will pass.Just hang in there.


  • Im sure that as a journalist your used to handling this kind of stuff… but when the going’s already tough, this kinda stuff can defeat you mentally… im really proud of you that your strng enough to move on in spite of all this…
    im sure a better day will dawn for you soon!
    still praying

  • Hi,
    I stumbled into your blog possibly from the webpage of the newspaper Dawn.
    And I have read all your posts, (well,
    almost all, I have not really read the movie reviews etc, but interested more
    on the political and personal stuff).
    Being Indian I had the prejudice that
    Pakistan is going down the islamic drain and taliban is going to be in control of the country in a couple of years. But I was mistaken. As long as people like you
    have your pen (or your keyboard ? ) there is hope for Pakistan.

    I wish you all the luck in your fight to get rid of the moolahs and the taliban.
    Wish us (Indians) luck so that we can get rid of Mr Thakrey, Mr Modi and company ( I certainly do not need to tell you who they are ).

    You must have heard of Marjane Satrapi,
    and her comic book Parsepolis. If you have missed it, (maybe you have otherwise I would have expected a post from you on the book or the movie) please have a look. Your blog is doing the same service to Pakistan and Ms Satrapi’s book has done for Iran. If you have difficulty getting the book in Pakistan please let me know. I shall be delighted to mail you a copy.

    And finally my best wishes for your for the health of your father.

    with my best regards

  • @Adnan: Who the hell is having Taliban phobia.
    You, who else?

    and by the way they exist, no matter how much you “ignore”
    Yeah, just like Punjabis exist in Pakistan so the Pathans or MQM goons? Why generalizing the thing?

  • Like it is wisely said, An opinion is like an asshole: Everyone has one.

    Take care and stay strong! πŸ™‚

  • Wow. And wow. Tazeen I don’t want to say really. I lost my template, and my blog roll so it’s been a while since I read your blog. I could utter platitudes right now, but I don’t want to, because they’re fairly meaningless and they never help. I’m no stranger to loss, to being cheater, to being robbed of what you love, to see what you cherish taken from you by strangers. All I can say is, it sucks, and you need to be strong. And neither one of these is meaningless, or a platitude. Also, I know I’m in another country (right now) but if there’s ever anything I can do for you, just let me know.

  • whoa i am speechless too…but what else can i say except that please ignore these idiots tazeen….hope ur father gets well soon….and keep posting.

  • Can you translate that last part for us non-urdu speaking folk

  • This behaviour has deep roots in our social mindsets….
    We have always religious interpretations of SAWAAB O AZAAB for almost evrey individua mishaps…or some Natural disaster…

  • I love your blog. Don’t allow such losers to bother you, and good you blogged about it and let us know what kind of trolls we sometimes find here, such cowards have nothing better to do than to spam.

    Backing up is a very good idea.

  • And Tazeen, I think it is safer not to give too much personal information about ourselves in our blogs.

  • I doubt if fear of burglary is what makes anyone back-up their harddrives… but then hindsight is always 20/20.

    The second comment (samzrulez) guy might not have intended it, but his comment is hilarious… condensed wisdom from all those socialist-themed Bollywood movies!

  • Just ignore these ignorant people..

  • i just read this. these people aren’t worth an iota of emotion. there are alot of dumb fucks in the world, taz. that is just a fact we must make peace with.

  • hope your dad feels better soon!

  • First of all hope your dad recovers.
    Secondly, I am always amused and surprised at human stupidity. There is no antidote for this. Those two stupid men who emailed you… they are just examples of our home-bred “typicals”. They never bothered to question the sanity of what there fathers and beyond have ingrained in them. And hence when they read things that challenge their beliefs, they lash out blindly without proof or fact.
    I dont wanna make this long …so in conclusion: “Go Girl!”

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