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This is no list …

Last night, my friends and I were discussing the films we have seen this past year and no one could agree on the films they like best. Being a film buff that I am, I have seen a lot of films this past year. From super hero action extravaganza like Ironman (Asma and I actually whistled and clapped in the cinema when Ironman took his first flight in his iron suit) to off beat British cinema like Happy go lucky to everything in between.

Honestly, film watching is such a personal experience that no two people enjoy it in a similar fashion. This year, I have seen some interesting films and some unexpected films such as Ghost Town. Come on, who would have thought that we will ever see a romantic comedy which stars Ricky Gervais!!!) I enjoyed Ryan Reynolds’ Definitely, may be which was a sort of a romantic whodunit. Another film that I thoroughly enjoyed was How to lose friends and alienate people. For one, I have a thing for quirky British comedies (though this one was shot in New York and the only British character was that of Simon Pegg), secondly, as someone who effortlessly alienates people, I thought I had something in common with the protagonist in the film.

Apart from all these wonderful and the not so wonderful films, I have seen three films this year that stand out the most. The most recent film that has completely bowled me over was Slumdog Millionaire. Directed by Danny Boyle (the man behind my all time favourite film Trainspotting) and written by Simon Beaufoy (man who wrote another favourite of mine, The Full Monty), this British film is shot and set in India and follows a chai wala named Jamal who appears on a game show and exceeds people’s expectations, raising suspicions from the game show host and police. The two children who played the younger Jamal and Saleem are so endearing that they make the viewer fall in love with their characters. A must watch for everyone who has ever rooted for an underdog.

The second film that I liked a lot and have seen about 4 times is Into the Wild. Technically, it’s a 2007 release but because I have seen it in 2008, for me it’s a 2008 film that is worth at least a watch. How can one not fall in love with a character who prefers to be called Alex Supertramp rather than his given name and says profound sentences like “Careers are a 20th century invention and I don’t want one.” The fact that Emile Hirsch is quite a dish did not hurt either.

But the film I loved most this year was ‘In Bruges’. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was a heist plot and was not too interested in it. It was later recommended by someone in the family and boy, what a treasure it turned out to be! I have seen it about 5 times since September and have memorised most dialogues. It’s a must see for everyone who likes black comedies, Ralph Fiennes or Colin Farrell.

Ralph Fiennes was absolutely marvelous in the film; his inanimate object dialogue was perhaps the highlight of the film. Colin Farrell was delightful with his colloquial use of the word “fuck” and the fact that he actually tried to pick up a girl by going on and on about suicidal midgets (or dwarfs). His character was the worst tourist in the world whose idea of tourism was getting sloshed in a pub. He was so adorable that if there was a real person like him, I think I would have fallen madly in love.

Here is a little piece of the film to whet your appetite 🙂

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  • IN BRUGES: This is easily Colin Farrell’s best role and performance in a long time, one that allows him to show a lot more than a big-mouthed asshole. The movie is a bit slow for the first half but it’s very much necessary to set the mood and the contrast for the two halves. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for something different and something picturesque besides being one of hollywood’s so called commercial flick. I highly recommend it to people who like twisted humour and aren’t easily offended.

    DEFINITELY, MAYBE: a pleasant romantic comedy for the nostalgic viewer. LIKE YOURS TRULY!

    GET SMART: Go see this movie if you havent. I know most times a preview looks pretty good and then the movie stinks (hello, Indiana Jones?) but this one does not disappoint.

    if for nothing then anne hathaway rocks as usual. both sexy and action packed 😛 and Carell is just hilarious.. good timing comedy and just the right pinch of action! Go for it Agent!

    21: an awesome movie based on Vegas after a very long time… whoosh I had given up hopes on ever being ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’… but then i landed up in a shop and bought myself the DVD. and finally I am roaring with immense pleasure. Jim is just too hot and just too perfect!
    awesome dude in an awesome film playing an awesome character!
    The visuals were great, the editing sharp, and the score right on point. I enjoyed it and I bet you would too!

    KUNG FU PANDA: ultra hilarious!

    DUCHESS: Keira knightly is exemplary in this role. Her abilities have grown over recent years, with “Atonement” being her previous best. Ralph Fiennes is as good as it gets to fit the role of a dictator husband, who has his way but makes you take the highway. In all i’d suggest ignore the critics, the Duchess will cast a spell that will not wear off easy.


  • Ah, I’ve been hoping to see Slumdog Millionaire for a while. Did you see Sunshine? Danny Boyle somehow made a good movie around the plot of shooting a giant bomb into the dying sun to relight it.

  • Slumdog Millionaire is a brilliant movie, albeit with a slightly cringe-worthy ending (hey, the way i see it they needed a throw back to old-school bollywood).

    A few others you should watch, if you haven’t already.

    Doubt – Meryl Steep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman give performances that take your breath away. I don’t want to say what its about (PLEASE don’t read any reviews or summaries, it’ll spoil everything). This one is one of my three favorite movies of the year.

    Vicki, Cristina, Barcelona – Okay so I know, Woody Allen is so far past his hey-day watching one of his movies is like watching your high-school prom queen serve you at mcdonalds, but who doesn’t like that :p. No, seriously, this movie is OK but Penelope Cruz’s acting alone makes is worth a watch, or two. (esp if you speak a little spanish)..

    There are others, but I really dont wanna make this a post rather than a comment :s Maybe I already have…

  • nice post…and useful names to DOWNLOAD and watch!!! heheh..thanks….

  • tho normally i do see a lot of movies last year (still on) did not hav many films in it… just been too darn busy !

  • Guys apart from discussing the movies also spare a moment to think over the carnage being unleashed in Gazza

  • Good show!!

    I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse.

  • “I have a thing for quirky British comedies”

    ME TOO!!

    🙂 Nice post. And gosh, you write well!

  • I haven’t seen In Bruges only because of Colin Farrell but I guess its worth a watch.

    Rest of them are fairly decent movies.

    If I had to pick then, The Bucket List and Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, are probably the best pick for me.

  • nope not an opinion… jus to wish you happy new year!

  • In Bruges was awesome…Irish dark comedy at its best.

    Slumdog was even better…Indian dark comedy at its best too though definitely with an Indian flavour…

  • am waiting for slumdog millionaire too.

  • You should check out Burn After Reading. A dark comedy with the most unusual ending. It was refreshing to see normal characters for a change, who are not unbelievably gorgeous or nauseatingly happy. Brad Pitt stripped off his usual charm is quite good as a dork and John Malkovich’s cynicism is infectious.

  • Hi Tazeen –

    Happy New Year! Great post on the movies … I have to admit though that I haven’t seen any of the films you list. I am no parts movie goer. I don’t have the attention span to sit still for more than 45 minutes. Ha-ha!



  • I cna’t wait for Slumdog Millionaire to be released here.The trailer looks amazing!

  • Amna,

    have seen burn after reading. I did not find it as amusing as i expected it but Frances McDormand was first rate as usual. Brad Pitt comes up trumps when he is playing secind fiddle (Ocean’s eleven) or a doofus. He probably was the best thing about Burn After Reading.

  • In Bruges was awesome! I can’t believe nobody in the U.S. even talked about it…the theater hall was as good as empty. And Taimoor and I loved burn after reading…probably because living in D.C., we connected more with its plot and enjoyed the jokes thrown at the grand capitol and its surrounding Maryland suburbs. There aren’t many movies that take a city like D.C. and humanize it.

  • If not already, do also checkout Meryl Streep/Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Doubt… or a movie from Norway called – Reprise

    I loved Burges, and adored Slumdog Millionaire – however, even though the acting was superb, I found myself grossed out by the ideological naivete – I think it is a luxury to be able to give up everything than is to earn something from nothing – premise of the movie Into the Wild…

  • i am so glad to have found kindred spirits here who love In Bruges, I thought I was the only one who has seen the film.

  • looks like i was onto something. Sally Hawkins and Colin Farrel won globes for acting in Happy Go Lucky and In Brugges and Slumdog won for all the four categories it was nominated.

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