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You are not a girl and still not out of the closet. !!!

I have a gift for conversations. Whether it is small talk, big talk and plain talking, I do them all. I have previously posted the gems of my conversational skills here, here, here, here and here, here is the another conversation that speaks volumes about my social elegance, chic and sophistication.

Location: A lecture Hall in Northern Italy


Me, not paying attention to the lecture with my ears plugged to my iPod.
The guy sitting next to me.

The guy: So you are listening to music?
Me: (Taking my ear phones off) What?
The guy: You listening to music?
Me: Nah, I am listening to the FIFA stats, mind blowing stuff you know.
The guy raises his eye brow and says: Ah, a girl after my own heart.
Me: Come on, this is no time and place to be cheesy. Its 11.00 am and we are in a lecture hall.

After a couple of minutes

The guy: Can you please share your ear plugs with me and pass on one of the ear plugs, I getting bored outta my mind (It was a yawn inducing lecture in the strangest accent ever)?
Me: (very begrudgingly handing him one of the ear phones) if you really want to (while secretly hoping that he would refuse).
The guy: (took the ear phone) Thanks.

Exactly a minute later

The Guy: (sounded outraged) That’s Cold Play?
Me: Errr yeah!
The Guy: But only girls and fags listen to Cold Play!
Me: Yeah, in case you failed to notice, I AM a girl.
The Guy: Oh believe me, I have noticed and I have noticed plenty.
Me: (giving him the filthiest look I could have mustered) Then I guess you don’t want to listen to it anymore because you are obviously are a girl and still not out of the closet.


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  • come on Teej, you must tell me who this paragon of homophobia was, puhlease puhlease puhlease. Do I know him? What lecture was that?

  • Guys that shout fag at everyone, usually are too comfortable in their closet. How dare he attack Coldplay..

  • Coldplay rocks! Viva la vida!

  • oyi… coldplay rocks!!!

    jus coz they r too posh for da average joe duzn mean they are for fags… !

    and yea.. viva la vida is simply deep 😀

  • Hahaha owned! Eh I dont listen to coldplay.

  • I completely agree. Chris Martin has a voice to die for. (Oh and I’m completely straight).

  • hahaha,

    i am so happy to see so many men up in Cold Play’s defense.


    Ummm, i don’t insult and tell. I mean i do tell the incident but not the name and the guy under discussion has read it and have had a laugh about it. He thinks i should be in news editing business to crop a perfectly normal conversation into something sensational. I choose to take that as a compliment.

    Ren Crow,

    Owned indeed. The guy in question said that as well.

  • hahahaha! he got what he deserved! 😀 😀

    and who in hell said that about coldplay?! *girls n fags etc*

    anyway.. of all coldplay.. fix you is my personal fav..!

  • I read that comment to Samia..

    *He thinks i should be in news editing business to crop a perfectly normal conversation into something sensational. *

    I agree with him! It definitely is an art! 🙂

  • When a band’s most famous song has lyrics that sound like those written by a gushing teenage chap about his first time, you know you’ve got bad music taste. 😛

    Here are the lyrics I’m alluding to, btw:

    How long before I get in
    Before it starts, before I begin
    How long before you decide
    Before I know what it feels like

    Jokes apart, I fail to see what taste in music has to do with your gender or your sexuality?

    For me, personally, lyrics are extremely important. Music is secondary. I wouldn’t listen to “Oops, I did it again” even if Satch composed the music.


  • @ Tazeen.
    You really like to stand up for Coldplay, don’t you?

    @ Hades.
    If Satch composed the music for anything like “Oops, I did it again”, I would kill myself.

    @ All.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s Coldplay, not Cold Play, right?

  • You should have hit him with the earphones… but then eww at that too. Coldplay rocks, he’s just got not so good taste 😉

  • Hi Tazeen,

    Ok! I have to tell you it is tipically YOU and I laughed my had off :)))) I just wonder who that was… Hihi!


  • LOL…How rude, he intrudes on your space then insults your taste in music? Closet fag…


    I love you, taz 😀

  • Hmm coldplay is ok. i like some songs. i like martin’s piano skills.

    The guy was a retard. Any way to stop him from contributing to the gene pool?

  • its okay Che, coldplay is def not gay. you have our word.

  • I’ve been starting my day (lately) with Viva la Vida…

    what is he talking about Coldplay is heck no gay !

  • Hello,

    I think aap kai blog ka link KMB par galat hai maybe because of “period=.” jab hi wahan se link direct nahin horaha hai.

  • @Sidrah:

    I never had a doubt 🙂
    Even if they were it wouldnt really matter. Music doesnt discriminate 🙂

  • People,

    He was not so bad. I mean he has seen more than his fair share of men in various state of undress after some binge drinking but otherwise, he was quite ok.


    it is Coldplay indeed, i typed the post on word and somehow it automatically corrected the spellings to cold play.

    btw, I do not stand up for coldplay, i stand up for my taste.

  • Maja,

    come on, it cant be too difficult to guess.


    if he is to be believed, he has already contributed to the gene pool.


    I love you too

  • tazeen…i love you. will you marry me

  • Tazeen – So, did you know the guy before you told him off? It would be even more funny if you didn’t …


  • Aw crap.

  • What was the poor lecture all about?

    Oh my my my … you shared the earphones with him 😛

  • Liam,

    Yes i sort of knew him. We attended a course together, and i have been equally merciless with total strangers.

  • lol wat an awesome blog.

    but – so what if fag/girls/bitches & hos listen to cold play? nothing to defend.

  • You funny woman 😀

  • Haha.
    Btw,are you going to marry guy_buckland?

  • Ibteda,

    shiite, i missed this online proposal. thanks for pointing it out.

    waisay guy buckland did not leave any ata pata … agar inko jawab dena ho tau kaisay contact kiya jaye

  • lolz…
    but trust me the guy – ur classfellow is sick… [i hope he’s not listening.. :p]
    who doesn’t like coldplay….

  • What was the location? 😀

  • Insulting your choice of music while listening to it from your earphones. Not acceptable. Kick him.

  • Hey ….I LOVE that song….And I don’t fancy with the dudes!

  • 🙂

  • ppor guy! 😀

  • So like did you disinfect your ear phones later on?

  • Okay, but when I’m listening to music on my iPod and someone asks me what I’m doing, I either pretend not to hear them, or if i’m really pissed, say something like “i’m trying to prove that 99% of human beings ask obvious, stupid questions” …

    and i love coldplay …

  • Thanks Unaiza, i have always believed that orange is my color.


    As a matter of fact, I used the earphones provided by the lecture hall (the lecture was in Italian and it was being translated into very bad English) so no need to disinfect my ear phones.

    Over rated,

    I do that all the time, thats why i call iPod 21st century’s choice snub tool but i knew the guy. I preferred lambasting him for being a jackass than ignoring him.

  • Boy! can a lecture get more dreadful than making a jackass guy sit next to u!?!

  • OMG… hahaha this was funny
    One of the things i love the most is a gal with an attitude 😛

    i really enjoyed this one 😀

  • coldplays such a great band!
    lol i loved ur conversation!

  • hahahaha,that was awesome! 😀 coldplay is NICE!

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