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Because chaddis are forever …

There is no shame in admitting that Pakistanis have followed India on a lot of policy matters. When the people here raised their voice against the huge defence budget, we were told that India spends 9 times the amount we do. When we protested against the logic of having 500,000 men strong army, we were told that India has 600,000 troops stationed in Kashmir only. India tested atomic bombs back in May 1998, and viola, two weeks later, we did exactly the same. In short, we have reacted to or copied India in a lot of matters.

Recently, right wing God fearing Hindu brethren decided that they do not like pub crawling morally lose women so they attacked such lose women in the southern city of Mangalore. The group responsible for this attack is called Sri Ram Sena which literally translates to Army of Lord Ram. After controlling/curtailing the movement of lose pub going women, next on their agenda is making sure that no Indian would celebrate the dreaded Valentine Day.

In its true democratic character, Indian public rose against this travesty and came up with this unique way of protest and reclaiming the public places in urban India. What started off as a facebook group has now become the most talked about event for Valentine Day in India this year, where men and women will be sending pink chaddis to Sri Ram Sena leader Pramod Mutalik. The group which calls itself the Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women has over 13,000 members and it is not even a week old. There is a blog with addresses of the chaddi collection points in various cities. According to BBC, chaddis are a reference to a prominent Hindu right-wing group whose khaki-shorts-wearing cadres were often derisively called “chaddi wallahs” (chaddi wearers).

Let me admit that I am truly impressed by the chutzpah and the cheek of our Indian sisters. After following Indians on crazy defence spending, we should follow suit in reclaiming our rightful space in public arena.

Let the chaddis rule.


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  • lol… read about this on bbc 😀

    fb rocks 😀

  • Tez,

    I am right with you – let’s begin with claiming rightful space of women in public arena – lets begin with doing away with forced coverup – live and let live…

    In case of Pakistan – we should start mailing hijabs to the Mullahs…


  • fantastic! i saw my girlfriend join this group, and post the picture, but i didn’t put the two things together.

  • Oh my god! love it…Chaddis rule forevaa!

  • I’ve already sent it. used. hot pink. scented. and full of love.

  • Oh wow… I didn’t know that was happening. Cheers for the people who are standing up against the nonsense!

  • This is awesome! We should send some to Fazalullah and the likes.

  • Thanks Tajeen for showing solidarity with us and championing the cause of Consortium Of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women, an organisation that essentially wants to give the Shri Ram Sena some love — and what better way to do that then sending pink chaddis (Hindi word for panties). It is our attempt at hitting back at the Sri Ram Sene chief and the moral police brigade of our country- to tell them that we women will not cow or bow down to their bullying tactics.The Sri Ram Sene and its like are the indian version of the Taliban. A bunch of impotent half men who are afraid that the women will liberate themselves and see them for the eunuchs they are.Pink chaddis are nothing but a gandhigiri with a difference, a metaphor to how disgusting they are and how much people resent the acts perpetuated by the Sr Ram Sena.Shame and ridicule are very effective means of social control.We can keep the fire burning by sparing a few moments to just listen,to watch and to reflect.We had to respond in some way or the other because if we don’t then these guys will win.Lets raiae toast to Sri Ram Sena on Valentines day.

  • Hey Tazeen,

    I know long no see… literally..

    BTW .. me in bangalore for few days (then will be back to US) working on evaluating a medical teaching hospital and training medical officials for free =D … thats right…. doing Seva for my organizatinal experience and btw… will be attending the “pub bharo andolan this weekend with few friends… “

    Hope all is well with you too =)

  • The day women have have a place in society is the day men fear most

  • I am so proud of the young women in Bangalore. Have already mailed my contribution to the cause LOL

  • Hahaha, I’m told they’re also going to get ‘dating’ couples married off. Lo kallo baat!

  • What if a man wants to contribute to the ’cause’ — I don’t have a pink chaddie — will a white one do?

  • I’m totally with redkazim on this. How about grey boxer briefs?

  • You get saris as a return gift.

  • bravo…sending churiyaans to men had becoming boring and outdated…..pink chaddis rock indeed!


  • Read about this today in TOI…. hilarious!!! This is a well-aimed riposte… ‘cos we’ve had some really strange ones… like Union Minister Renuka Chowdhary and her “Pub Bharo Andolan” ….!!!

  • Yeah.. the ram sena people say they’re gonna go around Bangalore on the 14th with a raksha bandhan and a mangal sutra. So you can pick if you want to make the guy you’re hanging out with your “brother” or your “husband”. It’s pretty funny, really. The new joke is “find some guy rich and good looking and ask them to come for an interview – the Ram Sena will take care of the rest!”

  • Oh this is cool.

    I’m impressed too.

    VERY impressed.

    I think the public should have the guts to tell these groups off. So the Indian public has overtaken us on this one.

  • oh thats absolutely hilarious! When do we start the mimic campaign?

    Instead of pink chaddis we should send…would bras be too vulgar? I’d like to see Maulvi Fazlullah recieve one.

  • Lolz. What would be a chaddi equivalent from the Taliban and Maulvi Fazlullah and the likes of them… hmmm.

  • Hira,


    I can think of nothing that would make a mullah ko lahaul wila koowat than getting a few condoms along with his morning mail.

  • red kazim and YH,

    boxers would do as long as you draw a little red heart on it to show love.

    Hira and Hades,

    I think we should send Burqas made of synthetic materials to the mullahs. They preach purdah, they should try living in one, especially in the month of May when electricity is out for a good twelve hours a day.

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  • i wish we could have a pink chaddi campaign here too, without the fear of the taliban suicide bombing us! no kidding.

  • you women might like to send your bras and chaddis to these women who lost somewhere while raping a poor guy in a house.


  • Hi Tazneen,
    What humour and courage you bring to your blog. Though 69 i was featured on front page of bangalore mirror.thanks to muthalik.


  • http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=55734045722&h=Ip_oq&u=RfN48

    I think she is bang on…
    good post Tazneen..

  • misspecs,
    Indian public have taken u guys on all accounts and its time u agree to tht. But seriously, this campaign worked wonders. Media highlighted it, union ministers supported it, student organisation supported it, bollywood etc. wht diff did it make. Well for once 14th feb went peaccefully bcos student organisations gave dhamkis to govt if SRS beat anyone they ll beat them in return. Result SRS men withdrew their campaign. After that 2-3 beating incidents took place. They put restrictions on tht organisation not only Karnatake but banned it in in Goa and Maharashtra. Also banned SRS cheif from entering Karnataka and Goa for a year. So yeah public protests can worl wonders but u ve to speak when time is right.

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