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Screening the Sacred

While looking for some online reference material for an article I am writing, google lead me to a book called ‘Screening the Sacred: Religion, Myth, and Ideology in Popular American Film’ by Joel W. Martin, Conrad E. Ostwalt Jr.; Westview Press, 1995. 194 pgs. Because I have Questia membership, I tried locating it there and this is what Questia had to say:

Your account profile indicates you’re located in a country where Questia does not have the publisher’s permission to allow you access to this particular publication. Less than 5% of our publications have this restriction so we encourage you to search for an alternative publication or update your profile to correct any error in your country of residence.

We cannot even read about screening the sacred in another country! I wonder who is responsible for that. Is it the publishing house or the or the vile PTA that has put its foot down and does not want anything immoral to reach its audience?


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  • so is it only available in usa?

  • I think PTA is responsible for the blockade..they’ve been censoring a lot of ‘stuff’ off lately!

  • Or is it some form of censorship?

  • This is probably due to publisher’s licensing. They may not have publication rights in Pakistan. A lot of media has this kind of restriction, probably less so for books, but especially a specialty or small press publisher may not have global publishing rights.

  • Try changing your user prefs in the site to locate you in the US or Europe, and go through a web proxy based out of where you chose.

  • Condolences!!!

  • ouch that’s sad!
    it’s not PTA – I’m from India and am getting the same message

    this is disgusting – maybe this is an issue in Asia.

  • I can try to mail it to you,if it is not illegal there.

  • ouch!!

  • PTA has not yet too cool to ban something in this way… they can only ban webpages and thats all.. there must be some other reason..
    but that sure is very weird… :S

  • Publisher’s permission – clearly marked in the statement.

  • @ Afaque
    i had a chance to work on project with PIE(pakistan internet exchange)don’t take
    them lightly belive me they are capable of doing much more than this, DE karachi himself is a Rice graduate

  • I tried to find it in Questia, loads of results came up but not the published work in question and Ive given up. Just wanted to see if I got the result here in England. But I didnt get the dreaded message!

  • who knows… things are really fucked up everywhere…

    thanks for your comment, have a nice week!

  • I get that kind of prompt on a lot of You Tube vedios – not even remotely immoral, mind you.

  • “Shani”
    yeah may be…

  • But these kinds of books find their way into piracy quite easily. It is quite sad. They tell us that piracy amounts to theft, and then, pave the way for thieves to be born and bred on.

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