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Adieus cricket, welcome terrorism

Some time last month, my friend Faras messaged me from London that he will be coming down to Karachi to watch the first Test match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. I thought he was crazy and pulled his leg to no end after the run fest that test match turned out to be. His argument for traveling thousands of miles to come witness the test was simple. He said that it would probably be the last series to be played on Pakistani soil and he would want to tell his children that he was part of that historic event. Never more prophetic words were spoken. After the firing incident that happened earlier today in which Sri Lankan captain Mahila Jayawardene, along with few others were injured, no one in their mind would visit Pakistan. Karachi test was perhaps the last completed test played on Pakistani soil.

Welcome terrorism, adieus cricket.


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  • Agreed!!!

    But I really like the way we(Punjab Govt) are handling the situation, in a total indian manner. And did you see the attackers? “Ajmal Kasab kay bhai hain saray”

    Your friend Faras must start writing down his prophetic words so we can learn the future beforehand and our Police can stay alert prior the incident:)

  • How sad is that! Im in a state of constant depression over how things are deteriorating on national front.

  • This is sad indeed. And Kulsoom, you seriously think your comment is smart? “Indian manner”. Would you really want us to elaborate on the Pakistani manner? How sad can you get?

    Seriously, I’ve got a colleague in office from Pakistan who suggested that this could also be the work of foreign powers who want to spoil Pakistan’s image. I’d say No comments.

  • Its very sad Tazeen, that at the end of it all, we are what our people portray. We just can’t fight the stereotype any more!

  • Whatever happened in pakistan today is very bad….and I think only one that suffered is “cricket”….we want to see more shohaib akhtars from pakistan but sadly now it is very demotivating stuff for youngsters.
    BTW Taheen where were you last week no posts from you??

  • Rakesh:

    You absolutely got my point wrong, probably because you are not watching Pakistani news channels 🙂
    I didn’t mean to hamper Indian image, but only referred to the statements made by our security sources and provincial government. They are exact retaliation of Mumbai attacks.

    Thats all.

  • It is sad and disappointing, but not really unexpected. The fact that it happened in Lahore, in Punjab, and not in FATA or NWFP makes it more chilling. And the teams had VVIP security. Where is Mr. Imran Khan lecturing all and sundry that cricketers will never be targeted by jehadis.

    The pace at which the failure of Pakistani state is unravelling is mind numbing. Is it truly the beginning of the end?

  • Ok Kusloom, got it now. Yes, we can trust that all our government agencies are similarly ‘efficient’.

  • To put it lightly, cricket and this country are now officially f**ked!

    Gone to hell, baby! Gone. To. Hell.

  • Yes, its a sad day for Pakistan cricket and the country in general. This seems to be the final nail in the coffin so to say. Now all the Australians/Englishmen will go to town on their decision of not travelling to Pakistan to play cricket. Pakistan is truly on the way to being a ‘failed’state.

  • Was really bound to happen sooner or later. Truth is I could never understand PCB’s efforts to hold international series in Pakistan. If they had looked at the situation realistically, they wouldnt have invited any foreign team.
    I mean seriously! WHY would you hand easy targets like this to anyone who wants to wreck the country’s image.

  • It’s a sad day for cricket.

  • this is truly, utterly depressing. i feel a mixture of utter shame, grief and anger. Phil put it very succintly and accurately.

    a bit lost for words taz, very very saddened..

  • I am so sad at this,I feel like crying. I have not done anything in office since I came in, I feel lethargic and just want to curl up and die.

    One of the cricketer has sustained critical injury to his hip bone. He may never play again and for some demented reason, I feel personally responsible.

    I wish people open up their eyes and stop supporting people like Imran Khan, Jamaat, Nawaz Shariff and other right wing nuts who support destructive forces.

  • Another one of sad days in the sad history of Islamic Republic of Pakustan…

    I suppose since Americans are bombing the Afghans is why the Sri Lankans were targeted…

    On a serious note, my very first test match that I watched in Lahore was when Sri Lanka was visiting Pakistan for the first time in the 80s… what a bummer indeed! Wish all those who were hurt a speedy recovery!

  • Just heard that there might be a Tamil Tiger link

  • It is time we Pakistanis woke up to this bull shit fallacy called khilafat.
    We need to start a revolution and start it now. We made a blunder by aligning ourselves as an Islamic republic (and yes, I have been advocating against it to all my friends since the past 30 years) and are paying a heavy price.

    All those who say Islam is a religion of peace may be right. But actions do speak louder than words and if we do not stop using religion in every sphere of life (just look at our cricketers) this monster that we have created will will engulf the entire world.

    I hope muslims around the world rise up against this kind of nonsense and take a strong hard look within Islam.

    We supported the mullahs and the fanatic madrasahs when they were serving a common cause but now the beast cannot be kept under a leash and threatens to eat everything within its reach.

  • ^^^

    Just heard that there might be a Tamil Tiger link

    Tough to say whether it’s a Tamil tiger or not but yes, a tiger was being ridden and dismounting now would be tough.

  • I don’t regret coming here to play cricket because that’s what we have been doing all our lives.Kumar Sangakkara.

    Everyone please give a bow to the spirit of these players.

    When we are in tough times, we need tough hearts.

  • Its about time the government started accepting the problem and giving it the proper attention it needs. You cant ignore it and hope it will go away on its own.

    If there are no leaders strong enough then the people of Pakistan must find and elect those who are strong enough to tackle this problem and justify the word democracy.

  • 🙁

  • We should not be ashamed in term Islamic Republic but its high time that we understand our religion ourselves & not leave it in the hands of Mullahs(most of them r sent on this path by their parents cause they drop out of schools etc) & right winged politicians who are using it 4 their own ambitions.

    Secondly, I would salute the young police officers who gave their lives to protect our guests. They are the ones who really represent what most of us believe in.

  • I’m at a loss for words.

    That’s all I had to say. I blogged about it as soon as I heard, but all I could do was do a straight news round-up – the more I thought about it on a personal level, the sadder I became. What has happened to our country?

  • We might see some cricket in Pakistan in maybe 25-30 years…If there’s a Pakistan left i.e….

  • I think it’s time we stop shifting responsibility. No matter who was behind all this, it was our security lapse that let it happen. And this was despite of the fact that Sri Lankan’s were promised state level security.
    And then Butt claiming that “we had provided foolproof security and this could happen anywhere. ” All these idiots should be taken to task for this.

  • “We should not be ashamed in term Islamic Republic but its high time that we understand our religion ourselves & not leave it in the hands of Mullahs(most of them r sent on this path by their parents cause they drop out of schools etc) & right winged politicians who are using it 4 their own ambitions.”

    The term Islamic and Republic is an oxymoron… and we should be ashamed for appending the Islamic moniker to a Republic, which establishes Islam as THE state religion, makes a mockery of the latter.

    Yes, salute to those who died in the line of duty. However, dare I ask, how in the flying world did the attackers, all, manage to escape so easily? The area this attack occurred at is not far from Lahore Cantt… and is ringed with check point galore! hmmm

    Who, when, how, and if will these attackers will be brought to justice for their actions?


  • No words to express the sadness. So many cuts we have suffered; our souls and hearts are bleeding; but somehow, why this is the deepest cut. Maybe because it brings the news of imminent death, like a cold corpse itself, in front of our eyes.
    Even Tazeen,the most cheerful writer, is speechless. How much more sad it can get. … ….. …….. …………………………………………………………………

  • I am appalled and utterly saddened by this event! Thank you for posting on it; our outrage and grief has to be vented loudly and clearly for the love of humanity that wants sports and sportsmanship to live on in our world.

  • This is very sad, shameful, indeed. I don’t have words to express my feeling over this, it has literally blown up every sports, not only cricket, in Pakistan. Also, whatever lil small image we had in front of world, is all destroyed.

    It was a 9/11 of Pakistan cricket.

  • Hi,
    I feel angry at those guys and also Imran Khan who could not understand Terrorism fawned by SAUDI ARABIA.They hate democracy, they hate women, they hate intelligent women all the more, they hate cricket, they just hate humans.
    Tazneen is correct about these guys.I fear for her safety.

  • Zoobie,

    I suppose since Americans are bombing the Afghans is why the Sri Lankans were targeted…

    You didn’t need to put in the sarcasm. A lot of Pakistan’s problems can be blamed on the US screwing around.

    Of course, the speed with which Pakistan pulls down its pants and bends over is also to be noted.



    even Israelis feel the pain of Pakistanis.

  • The incident is probably the lowest point in all the madness… i am praying that things will get better from now… but the youth of pakistan, people like tazeen have to speak up! Dont let your country be ruined by these dogs… Take ownership of what has happened, it happened on your soil avenge it by not giving into it and buying all the political bullshit!
    Develop young leaders, be the change!! Sadly all the political leadership in pakistan right now has enough skeletons in afghanistan to shut up about almost anything…you guys these are the monsters created by your own people and only you can destroy them…or else as we have been hearing in the news…SWAT is not too far from Islamabad… whats happening there will move to the capital soon…

  • US meddling around? Nobody was complaining about US meddling around when they were supplying us with money and arms for 50 years. US was our friend and now suddenly they are our enemies? We brought this upon ourselves by losing our identity. We need to root out this Islam mania from our country and make Pakistan a true democracy. Minority rights is still an alien concept in Pakistan as is freedom of religion. We need these two things in Pakistan or this really is the end.

  • “We brought this upon ourselves by losing our identity. We need to root out this Islam mania from our country and make Pakistan a true democracy. Minority rights is still an alien concept in Pakistan as is freedom of religion. We need these two things in Pakistan or this really is the end.”

    Shumaila: couldn’t agree more! I mean if it were indeed the case, i.e. US’s doing, then what kept Pakistan from saying no? I am sick of all the blaming US/India/or the Jooz rhetoric from Pakistanis. It’s pathetic! When is Pakistan going to take responsibility for its own failing? No one, but Pakistan, forced Pakistan into this mess.

    As details about the attack are trickling about, the following statement had me want to hide my head in shame:

    “”They were not under pressure … nobody was firing at them,” said team captain Mahela Jayawardene said.”

    It appears that terrorists have succeeded in making their point – even the law enforcement agencies have become utterly useless when it comes to protecting the country from within… what a fucking joke! This whole thing makes me hella mad and depressingly sad!


  • This was terrible and an injustice to the people of Pakistan as well as the victims.

    BTW, I do have a new place, thanks for taking the time to look for it and drop by 😀

  • I read all your comments and I share your grief at cricket being attacked by terrorists. I think the political setups in both our countries are crap. We are lucky to have sustained our democracy. I hope you can find some way out of this turmoil and have a stable, democratic government. Youth have to stand up and be heard.

  • i never said anything about telling my children 🙂

  • ^^^^^

    you did Faras, when we were eating that sara hua khana at Roasters. Yaad karo, you have started forgetting stuff in your old age.

  • Salute to your friend though!

  • Faras is the 21st century Nostradamus

  • Am just curious, Tazeen – what made your friend make that statement? What does he fear? Because what he feels is very similar to my take on the situation… and it beats me why no one gets it!!? Marriott, Benazir, Mumbai, Swat, Lahore.. is a series. Taking them in isolation is utter nonsense! According to my understanding now the Taliban and the “Terror Minds” are after Karachi.. and Islamabad directly… that’s why you see all those banners you talk of in another post. This is a very serious situation.. I wonder why no body gets it? And I am not saying this because as an Indian, I may want Pakistan to be in a mess… far from that.. a secular, progressive Pakistan will be a good thing for India and Indians.. but I doubt that will ever happen given how strongly the polity, rule and terrorism is controlled by the “Terror Minds” in Pak Army and ISI.. and how they really control the nation. Democracy is just a figment of imagination until these guys control the strings. I wish it were different!

  • Seems typical, but the indians did it lol. Another way to isolate pakistan from the rest of the world and bring tensions between sri lanka and pakistan [both friends and enemies of india]

  • “In Pakistan, ‘great rage, and great fear”

    What does you say this statement which write ‘The Washington Post’about Pakistan current situation’
    “In Pakistan, ‘great rage, and great fear’
    Refugees fleeing Swat Valley tell of Taliban crimes, abuses”

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