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Pakistan’s Hollywood Damaad *

As rumor has it, Fatima Bhutto is dating good ol’ George Clooney. Super market tabloid National Enquirer (quite a grand name for a tabloid, isn’t it?) first broke the story which was quoted by Celebitchy on Feb 10th 2009. On Feb 11th, it was plastered all over the Indian Newspapers, from national newspapers like TOI, Indian Express and Hindustan Times to local newspapers such as New Kerala and an assortment of bollywood websites. Surprisingly, the only Pakistani newspaper that carried this news item was Nation and they too carried a three line news item which did not mention the word ‘dating’ and their copy goes something like this:

THE American political salt-n-pepper actor has apparently been wooing slain former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s niece, Fatima Bhutto, a 26-year-old poet and journalist, reported American magazine The National Enquirer on Tuesday.

Although I am no fan of May – December romances (Clooney is 21 years older than Fatima Bhutto), but given her family history – her aunt married Zardari who is rumoured to have something to do with his wife’s assassination and her uncle Shahnawaz Bhutto is rumoured to have been poisoned by his Afghan wife – she could have done a lot worse.

As for Clooney, if it is true (and I have some serious doubts about it), then all I can say is … what a lucky bastard.

* Damaad means son-in-law in Urdu

Addendum: It is heard through reliable sources that Fatima Bhutto plans to sue the Magazine that broke this story. Apparently, it is not true. There goes our hopes of having Clooney as President in future.


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  • Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Main yeh shaadi nahi honay doongi. George???????? Yeh kya kiya tumne!

    But hey…whatever works!

  • Okay, okay, I am like jealous now… hrrrrmph!!


  • Actually…

    We should welcome some romantic foreign interventions. It’s been a while since we last had one (Dr. Hanat and Princess Di–though it turned out to be quite a lie.) Amidst the constant drone attacks and threatening calls from the neighbor, I think a romantic liason as such is refreshing .

    If I were Zardari, I would have been the first one to bestow Mr. clooney with our highest national award for his endearvors towards promoting friendly relations between his country and ours by wooing Ms Bhuttu , and then would better politically use it as a token of goodwill between America and Pakistan.

  • Are you calling Clooney a lucky bastard.Why?

  • Zeeba,

    I totally second that.
    Hilal-e-Imtiaz for George Clooney. All American press see get to see is Mullah Fazlullah’s cronies. They should see beautiful Pakistanis such as Fatima Bhutto.


    Have you not seen Fatima Bhutto? Clooney, is indeed a lucky batsrad.

  • Oh come on. This is the National Enquirer – it’s the same tabloid that reports that Nicole Kidman is having alien children. While it would be an interesting development if it was true, it seems a bit far-fetched, even if she’s gorgeous and even if he’s George Clooney.

  • if it is to be…wont last more than a few months.
    George is a die-hard bachelor he likes it short and sweet or so it seems 🙂
    I think he is awesome…now that his pet pig is dead

  • They only get to see *Mullah Fazullah’s cronies* cuz thats what they WOULD only see now would they? Our media doesn’t help does it? its almost like that our country just consists of the tribals and the swats (what have we done to the place :()

    PS: Bhuttos love to be flamboyant!

  • lucky? really? i thot she wld b the lucky one?

  • so wat? wen zardari can also try for palin . . . . perhaps its the family’s “Foreign Policy”!

  • WHAT??……………… really? But isnt Clooney old enuf to be her uncle???

  • Fatima is one goodlooking girl. If the news is true, Clooney is being true to his reputation.

  • “WHAT??……………… really? But isnt Clooney old enuf to be her uncle???”

    Well, yes, the age difference is rather staggering, however, such a pairing is not all that uncommon. Being a 40 something myself, I have discovered that I attract more 20 something women than do 30 something – of course I think 20 somethings, for the most part, as far as emotional maturity is concerned, are kiddies, but then again, as maybe the case with Fatima, some 20 something women are indeed mature enough to not let the generation gap affect getting into a relationship with an older man…

    Of course, I am no George Clooney, not even anything remotely close, nor am I an expert of gender dynamics, I am stating this purely from personal experience… which also happens to be very limited… hmmmmm


  • Yeah and as a friend said when she heard this:

    The Daily Enquirer? C’mon…didn’t they say Nicole Kidman had alien babies? Jeez!

    So there’s your answer. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • lol. dude! maybe they’re just corresponding! but the dating bit sounds more fun

  • YH,

    That friend was me!! I told you that over email this morning…(and I promptly repeated that in the comment above)

  • Sorry, Kals. I should read prior comments before commenting myself.

  • *giggleblush*

    i hear weddingbells and see beautiful babies for the two in the future.

  • Some guys have all the luck…

    btw, when are you guys issuing a Fatwa against him? he he

  • “Kitna sutho damaad aahay”

    For the first time I feel like saying Jiyay Bhutto.

  • Kalsoom,

    They did? Really?
    I think they must have mistaken Nicole Kidman’s husband for an alien. He does look a bit dodgy at times.


    Why the hell would we issue fatwa against Clooney, he is putting Pakisani women on the map.

  • i just figured out why clooney always beats me to the girl… he’s got the national enquirer on his side.

    maybe i should make a paki indie flick, release it at the next kara, get the oscar for best foreign film and make my move for claire forlani.

    shahlalae, shahlalae,where art thou shahlalae?

  • The way I see it, if he can woo her, then he might as well woo me too.
    Throw me a freakin bone here… 😀

  • Ha ha I agree with you what a lucky bastard

  • This makes sense. I’ve been to the Pakistan Consulate several times.
    They are big fans of Leatherheads.

  • Lol,

    i think Clooney just want to go one up on his pal Brad Pitt. If Brad can have a UN ambassador who is a looker, than Clooney can have a highly qualified writer and politician from a third world country. She can certainly give Angelina Jolie a run for her money and she has an added element of Eastern erotica.

    Eat your heart out Brad, Clooney has beaten you this time

  • i wonder if we can have clooney for president… by marriage of course…

    JEYAE george clooney fatima bilawal zardari bhutto.

    or something.

  • Naahhhhiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  • Why the hell would we issue fatwa against Clooney, he is putting Pakisani women on the map

    Not too mention on his bed.

  • Not too mention on his bed.

    Lucky Bastard! Indeed. 😛

  • I’m jealous! I thought Clooney was mine… forever.

  • women always fall for older men..hate em

  • May-December?
    How is 48 December?
    It would probably be more like April-Aug, I imagine.

  • I don’t see the problem; if the two are in love what’s the deal? Besides Clooney is not a bad guy, at least as an actor; I’m not current with the goings on in Hollywood, but i have heard that Clooney is often referred to as cerebral. Recently there was an extensive interview of his either in The Newyorker or Time where he came across as a thinking individual, which is more than what we can say about most people appearing on celluloid. As for the lady in question, your post was my introduction to her.
    …an informative and entertaining read Tazeen!

  • “Wooing”? Who the hell uses “wooing” in this day and age?

    So “wooing” is the socially accepted version of “dating” which, as far as Clooney goes, is the socially acceptable version of “having sex with”!

    And as someone else commented, if (and it’s a big if with Clooney) they do marry, shouldn’t he be eligible to stand for PM or President? In true sub-continental tradition?


    Quirky Indian

  • Being a man..I agree

    “what a lucky bastard”

  • Fatima Bhutto normally looks pretty but in this photo , she is reminding me more of ‘Janice,’ Chandler Bing’s girl friend in FRIENDS.

    If it had been true then it would have been quite fun. But alas, no hope for Pakistani women.

  • i dont see the point in bragging so much about it seriously 😛
    if she’d b dating me, i’d still want to believe it deserves all the hype ness

  • clooney’s booked? damn 😛

  • Yep that’s a rumor 😛

  • You’ve been Tagged. Details on my blog!:)

  • Aisa kaise hua- I was planning to wed the Clooney myself- or live in sin with him-… no way….I completely protest- am even withdrawing my love for Imran Khan….

  • LOL @ President Clooney 😀

  • Man of the house,

    Perhaps that’s why she is not dating you.

    Quirky Indian,

    Yes, in case of marriage into Bhutto clan, everyone can have a shot at presidency.


    not just President Clooney, it would be President Clooney-Bhutto, with a hyphen.

  • whaaa no dont take him away from us!

    sigh. it was a good 40 hours run, george. back to the dreary taliban-ruled-country-gone-amok headlines, i suppose. hmpf

  • well then we must waste no time and marry us a bhutto!

    i can’t find a soddin article covering this where clooney was complimenting pakistani women, how utterly nice!! we rarely get this kind of love and limelight.

    i never thought fatima bhutto would be our ‘flagbearer’ and secretly don’t really like her much, but hey it could have been meera!

    oh well, it’s just as well all this is just media hype.

  • LOL @ Janice. The resemblance is uncanny!!

    I am really intrigued to find this piece on yr blog.. saw this on a facebook flyer.. “chaltatv.com” or something like that. Thought it was a joke. It may still very well be one.. but your post makes me wonder what it’d be like if it WERE true.

    Clooney for President, aye. *wry grin*

  • i doubt that its true. i think its just a way to defame fatima bhutto…u know how pakistani people would see this.
    but khair, clooney for president, the idea sounds cool waise

  • The defamin part rings a bell…

    I like Fatima Bhutto so am kinda happy to know that this is not true…lets c what comes from here side…

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