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WTF !!!


Yesterday, I had left my iPod at work and had to endure CityFM89 on my way back from work. The RJ used the word poignant and feel good in regard to Slumdog Millionaire’s Oscar win so many times that I was ready to puke by the time I reached home. If there is one thing that gets my goat more than the RJs who talk shit in fake accents is an RJ that talks shit in fake accent and excessively use the word poignant. I am sick of all the Indians who are claiming it to be an Indian film – it is not – but what is even more nauseating is a Pakistani RJ trying to piggyback on the glory saying that it was ‘oh so fucking poignant’ to see representation of people from the region! I mean wtf?
That was the first WTF moment of the day.

Ibteda at her blog reported that while Geo is trying to garner maximum sympathy after the brutal murder of its reporter Musa Khan Khel – the first victim of Shariat in Swat – they did nothing to ensure security for their staff in such dangerous areas. Khan Khel was not happy reporting from Matta and wanted to leave the station as it was unsafe. When he relayed his security concerns, he was given the option to either report from the danger zone or face unemployment. The poor man died in the line of duty and Geo is not only making money out of it, but also hogging the limelight. I mean WTF?
The second WTF moment of the day.

Last night, I went out to get some medicines for dad. On my way back, I saw this old man thumbing out for a lift. I stopped the car and asked him to sit. He wanted to be dropped off at the nearby bus stop. The minute I started the car, he started regaling his tale of poverty and unemployment and how he begged all the fruit vendors of the area for a job but no one hired him (I dont blame the fruit vendors though, baba ji was speaking nine to dozen and would have scared off all the potential customers) and how his family is facing hunger. Being a sucker that I am, I opened my wallet to give him some money.

When he saw me taking my wallet out, his story got sappier. He said that he has three adult daughters and two little sons and all of them would be waiting for him to bring some food as they have not had food for 24 hours. The first thought that came to my mind was: Isn’t he a little too old to father two little boys? But I digress. I suggested that instead of him looking for a job, he should ask his daughters to work. They are young and able bodied and would easily find work. I took out a 1000 rupees note (about 14$) and was handing it to him when he spoilt it all and said that he cannot eat food earned by women – it is not an honourable thing to do.

I took back that 1000 rupee note and asked him to leave the car. He looked at the note and then looked at me – bewildered – and asked why I am taking back the money. I told him that the 1000 rupee note was part of my hard earned money and as he does not eat food bought with money earned by a woman because it affects his honour, I cannot give it to him. He got off the car and asked for at least 20 rupees to pay the bus fare. I wanted to give him money but it was impossible. All the money I have is earned by me; I have no brother or husband and I do not take money from my father, there was nothing I could do without hurting his honour and I could not have done that. I was gallactically pissed with the whole incident. People have no shame in openly asking for alms but they are embarrassed if their daughters work? There is no stigma in beggary but there is one in earning an honest pay! What kind of convoluted social norm is that? I mean, WTF?
The last WTF moment of the day.


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  • OH HELL NO, baba jee.

    taz, ya amazing me with you stunning clear-thoughtednesss in situations such as these 🙂

    though i wonder which is worse: a man refusing to let his daughters work because it is not the “honorable” thing to do or a man who works his daughters to the bones for his drug fix/pan ghutka.

    i hope your dad is well, hun?

  • (yaay, first)

  • unfunnily, the first thought that comes to mind is that he was probably an rj.

    only rjs and traffic cops could be that stupid.

    and of course, men dumb enough to father desi daughters.

  • ‘Poignant’ post 😀

    Poor guy, I guess, he’d be saying WTF. he he

  • yar, im sorry, it’s all totally wtf.

  • Bravo for the third WTF! The first two made me think that you were a closet communist (or is it a Cadillac communist).

    Seriously, you aren’t angling for a seat in the Senate or something now. You sound like a Leader here. WTF 🙂

  • Hey for the WTF moments galore 🙂

    I had something similar happened, ofcourse not the i can’t accept money earned by a woman, but gave a lift to someone who started the sad story and kept asking for money, after that i stopped giving ppl lift.

  • Tazeen,

    I feel sorry for the old man. Social conditioning screwed him over twice.

    And my, aren’t we on a blog post roll.


    …men dumb enough to father desi daughters

    Is it the ‘desi’ thats the problem or the ‘daughters’?

    If it’s the later then, well, that’s not being very nice. I’m sure others on the blog can tell you that much better then me.

    If it’s the former then what do desi men do?


  • Thats fairly brave of you. My imagination would be working overtime, had he been in my car, wondering if he had a chako knotted with his shalwar nala. Wont have done it. Too scared.

  • LOL! I second all the WTF’s but I can’t help but be amused by your apt reaction to that man’s statement.

  • To quote me “WTF indeed!”

  • =O

    … wow… (speechless)

  • I wonder if you made any difference with him, or if he’s even more committed that his daughters should not work. Plus, 5 kids and no food for 24 hours, and still no one’s out looking for a job??? Maybe babaji would rather starve, but he’d be forcing his WHOLE FAMILY to starve if that were true…

  • Awesome reaction to babaji – I’m soo glad you did what you did. Hope it makes him think atleast.

    My own WTFs today are over all the reactions over the disqualification. Public reactions that is, am stuck in offoce cause agitated Muslim League crowd is going nuts on the road.
    WHYYY oh whyyy do they stop traffic and burn buses and such! WHAT in the God’s name can be gotten out of this crazy, pathetic behaviour.

  • Dude, I can’t believe you give a lift to someone (and that too a guy) at night!! That’s a WTF moment in itself!

    You gotta be more careful woman.

    Hope your dad is all right.

    Rado sucks! It didn’t before but now it truly does!

    Geo is an unabashed whore for money. I’m not surprised by their behaviour. After all, it isn’t the first time.

  • All that hype and drama around Slumdog Millionaire(in India and among Indians) just shows how desperate we Indians are for validation from the Western world. Gah.

  • Sidrah,

    I don’t know the right answer but I am sure as hell not gonna pay any money who does not respect the fact that women are capable human beings and they have honour and dignity even when they work. I felt mean for not giving him twenty rupees for bus ride but I am sure he was just bluffing.

    and my dad is ok, it was his regular diabetes medicine that i went out to buy.

    yeah, the number of posts i churn out is directly proportional to my general level of dissatisfaction – or assignments in case of dawn posts.


    Yeah, i always offer people a ride if i can. It has never hurt me and i think we are just paranoid bunch pf people faltoo main. Its not nly environment friendly (more people in one car than just one) but also smart in bad economic times.

  • hey tazeen, i couldnt help but point out that using terminology like WTF moment and embracing that sort of language to have a discourse (whether serious or entertaining) puts you remarkably close to the same people who happen to irk you in your day to day life in karachi.

    Mediocrity is mediocrity, no matter shape or form we give it.

    Sorry for the sound off, I usually have no qualms and mostly adore your posts.

  • It’s the Pakistani male complex. I’ll be the first to admit it. They find it hard to admit that women are now as much or even a greater part of the workforce.

    How poignant, I say.

  • Much as I whole-heartedly agree with your WTFs no. 1 and 2, I’m sorry but I have to disagree with your reaction to the last one.

    Beggary is not going to stop if you stand on a matter of principle, nor are men going to change their opinion if they get refused money from women.

    That guy was probably saying that stuff to you to gain sympathy – expecting that he may be respected in your eyes if he admits that he finds shame in taking money from his daughters.

    He may very well be a chauvinist but he was an unconscious one, a chauvinist that was a mindless production of the social norms that are set by the more powerful elite, the stronger middle-class morality that dictates Pakistani society.

    You could’ve given him 20 rupees for bus fare. Not taking that money didn’t change his life and I’m sure it didn’t change yours. I’m not saying you’re wrong though. His action was pretty hypocritical indeed and I hear you on that.

    But you could have just given him the 20 to go home.

    As a humanist, maybe.

  • It’s not okay for Babaji to take what his daughters have earned, but it’s alright to ask for money from a woman who happens to be stranger?!

    By the way, I was pleasantly surprised that you offered him a ride in the first place!

  • Yeah, WTF! indeed. As if a woman’s earning is less worthy, aside the fact women are usually paid less than a man for doing the same job, than is of a man! In order to pull it’s head out of tribalistic traditionalism, Pakistan/Islamic mentality needs to get over these stupendous traditions.

    Pakistan’s collective psyche remains hostage to outrageously numbing traditions – and this is what keeps Pakistan far off the path of progress. It is extremely frustrating to watch this apathy from both, within and outside. WTF!



  • @ hades: that was supposed to be sarcasm.

  • Cheers to the third WTF, I would have taken my note back too.

    And I completely agree about the second one too. News agencies in Pakistan do very little to ensure the safety of their journalists, and many are killed as a result. Shame on GEO for capitalizing on Khan Khel’s death.

  • WTF indeed!!

  • Thats the irony of patriarchy.

  • 1. I Agree about Slumdog. There is nothing for an Indian to be proud of except for Rahman. Heck, even Dev Patel is from the UK.
    Bobby Jindal becomes US prez in ’12 and we are gonna say India rules US.

    Unfortunately no one realizes this Slumdog thing and many Americans as well have walked up to me and associated the Oscar to India.

    2. I agree about letting women work. I say, all women should work. And be promoted, big time. To higher level management jobs. The recession has hit me big time. Please send that 1000 rupee note to yours truly!

  • Tazeen,

    This may not be related to the stream of discussion here, but I just noticed something that google has been doing to you for a while.

    Get ready for another WTF of the day:

    I notice an ad placement of beautiful young afghani women available for dating on your profile.

    Jeez, I didn’t know that apart from giving rides to strange old men in your car, you were also into dating afghani women…

    That is so not nice Tazeen, how could you so ignore our beautiful women in Swat?


  • and an ofo moment.

    ofo! Slumdog is an indian film directed and produced by a Brit.
    the lead man is indian, the lead lady is indian, the villains are indians, the city is indian, the book it is based upon is written by an indian, the co-director is indian, all the assitant directors are indian, 4 out of the 8 oscar awards went to indians..

    how do you define an indian film?

    it even has a song in the end.

    it is not indian film????


  • old dude…hypocrisy n it’s bloody heights:(
    u did well!!!

  • abey bhai.. city fm89 is a psycho-pappu channel.. matt suna kar!

  • Apoo,

    Jindal is trying so hard to become a republican Obama, its not even funny. Just because you are tall, lanky and foreign looking (he was born in Louisiana) you are a successor to right wingers who wanted a youngish messiah of their own? In any case, he is the most reported US governor in Indian press after Sarah Palin and its not his policies or political acumen that ensure him such exposure.

    whats an ofo?


    I love your terminology of psycho-pappu. Totally gonna copy it.

  • I agree- wtf…

  • Yes, WTF to fake accents, RJs with verbal diarrhea, Indians claiming ‘Slumdog’ being an Indian film.

    As for Geo, they could not have pulled off this stunt with a European or American journalist. Those people have health, safety, insurance in place, and would have sued at the slightest threat of being sacked. So, a big WTF to them.

    As for the men with their honour, God! When will that end? I’m glad you kicked him out of your car, and refused to give him any money.

  • *applause* Served that old babi ji right!

  • while i was reading thru the last WTF moment..i was like she shud take the money back.. seriously beggary is acceptable and earned money is not?

  • Angrez biryaani banaye toh woh british dish ho jaega kya?

    Indian film…about a place in India..Dharavi. The book was by an Indian.

    British chor! Kabhi nahi sudhrenge. They’re the ones riding piggy back. India mein slums they kya Brits se pehle??

  • I agree that S.D.M is not an Indian picture but you forgot that three Indians won Oscar for the same movie.Is it too much to expect from our neighbors to appreciate this?

  • Slumdog: I liked the movie. On the other hand, Pakistani RJ’s I don’t think too much off, so agreed. WTF!

    Geo Reporter: VERY WTF! I’ve been disappointed with Pakistani news channels for a while now, it just keeps getting worse and worse – my sense of disillusionment!

    Babaji: Sigh. Idiots. Is it any wonder we’re where we are, i.e. NOWHERE! Very very WTF!

  • well GEO isn’t our open MEDIA…
    they are into real business!
    they don’t even give a damn whts the reality !!
    Any how it is really sad to hear about the poor journalist!

  • I hope Babaji’s daughters will follow your lead.

    GEO is pathetic, and always a disappointment. I am so frequently disappointed in the Jang Group that my disappointment potion’s run out.

  • Oh and as for Slumdog…poignant, feel-good and all that’s fine and not wrong, but should it have won an Oscar against better contenders? No. Well, only against the tiresome Curious Case of Benjamin Button perhaps. The little children actually did deserve all the credit for the movie, as the nauseatingly self-promoting Anil Kapoor said (surprisingly) during one of the earlier award ceremonies. Without them, the latter half of the movie is full of atrocious over-acting by Mr. Kapoor, cliched script, and rather uninspiring acting by the others. Dev Patel really shouldn’t have used that grammar school accent, his character having learned his English on the streets and all. Abbas Khan, the police officer, was the only saving grace of the older cast.

    That the movie was entertaining is spot-on. But it wasn’t the best movie made this year. And while I am happy for A.R.Rahman who is a wonderful musician, I do think that better movies have been made by certain Indian directors themselves. And A.R.Rahman has made better music, too. But alas, neither of them had Fox Searchlight promoting them at the time.

  • The only reason the west liked slumdog, is because it was “exotic”. They like looking at the poverty in the world and comment on how sad it is. They like the “awww” moments, which is all slumdog was.

    A movie about a guy with nothing, risking it all, and all for the love of his life, that is nothing but a big-fat-cliched hallmark awww.

    The movie was mediocre, and the script was abysmally bad. Just goes to show what a little hype can do. Based on the movie, I wouldn’t even bother looking for the book.

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by.

  • Tazeen, heard of a movie called the “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” one of the enduring classics of ‘American’ cinema.

    Who made it ? The Italians.

    Where was it shot ? Spain.

    Most people identify it as an American film. I can assure you that most Americans do.

    Saying Slumdog is not an Indian movie is not correct, it is much more Indian than Good, Bad, Ugly is American. And please dont give me the slums are everywhere, theme is universal line, there were cowboys all over the new world.

    Btw, I dont think Indians are going to identify much with Slumdog in the years to come. We have made way better movies about ourselves. Try Gardish, Satya, Maachis, Swades, Vaastav, Mother India, Salaam Bombay, Parinda …..

  • Good job with the Baba jee… esp after you offered him a lift in this day and age of random muggings and kidnapping in khi esp.

  • //Angrez biryaani banaye toh woh british dish ho jaega kya?//


    nah, Biryani will always stay a Pakistani dish :P, a Karachi specialty. No one does Biryani like we do and before you say anything, I have been to India many times to know what kinda biryani you guys have on offer.

  • Anon 19:44,

    Oh we do appreciate the fact that Indians have made their mark in Oscars. My personal WTF moment was with my local RJ and not with the Indians.


    Lets agree to disagree. A film made my Fox searchlight (American company) with British writer, cinematographer, editor, screenplay writer is Indian because the story was Indian and it was shot in India? That way all the films that were ever made about WWII and Holocaust should also be called German or french because they are also about Germany and its political reality of a time. what about all those films that are being shot in Australia, Czech Republic and Canada because of cheaper studio facilities? Should they be called American?

    In this day and age of highly globalized world, national labels are fast becoming obsolete, in my opinion, SDM was a fine example of a global film, hence its universal appeal.

  • Tazeen,

    nah, Biryani will always stay a Pakistani dish :P, a Karachi specialty. No one does Biryani like we do and before you say anything, I have been to India many times to know what kinda biryani you guys have on offer.

    What you say might very well be true but which Indian city are you comparing it with?

    Delhi is a big no no. I don’t know why, but most people here confuse Biryani and Pulao. And in Old Delhi, it just sucks. For pukki biryani, nothing (in India) beats Lucknow. And Calcutta is good—Wajid Ali shah was exiled there after the Brits annexed Lucknow. The Calcutta Biryani also contains aloo—the (apocryphal) story goes that the exiled Nawab couldn’t afford all that meat so they substituted some of it with aloo.

    For kuchhi, of course, you have Hyderabad

    Btw, are you or anybody else aware of a close cousin of the Biryani called Tehri? Bloody difficult to get commercially in Delhi.

  • @Vikram:

    American’s identifying with the movie doesn’t make it American. The fact is, good bad and the ugly is still an Italian movie.

    Indians can “relate” to slumdog as much as they want, but it is STILL a british movie.

  • i LOVE hyderabadi Kachay gosht ki biryani. Hades, now why would you remind a very hungry immigrant of hyderabadi biryani. I want to go home!

  • @Tazeen:

    How is Biryani pakistani? Didn’t it originate in Persian/Arabian regions?

    I guess you lay claim to a particular version of biryani, that perhaps Pakistan is home to.

    The thing with cuisine is, that no matter where it originates, Food ends up having a distinct flavor of the region. Therefore Indian Biryani, in theory, will be quite different from Pakistani Biryani; and India is home to Indian Biryani.

    I realize that there is no such thing as “Indian” or “Pakistani” Biryani, but I used those words as an illustration.

  • please replace the word india with any country you wish…

    so what constitutes an indian film?

    are bhaji on the beach, salaam bombay, monsoon wedding, bend it like beckham indian films or are they american films?

    is elizabeth, directed by shekar kapur an indian film or an american film ? wait a minute…shekar was born in lahore..so is it a pakistani film…?

    is crouching tiger hidden dragon really a chinese film..delve a bit deeper and you will see the conundrum there….

    should the director be born and brought up in india to fully qualify it as an indian film..does the director’s citizenship matter?

    how indian should the film be for it be to accepted as an indian movie?

    all the music directors, actors, chai wallahs, spot boys, scout locators, producers need to be indian?

  • @Roshan:

    So by your logic, every movie about Apartheid and antisemitism, is racist and antisemitic.

    There is such a thing as “subject”. Bollywood movie goers might not be aware of this concept, but the Intl. film community is, and hence has been aptly called a UK movie.

    Also, Dev Patel isn’t Indian. He is very much British. He is a Brit, of Indian origin. Otherwise Americans wouldn’t be americans, but rather irish, hungarian…

    P.S. A movie is decided by WHO puts the money in. They decide whether it is going to be an Indian movie, or british, or hollywood. So, since all the production companies are british, it is a BRITISH movie. To prove my point, Tata has manufacturing plants in countries other than India, does that make the tatas a non-indian company? Is Mercedes an Indian car manufacturer because it has an assembly plant in India? Grow out of your jingoistic nationalism, and read up before you post absolute nonsense.

  • @Tazeen:You know, I actually have a radio section on the campus here at IIT Kharagpur, titled WTF.. 🙂

    Exams plus the fact I was travelling a lot meant a long gap from blogging… but I’m back


  • @Taz:

    You are absolutely wrong about Jindal.

  • What are you trying to project btw? Have been reading your entries for quite some time and one thing is for sure…Sometimes, ignorance is bliss and in your case.. always…

    Jai Ho!!!

  • hahaha Tazeen…( but tell that to the Hyderabadis or Lucknowis here) but yeah…back to point..recipe jiska, credit usko. Considering the book was by an Indian, the lines are blurred.

  • Vir Sanghvi (an Indian journalist, if you’re not in the know and a foodie) wrote this interesting piece sometime back, ‘Who invented the biryani?’

  • hahahaha,

    I knew it. Calling Biryani Pakistani would open Pendora’s Box. That comment was exclusively for Anita Iyer who is a friend.


    I have been to Bombay, Delhi and Hyderabad and for some strange reason, local hosts made sure that I must sample Biryani because of my Muslim/Pakistani background. Never been to Calcutta or Lucknow though.

  • Sarem,

    closet republican, eh?

    Purely Narcotic,

    Thanks for the link. Quite interesting. Biryani in my opinion is purely a desi concoction. It is derived from the Urdu/Farsi word Biryan which means fried till the color is changed. Having eaten in all corners of Iran, I know there is nothing even remotely Biryani like in Persian. All they eat is jujeh kebab (Chicken kebab) Chilu Kebab (mutton kebabs over boiled rice) and chillu Khurisht (boiled rice and lamb curry) and its all pretty bland.


    yes we do have tehri here but it is mostly home cooked. I have never seen it being sold commercially.

  • I remember this saffron flavoured pilaf like dish from Iran into which they mix lentils. I’m not sure what it’s called but I thought that long grained rice, the saffron flavoring mixture made it a maybe a watered down version of the biryani. That is, if we assume that pilaf and biryani are similar and find their origins in the Asia Minor area.

    And then there’s the Arabic Kabsa which is again like a variant of biryani. Probably Islamic-Turkish origins there?

  • Wow, since the discussion is on Biryani, I’d like to say, my wife makes the best in the world. So now, Is Biryani my wife’s personal invention? he he…

    And yeah, I understood your wtf comment was for the RJ but I’ve to disagree if you think it was an entirely American film or even a Global film. Indians do deserve their day of glory if SM has won a whole bunch of Oscars.

  • its hard to distinguish between really needy and those who fake it
    and then taking your money and saying that its so paradoxical

  • You know, I see these beggar women in Pune all the time. I’m in desperate need of a maid …and I’ve tried offering them the job. HA!! They’d rather not. Then there is this sweeper girl in our condo who’d rather sweep and mop the whole bloody place ( multistorey )than work in one home for a much better salary. This way she gets to interact with the staff here.Hmm.

    Now if they’re stuck in slums..I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY don’t see how the rest of us can help them. No…really. There are a lot of people like me waiting for people who’ll work for a decent amount of money that can get them better lives. But this is their choice. The number of kids they produce even living in that filth. Amazing. Give them a toilet, they’ll turn it into a railway track ..and this isn’t funny, its tragic!

    But yes, our government is trying. Our NGOs are trying..we’re trying. Kya karo!

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  • Try Lucknowi Biryani next time u come here…and go to Lucknow. I love the way Auto rickshaw walas speak Urdu there..aaiye..kahaan jaengi aap…haayeeeeee..bliss! Go to Mumbai…”kidhar jaane ka hai?”

    But hey…Lucknow mein they make ‘kathal ki biryani’ for vegetarians like me who wont touch meat. The story is that even the most kattar non veg eaters who visited the Nawabs couldn’t tell the difference when the biryani was cooked by the chief khaansama.

    Yeah food is always a great topic hehe…Blog karo…see the comments shoot thru the roof!

  • @Taz.

    I consider myself an independent – but I do slightly lean conservative.

    Aside from Jindal’s pathetic response to Obama’s speech at the joint session of Congress, Jindal is by far the most impressive young governor I’ve seen in the U.S. political system.

    I don’t think he is personally trying to emulate Obama, maybe the republican party thinks of him as a counter-point to Obama’s charisma, but that in itself is a losing proposition. Jindal will never have the oratory skills or the charm of Obama.

    Jindal will never have the same charisma and charm as Obama – but he is far more intelligent and has better ideas than Obama does – he should focus on those strengths if he wants to realize any presidential aspirations.

    Either way, I just think he is being unfairly criticized at this point.

    (P.S. I am not an Indian!)

  • Bonjour Tazeen,

    Great story, BUT what means

    WTF ??

    RJ ??


  • Hmmm Taz not a good thing to be giving babajis lifts at night in this city imagine if he wouldve pulled a gun…thought u were saner than that wtf 😛

  • The Oscars have long ceased to be unbiased, more often then not the awards are more a political statement rather than a recognition of great art.
    I mean Bruce Springsteen’s “The Wrestler” didn’t even get nominated.

    As for poor old Babaji didn’t someone say, “Beggars cannot be choosers”

  • teaches you right. How can you leave your iPod behind? I mean…you just don’t do stuff like that…close to sinful…

  • With all this restriction on H1B visa’s Jindal is the the new messiah go and beat the hell out of Obama. Thats the only yardstick by which everybody in India evaluates American Prez.

  • With all this restriction on H1B visa’s Jindal is the the new messiah go and beat the hell out of Obama. Thats the only yardstick by which everybody in India evaluates American Prez. Well for slumdog it is surely a British movie as if anything coherent came out of a very ordinary novel the credit must go to Danny Boyle who is a brit.

  • “What kind of convoluted social norm” …if it were norm you and the old man would both have been subscribing to it. The fact that he did and you didn’t indicates it is a set of values that are unique to the man which make him refuse to accept money earned by his daughters/women. The fact that he was ready to accept money offerred by you suggests one of two things: a0 he did not believe the money given to him was a woman’s earning (yours) b) he had compromised his values to the extent that he was ready to accept alms from a woman who was outside his family (you).

    Your reaction to him is no different from what mine would have been if I were a woman living in this day and age; however, if I were to rationalize the incident I would simply say that the man had a right to his personal beliefs just as I had to mine, and whether I would still give him the money or not would be a random decision…
    Sorry about the lengthy comment!

  • Yes, why IS Slumdog suddenly India’s win? Its ABOUT them, not BY them. But Tazeen, you’ve dared to post this thought. Don’t be surprised if some of them start accusing you of jealousy and sour grapes! 😛

    I used to love Geo because I thought it was an independent, enlightened platform. But it disappoints now…and is making a habit out of it.

  • WTF are u doing in PUNE MIRROR? Your blog’s been written about today Tazeen Sahiba…page6, Pune Mirror, March 2 2009.


  • Page 12…oops

  • you got covered by The Hindu and ZeeNews

  • Here is the Zee News link:


    This is a PTI story and it could soon be up at other places as well. But Tazeen, you deserve all the acclaim you are getting for the beautifully crafted words. 🙂

  • Whoa
    Anita, Abhijeet and Pu,



    RJ means Radio Jockey. They are like the hosts for music radio.
    WTF is the abbreviation for English expression “What the fuck?”

  • hahaha Ok now she is an INDIAN JOURNO.

  • Tazeen, I did not object to your claim of it being a global film. I am objecting to you and Saadia saying that it is specifically not an Indian movie. It is an international effort with significant Indian involvement.

    I felt sorry for some of the kids, after reading this btw,

  • WTF indeed!
    I can’t believe that man! Shamelessly wanting your charity but can’t accept that a women has to work for her money.

    I feel the same, we’re constantly judged here about women working, yet no one is willing to support me…to give me the money I need to live. I’m not married, dont have brothers and I cannot rely on my father…so what the fuck am I supposed to do?

    I suppose standing in the middle of the road with a signing beggin for cash would do…stupid asses.

  • “Slumdog Millionaire is a 2008 British film directed by Danny Boyle, written by Simon Beaufoy, and co-directed in India by Loveleen Tandan.[2] It is an adaptation of the Boeke Prize-winning and Commonwealth Writers’ Prize-nominated novel Q & A (2005) by Indian author and diplomat Vikas Swarup.”


    I am also sick of these RJs, and VJs on B4U claiming Slumdog to be an “Indian movie”! “Indian” being an inter-changable term for “Bollywood”.

    I believe it is wholly a British film but also quite Indian at the same time because there was alot of Indian input and the original book was written by an Indian… however I don’t mean Indian as in “Bollywood”! And it is more British than Indian!!!!! AAAA!

    I sound like an aggressive nationalist like Hitler here but its BRITISH. DANNY BOYLE IS BRITISH. EARTH TO INDIANSSSSS IN INDIA!

    And I’m sick of Indians on TV also saying “Just ‘cos Slumdog was launched by America… it got an Oscar… if an Indian had made it, it would not have even been nominated” – GET OVER IT!!!!!

    And the whole thing about “A.R Rahman only got recognised because of this Western film… his earlier works were much better.” To be honest, the Slumdog soundtrack was one of A.R Rahman’s best works. This is subjective but whatever. You people just can’t be happy without trying to pick out the negative hypotheisis (what-if this…). ARGH JUST STOP IT.

    Btw, I love Indians and Bollywood.

  • WTF 1 : I wholeheartedly agree! WTF

    We have an habit of stretching the truth to accommodate our desires!

    I mean look at Mr. KHORANA.. he got nobel prize for his research in genetics in 1968..

    Umm he lived and worked in USA but he was well mitti ka laal.. lets totally forget that if he was in India he wouldn’t even get a proper job let alone research opportunity!

    WTF 3: Man that is so sick! I remember once we were at the beach and an old man asked us for Rs 20! I gave him Rs 5 and he threw it on the ground coz it was too less!

  • oh God,
    WTF indeed

  • this is my first time here and i LOVE the way you write! 🙂

  • It would be interesting to know if you have an accent when you say ‘WTF’.


  • A little insight for you on SM. The copyrights of the book were approached by 3 Indian film directors, but it were already taken by four films production. I wont say it is a complete Indian movie. But its a joint venture as not only actors, technical work is also done by Indians which is more important than actors themselves. But I am saddened by only one fact that even if this film was produced and direction by an Indian, it would not have reached Oscars b/c of the attitude of our film industry and also the “aam junta”. Small films with competent actors (not khans/bacchans/kapoors etc) are not released entirely in India and has very little audience mainly in multiplex. So forget sending it for Oscars, it would not have been praised in India only. But I would like to see Anurag Kashyap’s interpretation of this book. Might I suggest, watch his latest flick, Gulaal. U might like it. TC 🙂

  • Also SM is a typical potboiler of 80’s. 2 bhai judaa ho gaye, they fight for same girl, bad guy dies, good guy wins everything. So in a sense we Indians should be happy that we invented Oscar winning formula decades ago. :)) On a serious note, it was the execution of the movie that worked for me, the cinematography, sound mixing, background score and most imp little Jamal. It was a feel good factor that worked. Also it won bcos all other movies in that section were pure crap except for Milk (which I have not seen yet). Also it will open more ventures for Hollywood in Indian film industry. Like they did earlier with Kung fu films.

  • I was in Pakistan for 6 months and I would never ever had picked up a hitch hiker. Even when you give people money they want to eat you alive and skin you for everything you have.

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