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Honest opinion

There is something new that I learned today.

To give an honest opinion in today’s world is SO last century, its not even funny or tragic. As a certain Mr Shaw rather correctly put it, when people ask for opinions, all they want is praise.


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  • I couldn’t have said it better myself…

    Whatever happened to honesty?

  • Depends on how an honest opinion is given,where it is given and by whom:)
    all for honesty but not the brutal kind in anyone’s personal life

    unless ofcourse you are talking of professional or political places..
    Honest opinions are required there for sure…they are needed

  • When they “ask” for your opinion being the key word here.

  • Ok, Tazeen. There’s a story behind today’s post. Can you share it with us?



  • “Dissemination of information ought to be need based”, and we all know that nobody wants to be criticized so there are 🙂 strewn all over! Honesty is just short of being a dirty word.

    However, what initiated this post must have been quite the ‘honest’ interaction…
    Care to share?

  • Yep, Agree with Liam! Share the story. Or is it the comments section of the previous posts?

    On a funny note though, have you heard that one – Opinions are like arseholes, everyones got one.

  • not sure i agree with u

  • Thank heavens for this post, Tazeen!
    i thought ur life was in danger or ur freedom of expression was curbed by ‘some’ law…
    take care, lady:)

    yeah, ‘honesty’ is the worst policy in these times!

  • There is more to it than meets the eye here. This for sure are a very cryptic bunch of statements you’ve made.
    What’s the story??

  • Errr…. constructive criticism?

  • ha ha ha ha ha… true true.

  • I dont agree with you…you are generalizing it way too much.

  • People,

    There is not ONE story behind the statement I made, its just everything around you and its reaction to how you live. You dont need to voice an opinion in order to get lambasted, you just need to live your life on your terms.


    Nah, nothing as dramatic like that. Pakistan perhaps has one of the freest media in the world where you can publish/broadcast/telecast anything and get away with it. At times media is so free, one wonders if it is free from constraints of logic and wisdom as well.

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    B.S. is right as he was always and I am glad to hear that has has found a follower in you.

    In case you don’t know it, here is another word from Bernard Shaw you might appreciate:

    “In this world there is always danger for those who are afraid of it”.

    Cheers Tazeen, always a pleasure to read you


  • so true. we are afraid to face the truth.
    i think honesty was never the best policy..

  • What an observation! Sublime and profound! I need to learn this

  • Bertrand Russell, writing about Wittgenstein in his autobiography:

    “I remember taking him once to a meeting of the Aristotelian Society, at which there were various fools whom i treated politely. When we came away he raged and stormed against my moral degradation in not telling these men what fools they were.”

  • Actually, this is the feeling I get when my wife asks me “Am I looking fat in this dress?”

  • How’d you learn the lesson?!

  • hahaha

    no one is interested in the words of wisdom but in the juicy story behind it. Typical desi mentality

  • yea its very relative now, who wants it why he/she wants it 🙁

  • Pretty much true lol

  • Totally agree!

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