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Who will take on Sufi Mohammed?

Trust Ejaz Haider to ask the most pertinent question post restoration of CJ Iftekhar Chaudhry. What’s next? Haider, a veteran journalist, writes that the issue must go beyond the person of the CJP to the institution of the judiciary and further on to the judiciary’s interaction with other institutions of state and society. And, to the gravest threat facing Pakistan: terrorism. The difficult part is yet to come.

The problem is; the difficult part is here & now, glaring at us in the face. Government of Pakistan and NWFP signed a deal with militants in Swat last month, practically handing most of Malakand division over to them. The deal, ironically called Nizam Adl Regulation (System of Justice Regulation), ran into snags when Tehrik Nifaz-i-Shariat Muhammadi chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad asked judicial officers to stop coming to courts and said that any further court proceedings would be in violation of the agreement signed by the government.

The lawyers’ movement took on the case of CJ Chaudhry for the past two years and marched the length & breadth of the country, but will they take up the case of lawyers and session judges who are now given their marching orders by Maulana Sufi Mohammed. CJ Chaudhry was sacked by the president of the country (we are not going into the details of how credible was the election of the president) which raised the proverbial hell and rightly so. Now, this so called leader and cleric, who was jailed by the government until recently, threatens the judges and lawyers of the area and there is hardly any response to that, either from the lawyers’ community or civil society. I don’t expect champions of justice and democracy Imran Khan and Qazi Hussien Ahmed to breathe a word against this atrocity because it is brought on by their brothers in faith but what about the other upholder of democracy and rule of law Mr. Nawaz Sharif? Not a murmur from PML-N either. Does that mean that political parties in Pakistan can only stand up against the state machinery and burn and destroy public property, but cannot take on the militants who are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of society.

I am eagerly waiting for March 24th, the day CJ Chaudhry resumes office to see if he takes a suo moto action against this. After all, his claim to fame is the number of suo moto actions taken over a period of time. If he will not take this action, he will have to amend his title as suggested by Ejaz Haider to Chief Justice Pakistan sans Swat because the system Justice Chaudhry heads is not acceptable to Sufi Muhammad running his satrapy.

Lawyers’ movement played its part in the ouster of President Musharraf; can it play a part in dealing with terrorism and the likes of Taliban and Sufi Mohammed?

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  • This is now getting seriously scary…

    Can’t imagine that the rule of Taliban, the stonings etc. will now happen in Pakistan.

    Aren’t the people of Pakistan worried? I sometimes wonder there was such a huge protest on the restoration of judges! Aren’t as many people interested in freeing Pakistan of the Taliban?

  • It is the bane of not only Pakistan but also other countries also.Nobody has got the guts to take on religious edicts which belong to stoneage.It requires to admit that Holy books are written by HUMANS and some portions are wrong as per modern evidence.For example Holy Bible has to corrrect itself about demons possesed,devil possessed etc. It is mental illness.People will call Osama as fundemntalists but they themselves will not change the holy Bible.

  • In Pakistan, its a fact common man does not have access to justice or courts. You cant even register and FIR without knowing someone. A common person knows that he cannot approach anyone in the corridors of power or justice.

    If you think about it, CJP has done nothing to alleviate the trouble of common man. Except for the fact he took up the missing Pakistanis issue which was something not even the media was touching even with a mile long pole. To a man on the street, this showed him that there was someone who at least cared about common Pakistanis (though selectively but keep in mind all these missing persons were common people and no one was representing them). And that is the only reason they supported him in droves. The intelligentsia like you and me, kept writing, blogging, critiquing and worrying about other issues.

    In addition to that, he arranged for speedy disposal of cases in Supreme Court that have accumulating over there (but that is secondary and I dont think common ppl supporting CJP even know about that).

    I am sure you are worried whether he involves himself in Swat or not. Honey, I am worried that if courts in Swat started giving common people speedy justice (and it only has to appear just) people in other parts of the country will also be asking for Shariah courts. You see, its not whether English speakers and writers like me feel what is just, its the non-English speaking masses feel if its just.

    Politics in Pakistan is not played as english language media want it to be played (unless you are the army). The non-english speaking person on the ground has other issues and beliefs.

    As Winston Churchill said “trust them to always do the right thing, after they have exhausted all other options”. Unless you start people speedy access to justice through normal courts, these Shariah courts will be there.

    You keep condoning vani and similar other atrocities, pretty soon you will also see shariah courts in Balochistan and Sind. (impossible you say: well people said the same thing about SWAT sometime ago) and then you will be nostalgic about those days when you could easily smoke hash at Shahbaz Qalandar Urs and dance the night away.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. Mark my words, unless we overhaul the system one step at a time, these shariah courts are here to stay…

    Sorry for the long post…awaiting the backlash

  • Tazeen:

    Bravo for saying it so honestly. I admire your courage and conviction in focusing on the real issues here. While many have hailed it as a victory of people’s power, IMO that it wouldn’t have been possible w/o a nudge from the army and a few calls from the US.

    The real danger and threat to Pakistan still comes from fundamentalism. Unless the civil society and its leadership is willing to take it on frontally and honestly, nothing else will help. Such vacuous victories count for little.

    Take care and stay safe. Your popularity and frankness shouldn’t lead you into harm’s way. God bless.

  • Sharia courts would not be easy to uproot, but i am also eagerly awaiting to see how CJ Chaudhry decides to handle the issue. He has shown admirable courage in the past. Regaining the post and doing the job requires greater courage now. I hope he has it in him.

  • what I don’t understand, is why the govt. is hell bent when it comes to Swat valley whereas, millitary operations have carried out (and often times succeful at containing millitants) in Hangu and other districts.

    Its a question of bringing uniformity in making the fragmented societies of Pakistan adherent to a single state rule of law. Otherwise, we are headed for an ultimate state of anarchy or an ultimate Shariate the Tlibani way.

    I seriously hope, that in all this scenario, and given the new independant status of judiciary, CJ Iftikhar Chowdery really lives up to his symbol of free judiciary, and as he did often previously, doesn’t succumb to Doctrine of Necessity again this time, otherwise, he will be responsible for wasting an entire lawyers’ movement and the nations’ time and money in fighting for an institution which could stand firmly without any extra-parliamentary influences.(i.e. the Army)

  • Perhaps Ejaz Haider’s new title for the CJP is not so accurate. I am no lawyer*, and do not have a copy of the Pakistan Penal Code to hand, or of any of the various versions of the Constitutions floating around…however, a real life ‘legal expert’ on Dawn News** this morning was quite categorical that most of what is happening in Swat is perfectly legal. In his view, parts (or all?) of Swat are a PATA, and hence quite acceptable and normal for them to operate under a different legal and governance framework. In fact, under the Constitution, Pakistani law, both Acts of Parliament and Ordinances, do not apply there till so proclaimed/ordained by the President. If that is indeed the case, then
    what is happening (i.e. the creation a different legal framework) is legal and constitutional, and thus hardly a matter for the CJP.

    The new regulations brought in by PPP & ANP to aid the ceasefire/appease the insurgents/bring some peace (take your pick depending on your biases) do specify that to qualify for appointment or to continue in office, judges must have knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence. Hence, hardly illegal that those without this knowledge are being sent on the Swati equivalent of ‘gardening leave’. The only issue, and a key one at that, is that Sufi Muhammad does not have the authority under these regulations to decide who gets the ‘golden handshake’, as he appears to have done – it’s the government’s call (presumably through the provincial law ministry, or even the Divisional Commissioner). But then again, the government can legally delegate some of its power to an unelected functionary (if one can make a gigantic leap of imagination and picture SM as a ‘babu’!).

    Am not saying your views are necessarily wrong, just that the analysis might not be based on ‘complete’ information….just thinking aloud.

    As an aside, why blame PML-N and not the two governments, in Peshawar and in Islamabad; after all, the PPP and ANP were the ones who actually signed off on what you perceive is a flawed agreement. In any case, I doubt you’d hear a peep out of any Pakistani political party on this matter (with the dishonourable exception of Altaf, of course). Why expect the politicians to raise this when even the HRCP is seemingly not that troubled?

    PS: *neither is Ejaz though…

    ** yes..the channel is it wasn’t Geo or Aaj or any of the other channels decried as pro-CJP or not completely in tune with the wonderful democratic war strategy of killing one’s own people… And this ‘legal chappie’ was actually sitting on Naveen’s sofa, so hardly some frothing right-winger…🙂

  • Can’t imagine that the rule of Taliban, the stonings etc. will now happen in Pakistan.

    Unimaginable* indeed… though probably not half as bad as the rule of Modi and his ilk in your neck of the woods, What what? 😉

    * or one could try and imagine it by surveying the recent past from across the border…the Taleban, SM and the other communal groups are just as bad as the BJP, after all! So 1998-2004 is quite instructive, then.

  • @Shehryar: So you really think the BJP is as bad as the Taliban! He he, Sure, be an Ostrich and hide your face in the sand…

  • @Rakesh
    Please don’t embarrass all of us by making such comments. I mean can’t you see that post after post most of these people are addressing the same issues. What more type of concern do you except from bloggers. Regarding general masses nobody knows what they are thinking as they don’t articulate their thoughts through any medium. But it really irritates everybody if someone makes such really obvious comment which doesn’t add anything of value.On top of that you can expect the same reply that other fellow has provided.

  • they won’t speak the Nawaazes of your country because they knew Zardaari wouldnt dare touch them…the taliban would have them executed in less time than it takes to do atchoo 😛

    these developments are very serious…it took Hitler just one allowance by the Allies to take a small battle win and make it into world war

  • Wow Indophile, Just coz. I’m from India, my comment is embarrasing and is split threadbare to search value. I was just expressing concern! Wondering what would the masses be thinking. I wonder, why am I even justifying my comment…

  • Thanks Tazeen for writing on this. Also, thanks to Shehryar for shedding more light on topic. Whether legal or not, Swat deal and the consequent installing of “Sharia Law” is highly controversial, disrespectful of fundamental rights of every citizen, amoral as well and certainly challenges the integrity of Writ of Government.

    When highly talked about, debated and sources Constitution of Pakistan can be misinterpreted in various ways and even many “legal experts” varying on their opinions of the constitution, how do you make sure the mullahs don’t start taking out Soorah Maryam out of context and start interpreting to their taste and liking. It’s a nightmare. Recipe of Disaster. A precedent, let me tell you, will result in more explosive nature in the longer run for Pakistan than CJP fiasco. While CJP issue was highly principled, ethical and that of justice, Swat deal borders on the line of fundamental safety and security of individuals inside and outside Swat, integrity of Govt. bodies, and highly nationalistic – religious perversion.

    I, for one, can NOT support any deal of such nature, nor the resulting sharia courts or anything coming out of this. There, i registered my condemnation and just to be sure, this is not all.

    it’s not about us, it’s about people next to us.

  • Sheheryar,

    You know what? It was that very interview on Breakfast at Dawn which prompted this post. Haider (the legal chappie) said that there is nothing wrong with the Qazi courts because that is just the change in nomenclature and judges will have to be additionally qualified in matters of religious jurisprudence. But the problem is, that’s how ANP Chief Minister Hoti marketed it to rest of the world, but Sufi Mohammed views it differently. For him, Nizam-e-Adl means his courts and his appointee judges who perhaps would not have any idea of either civil law or Islamic jurisprudence and they will carry out justice in their own barbaric style. I think I don’t need to go into detail about how barbaric their practices have been with beheaded bodies strewn all over city.

    Secondly, it is also not clear that what kind of Islamic jurisprudence will be followed? Will it be from Maliki school of thought or Hanafi of Shafaee, what about Shiite Muslims and non muslims? A civil law takes care of that, Nizam-e-Adl is silent. The deal, the text of it is available on Daily Times website, is the crappiest piece of a contract written by NWFP government.

    Oh and Swat has been part of Pakistan since 1969. It is part of Malakand Division, an administrative division in the province. They created this PATA, along the lines of FATA, so that they hand over the territory to the militants.

    My lack of information, as you have so delicately put, perhaps stems from the fact that I fail to see the logic behind a government ceding territory to a man who they have jailed themselves on account of terrorism. And please do not cite the examples of Gandhi or Mandela, they were peace loving creatures who were went to jail on political cases.

    Why do I expect these political parties to raise voice? Because for the past two years, all I saw on TV and Newspapers is JUSTICE, INDEPENDENCE JUDICIARY and RULE OF LAW from these guys, I expect them to raise voice that a part of Pakistan is not covered by CJP Justtice Iftekhar Mohammed Chaudhry, champion of the rights of oppressed and downtrodden. HRCP may not raise voice for the fear of lives of their personnel but why not political parties? They are supposed to raise voice against bad government decisions. That’s what an opposition is supposed to do. I feel abandoned by all of them, the secular government and right wing opposition parties.

    And why is Altaf Hussien dishonourable? The only man/political party that has the guts to raise voice against the Talibanization of society is called dishonourable? No wonder Pakistan is so fucked up a country.

  • What if Sharia give the common people justice that is easily reachable and fast?

    What if it proves to be more effecient then regular courts?

    I hope you understand that Ssharia courts are not abotu cutting hands.

    Ibrahim has written an excellent post.


  • Tazeen,
    Your concern is perfectly right that this issue needs to be tackled immediately — but please don’t quote Ejaz Haider to make your point. I never heard him saying that Zardari is president of Pakistan sans Swat.
    Do you really expect the CJ to bring down the kingdom of Sufi Mohammad? Even the so-called ‘secular’ parties like the PPP and the ANP couldn’t do it, the army couldn’t do it, the entire state machinery couldn’t do it — so why expect a single person to do the apparently un-doable thing?
    His restoration and the preceding two-year long movement was to make one single point: that a judge can’t be removed by a ruler singlehandedly. The likes of Ejaz Haider are now out to list the ‘tasks’ of the CJ — so that the PPP regime may be exonerated of its responsibilities.

  • Interesting.

  • Just saw your last comment in which you asked why Altaf Husain was dishonourable. OK, so you think a murderer is honourable? Who carried out the May 12, 2007, Karachi killings? Who burnt six lawyers alive on April 9, 2008, in Tahir Chambers? Don’t be so shortsighted, please.

  • I agree with Ibrahim Khalil there

    “Wake up and smell the coffee. Mark my words, unless we overhaul the system one step at a time, these shariah courts are here to stay”, trust me there are educated people who are in favor of this system :S, it runs this deep.

    Plus in Swat, people were sick of military operation it was not achieving the desired results( either intentionally or lack of skills, God only knows) and this deal seemed to be the only way out.

    Now its very important to keep an eye on the verdicts they hand out in such courts, for me it is very much like the panchayat system we have in our rural areas. God we do need a justice system and need it quick

  • Red Kazim,

    no one would take time out to call Zardari President sans swat because he does not enjoy either the credibility, or the popularity of CJ chaudhry. People do not expect Zaradri to bring about a social/administrative change. Lawyers’ movement has shown us that they can do that and has massive popular support.
    My question was pretty simple, can they take out a long march in Mingora for restoration of those judges who were kicked out by Sufi Mohammed.

    Every political leader in Pakistan who has some clout is accused of abusing that clout, including the whiter than white Shahbaz Sharif. Altaf Hussien is no exception but one must admire his guts to take out a rally denouncing Taleban. No one else has the balls to do it.

    Your comment reg Altaf Hussien are quite interesting. You are quite obviously a surkha (even your name suggest that) yet you oppose a party that is not elitist and secular. You obviously do not support PPP as well (if your remarks about Ejaz Haider and PPP are any indicator), you are also not quite fond of ANP as they have signed the deal.
    I wonder what are the Pakistani leftist thinking. By supporting the right wing populist parties, they are bringing their own demise forward.

  • Ibrahim,

    Why should I be afraid if Swatis get quick justice? However, I am afraid about the kind of justice people will get. We have seen the Taleban brand of justice in Afghanistan between 1996-2001, please dont tell me that you support that. If you do, then I have nothing further to say.

  • Tazeen,

    All I can say is that it is not a matter of right and left — it is about right and wrong.

    One doesn’t have to be a political scientist to know politics of the MQM. Still if someone like you decides to hail a fascist party then I rest my case.

    As for ANP’s “secular” credentials, please ask Shahi Syed about his take on the jirga system.

    And the PPP is a right-wing party given its ruthless privatization policy. Why does Israrullah Zehri sits in the Gilani cabinet? This is neither left-wing not right-wing — it is simply no-wing. Period.

  • We need a new concept like anti-terrorist terrorists or something.

  • Interesting discussion.

    Its amazing that people are supporting QAZI COURTS in 21st century!!

  • Tazeen: And why is Altaf Hussien dishonourable? The only man/political party that has the guts to raise voice against the Talibanization of society is called dishonourable?

    For the same reason Nawaz Sharif talking incessantly about ‘independence’ of the judiciary or the ‘sanctity’ of the Supreme Court is ironic. Do you really think Altaf gives two hoots about fundamental rights and about justice and fairness? He is a political opportunist of the worst kind, who heads a fascist political party with a history of terrorising its opponents and crushing dissent through violence. So bloody what if he is partially right about the Taliban? Hitler may have been initially (and partially) right to be concerned about Jewish influence on Germany in the inter-war years; doesn’t mean that we can support what the bastard did to the Jews after 1933! (And no, I am not saying or implying that the MQM are Nazis or Altaf is Hitler)

    Altaf likes to talk about Pakhtuns and the Talebs for his own very narrow political and ethnic interests only – we all know that if getting in bed with Sufi Muhammad was the way to get power tomorrow, Altaf will be the first politician in Pakistan reciting the Qur’an! His record of murdering his opponents is as bad as anything the Taleban have been doing. Both creations of the ISI and both fascists, IMHO. But it’s more galling in Altaf’s case – he actually could have done something, been so much more… the only truly middle-class mass political party in our country, the only one not dominated by feudal interests.. I had high hopes for them for a number of years till he went and murdered Azeem Tariq!

    Tazeen: For him[SM], Nizam-e-Adl means his courts and his appointee judges who perhaps would not have any idea of either civil law or Islamic jurisprudence and they will carry out justice in their own barbaric style. I think I don’t need to go into detail about how barbaric their practices have been with beheaded bodies strewn all over city.

    I hope our worst fears, as summarised above, are not borne out by facts over the next few weeks. In fact, I hope that SM and the new courts will be markedly different and a significant improvement on what had been happening in Swat in the past few years in the name of “Islamic justice”. ANP probably thought so too… hence the slick marketing from the young Hoti.
    At least, that’s my expectation from Bacha Khan’s followers… not to mention the fact that the ANP still is possibly one of the least corrupt significant political party in our country (yep true, that’s not saying much!)

    The hope is not completely without foundation. We know that the loonies committing the atrocities and the murders over the past few months are not the same as SM and his cohorts. The former were insurgents led by a warlord supported by thugs; the latter seem to be some form of a mass movement, albeit one hitherto without a mass following. Hopefully the simple fact that the new courts have strong initial public support will act as a moderating influence on them. This ‘democracy’ lark does work, y’know.. and it doesn’t always need actual ballot boxes.

    I agree though – if SM is only going to implement what was already happening in Swat on an ad-hoc basis over the past few months/years, what’s the bloody point of all this? Why do the deal? Why ‘codify’ through law what the government and the army had been fighting against for years?

    Tazeen: I am eagerly waiting for March 24th, the day CJ Chaudhry resumes office to see if he takes a suo moto action against this. After all, his claim to fame is the number of suo moto actions taken over a period of time.

    Oh puhleaase! 🙂 Now that’s just being contrarian for the sake of it! Regardless of Ejaz Haider’s parroted views on IMC’s powers and restoration, surely you can agree that, ceteris paribus, IMC as CJP is a considerable improvement on Dogar, and on most Chief Justices we have had since Cornelius – and this would have been true even on 8th March 2007. His claim to fame wasn’t merely taking suo moto actions, but making decisions which were contrary to the wishes of the Establishment and according to conventional wisdom, were unthinkable and untenable. That and the sheer work-rate.

    PS: Shahbaz Sharif is many things, some of them good, a few of them even remarkable in a Paki politician. Being ‘whiter than white’ is NOT one of them, never has been. You don’t get to run/control LCCI for more than a decade by being ‘Mr. Clean’

  • Shehryar said…
    “”not half as bad as the rule of Modi and his ilk in your neck of the woods, What what? 😉 “”

    Good joke.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • Its amazing that people are supporting QAZI COURTS in 21st century!!

    But not half as remarkable as tens of millions voting for the neo-fascists of the BJP or for terrorists like Modi…right?



    The issue is not what the courts are called.. can be Qazi Courts, House of Lords, Supreme Court, The High Court of Gandalf the Gray..for all it matters. The issue is the calibre and biases of the people making the decisions in the court.

  • MrIndia: Good joke.


    I am a funny guy….
    (at least, that’s what I am told when I ask for a raise….)

    In this case, the “joke” has the added advantage of being true… Nothing as funny as the truth, n all that.

  • hahahaha…….Shehryar……another good joke.

  • Few examples of THE TRUTH

    1>100% electrification of all villages in Gujarat under MODI.

    2>Every village has 24×7 hours electricity under MODI

    3>100% availability of all whether roads in all villages.

    4> availability of BROADBAND connectivity in all villages.

    5> Foreign Direct Investments in Gujarat…….2,176.14 MILLION DOLLARS in 2008 alone.

    note: Modi’s hindutva politics deserve condemnation and rightly so……but other aspects should not be overlooked.

  • So quite like Mussolini making the trains run on time, yes?

    Why do genocidal fascists always point to their efficiency / effectiveness? Did anyone ever raise a concern that “fascist XYZ is inefficient”?

  • I’d go with Shehryar’s reasoning on Fascists. I have little knowledge of Modi’s governance but to add more to Mussolini, there were Hitler and Stalin who had astounding success when it came to militarise their nation and had earlier successes of gaining world sympathy and some bucks. Heck, our dictators alone have delivered more “efficient” projects than civilians. What does that leave us to?
    Sorry for further sidetracking the topic.

  • Yes but if you think that the Taliban is not half as bad as Modi and BJP, then I’d say… Heck, What do I say to such naiveity.

  • And one more thing, did you know that Modi was the one who authorised demolition of all illegal temples that were encroaching on public property in Ahmedabad. The types you see on the roadsides.

    This proves that he has the guts to take on the wrong even if it means standing up against Hindu religious fanatics.

  • Dear All
    In South Asia , we expect few things:

    1> Government that WORKS.

    2> CORRUPTION-FREE administration.

    3> No political interferences in development.

    4>Low crime rate.

    5> Trade and investments

    MODI has provided all this to the people of Gujarat.

    Gujarat has India’s LOWEST CRIME RATE.

    NOTE:: curiously NOT A SINGLE communal violence occurred in Gujarat in last 7 YEARS.

    call him whatever you like…. but he has successfully provided a govt. that works!

  • Whats going on?

    NRO is the biggest issue not SWAT!

    The Missing people are the biggest issue not SWAT.

    WE wouldnt have this situation in SWAT if there was no bombing in the first place.

    Who will bring the people who have murdered innocent people in SWAT?

    These are far more important issues than the SUFI.

    The Sufi is a consequence of the above. Not something on its own!


  • PS this comment:

    Who will bring the people who have murdered innocent people in SWAT?

    I am not talking about the mullahs here but the people who bombed people from the air, sent teh army in and killed people.

    Majority of who were innocent.

    Who si going to bring these criminals to justice?


  • Citizen X: “WE wouldnt have this situation in SWAT if there was no bombing in the first place.”

    That’s soo not true, and we both know it! 😉 The situation was perhaps exacerbated by the army’s hamhandedness, and but it wasn’t caused by it.

    As any first year statistics student will tell you, correlation does not imply a causal relationship 🙂

    Yes, the army acted in a far from ideal way, almost as bad as East Pakistan during the army action (albeit on a smaller scale), but the SM issue existed well before then.

  • Apologies for hijacking your comments thread Tazeen. Last comment on this tangential issue and then I’ll shut up…

    MrIndia: “call him whatever you like…. but he has successfully provided a govt. that works!”

    Errm yeah….If your definition of a govt. that works includes the govt. killing thousands of its own people or encouraging the murder of its people by organised fascists/thugs just because the people happen to be of a different religion…!

    I really can’t believe there are intelligent and clearly well-meaning people like you who defend Narendera Modi. This is the guy who was refused a visa by even the United States because of his involvement in the genocide of Muslims… its shocking that he’s been elected twice, and saddening that people still support him.

    Anyway, you are clearly enamoured with him, so probably sensible for us to agree to disagree.

  • Tazeen,

    It is high time your sould start moderating the comments on your blog.

    You know what I mean….

    It was a real good discussion. I can see your point of view, but you must understand why people of swat are supporting this. They are tired would be the simpliest answer. Once the biggest vacation spot of pakistan, and now reeling under curfew for weeks and months, with no guarentee of you would be back to your home alive once you step out… It takes too much courage in such situation for a common man to deal with.

    Having said that, if people can rise against the President of Pakistan, God willing, they will rise against all Sharia courts as well if it comes to that.

    Lastly, if you are still expecting ANY policital party to move forward and take a stand against this, do you really think the whole issue of CJI was carried out by PPP on moral grounds?? Time for reality-check!!

  • Yeah who monitors Sufi Mohammed and his actions? Allah? or? Also, which flavor of Shariah are we talking? Sunni? Shia? or?

    It is interesting to see peeps singing the songs of “legality” of the stupidity that is the GoP allowing tool such as Sufi Mohammed to set up parallel justice system, but say nigh a word about shariah’s treatment of minorities and the women…

    Fucking horror to see the short sighted peeps giving away Pakistan’s sanity one Swat Valley at a time.


  • My humble (albeit correct) opinion on this issue is as follows:

    The Shariat courts are here to stay, for the following two reasons:

    1. I really do not think the common Pakistani man cares about whether he is being dispensed justice by a magistrate in a flowy black gown or a qazi. He just cares about getting his basic justice. And quite frankly, he finds the court-kutcheri culture to be completely ineffective, corrupt and a generally huge pain in the ass. If speedy, rough justice gives him exactly that – speedy, rough justice – he will not have any problems, no matter how much we elitist fucks romanticize courts and rule of law and what not.

    2. I don’t think any Pakistani politician in their right mind can go up to a rally (or even on the floor of Parliament) and say that they will be working towards repealing the shariat laws. That poor politician will forever be deemed a traitor, a wretched soul, an infidel and other assorted items. His body will be found littered with bullet holes and his killers will be celebrated as champions of Islam.


  • Shehryar said…
    “”not half as bad as the rule of Modi and his ilk in your neck of the woods, What what? 😉 “”

    If that is the case then I don’t see any reason opposing Taleban… u will only get twice the benefits with no “side effects” as you have already taken care of minorities.

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