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Disconnectivity !

I am back in the cyber world after a twelve day long hiatus.

I spent these days up in the mountains and rejoiced the solitude.

Now that I am back, I realised that I have survived the disconnection to the rest of the world. In fact, I actually enjoyed it. I had not access to internet and left my cell phone charger in Islamabad so the battery of my phone died on me the very next day and I was totally cut off from everyone. The thought that anyone can only reach me when I make the effort to go to the nearby general store and make a call was quite thrilling. I now think that 24/7 connectivity is truly over rated. We need to disconnect a bit to find ourselves.

A couple of pictures from my hide out.


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  • Beautiful!!!!

    The second pic is so awesome 🙂
    I’m sure you had fun!

  • hear hear! lucky you, from a retreat and back. i need a good ole detox too. perhaps before the year is out. hope you are refreshed and ready to blog, taz , we missed ya 🙂

  • was wondering where you were… 😉

    welcome back, pictures are beautiful!

  • beautiful, indeed!

    where abouts was this?

  • I’m with you on this

  • welcome back! i still don’t think 24/7 connectivity is overrated. I can live without it may be for a week or so, not more.

    BTW, which place is that?

  • Trip to the mountains?
    WOW…the pics look great…

    and yeah 24by7 connectivity is totally over-rated…

    I don’t answer my phone most of the times..simply because I don’t feel like talking at times…and then I have to follow up with excuses.. ^-^

    Damn the cellphone inventor..:D

  • Erm, I think I need a bit of that 🙂

  • I’d be a bit scared in the middle of some place far from home with no cell phone!

    But yeah, connectivity is over-rated. True.

  • Looks so serene…

    Yeah I agree…whatever made people believe that we can’t live without the connectivity, when barely 10 years ago, none of us were connected – not to this extent anyway.

  • My God Tazeen, have you lost it, man!

    Ten days without a phone! That’s madness.

    Nice place though. Where is it, exactly?

  • I acccidentally left my phone at home today. I felt so naked all day!

    I’ve been connected to the internet and cell world since 1995. My phone is like my outboard memory….I don’t remember peoples numbers or email adresses….or even real addresses! It’s all on my cellphone.

    Is there something wrong with us?

  • the pictures were of Margala Hills and I was not that far off human civilizations. It was just off the Murree-Islamabad Road

  • heeey… that last coupla months i went on a blogging hiatus, THIS is exactly what i was doing! woohoo!

    islamabad-kallar syedan-kotli-rawlakot and back in that sequence, had lots of fun (peaceful, relaxed in a vital-signs-aitebaar on loop kind of way) and slipped a super-quick trip to saudi arabia in there too.

  • do voices speak to you when you are accompanied by your solitude?
    I so wish to get that connectivity,,.
    it is so not there in city life.. never is

  • Supersizeme,

    Kallar Kahar is beautiful, i just love that place.


    voices speak to me in the bustling city of Karachi, little men tell me what to do, what to speak and what to write, thats why gender analyzer thinks I am Da Man

  • little men hmmmm

  • i think its a great idea

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