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This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM

For everyone out there who is lamenting the fact that Dubya will soon bid adieu to Whitehouse and Jon Stewart will probably have to find another job, here is some good news on the gallactically stupid front. In Pakistan, we not only have a president who was declared demented by British doctors, but the PM and the rest of the cabinet is just as big a laugh if not bigger. The latest crazy to jump in is not a cabinet member but the “SISTER” of our esteemed prime minister.

It is recently discovered that Mrs Nargis Makhdoom, who is the sister of the PM and wife of the Additional Secretary of National Assembly, has gotten a letter head printed which says …. yeah exactly that – that she is the sister of the PM and wife of some additional secretary dude). Mrs. Makhdoom has gotten a ‘sifarshee’ letter drafted (going by the standard of English, I would say that the person who penned this masterpiece must have also written for Geo TV website) which basically ask the addressee to ‘give the holder of the letter a sympathetic hearing’ as the holder happens to be a ‘very special case’.

First of all, I am impressed with temerity of Mrs Makhdoom that she addressed this letter to an esteemed member of HEC (that’s Higher Education Commission for the uninitiated) and started it with the words “The Barer” which can be very misleading, especially it the ‘barer’ of the letter happens to be a young man and the member of HEC has a preference for strapping young lads.

I wonder how many such ‘very special cases’ she is patronizing? Going by the way she has a pre drafted letter and just changes the name of addressee and the sifarshee (a sifarshee is a person who gets ahead through special favors – one such example is pasted – through finding patrons at the right places and by killing meritocracy), there must have been quite a few ‘very special cases’ forwarded by the sister of the prime minister.

It is at times like this I feel that I have wasted my life studying and accumulating one degree after another and working my neck off, try to excel at what I do and still failing to get ahead in life. I could just live off the spoils of big brother and dear ol’ hubby. That’s what I call a charmed life!

Oh and I never knew that the word ‘anticipation’ was quantifiable.

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  • *chuckles*

    And it’s not even ‘sympathetic’, but ‘sympathic’ — must be more intense.

  • LOL….this was hilarious….not just the drafting, but the entire identity crisis this woman has….

    I have seen a couple of jokers in India whose cards say Ex-MLA and Ex-Chief Secretary, so I guess it’s a sub-continent thing.


    Quirky Indian

  • well u hav the option of findin a hubby in the higher offices…

    where do guys go… most girls in higher offices r already married… 🙁 !!!

    but priceless…absolutely priceless 😀

  • now now where is a copywriter when you need one!

  • I hope it makes its way to national television

  • what a reverent and holy woman. granting special favors. she’s like… mother tersa that way…


  • Hehehe…look what 2 centuries of colonization has done to us, only to be undone so ungrammatically in the last 50!

  • sigh
    there are no limits to cross anymore. i bet she thinks of herself as a queen bestowing favors on lowly subjects now…since she is Qaum ki behen and maa, the lucky subject in this case probably being a matric fail khushamdi wanting to attain his bachpan ka khuwab: a Ph.D in english litter-ature.

  • lol , An official letter head with the Prime Minister’s Sister’s name on it . That sure is cool . Politicians , a bunch of very special cases indeed .

  • People,

    Holy Shit!!!
    There are people who actually do google Nargis Makhdoom – the famous sister of the esteemed PM – and are ending up at my blog … why do all searches about the PM groping one of his colleagues, or speaking bad angrezi or PM’s sister end up on my blog? I mean Why?>

  • i think that means that you are officially the most reliable political gossip-monger in pakistan…

    not an office i fancy tho… !!! lol

  • Sami,

    try googling Nadia Khan pregnancy anx you shall end up on my blog … it is at times like this my love affair with google loses its sheen a bit

  • Hahahah! This is funny. And deplorable! I wonder if Mrs. NM has any qualifications of her own?! By the way, people googling for the Agha Khans visit my blog every day, and I have only one post on them, out of, I dunno, four hundred?!

  • and she seems most popular in California, Edmonton and Oxford are the other two places where Mrs Makhdoom is found popular or so my feed search says

    here are a few examples

    Redwood City, California arrived from on “A Reluctant Mind: This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM” by searching for nargis makhdoom.

    Santa Clara, California arrived from on “A Reluctant Mind: This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM” by searching for “nargis makhdoom”.

    Bartlesville, Oklahoma arrived from on “A Reluctant Mind: This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM” by searching for pre printed letter Mrs nargis makhdoom.

    Edmonton, Alberta arrived from on “A Reluctant Mind: This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM” by searching for nargis makhdoom.

    Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived from on “A Reluctant Mind: This letter is ‘very special’ because it is from the sister of PM” by searching for nargis makhdoom.

  • cool,lets hope like the post-office ministry for zehri(disgussted baloch senator),there may be a spelling checking/grammar minitry to check those letters in PPP circus government!

    Wanted:Minister of spelling checking/grammar,must be St.Patrick college graduate

  • Hi Tazeen – That letter is awesome. What a pompous bit of stationery: Help my friend because I am related to the political elite. Well, I suppose it’s a more honest approach than some will take, but still …



  • oo.. u wrote one on nadia khan’s pregnancy… i really like her… 😀 !!! but it was a long time back haina???

    but… what is funny is most people come to my blog lookin for halal subways or bundu khan in london… 😀

  • Liam,

    I think that letterhead is more sad than pompous. Imagine having no personality of your own and your destiny is to live off other people’s glow.


    Looks like government officials are not the only ones in need of a spell checker.

  • You are strange

  • what can i say more ? Day by day you come up with such news that we never find them anywhere….

  • That pretty well shows where r country is headin….dnt knw if it would make any difference but I jst hope this is PPPz last government….

  • Hey Daanish, don’t diss St Pats. My dad went there as did Bilal Musharraf’s dad (the only thing i have and i would ever want to have in common with him).

    About the letter, you think it’s real? Or did someone from PML-N hack into Gilani’s facebook account and steal a copy? 😉

  • Nadia,

    Yes, I am strange, thanks a lot for noticing it.


    Come on, new facebook is fairly complex, i dont think Gilani would have an account up and running.

  • Member HEC is the funniest! didnt this ‘very special case’ even have enough brains to find out on whose desk this letter would be ending up finally!
    Maybe people are confusing dear sister of PM and wife of additional secretary wth the ‘other’ nargis? I cant imagine WHY anybody would be interested in knowing about either.

  • Name and signature don’t match – no resemblance at all.
    I tried dialing the numbers and i am sure these are fake too, first number was off. On the second number, with a caller tune Ya Aali, a lady received the call and dropped the line without saying anything. On my second attempt, as it happens in routine, a guy received the call and politely refused that he knew hameed bhai. Third number is incorrect. I haven’t tried land line number but interestingly, aunt Nargis has only one line to receive phone calls and faxes.

    Don’t you think it’s fake?

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Ha ha!

    I think the word that describes it all is sifarish.

    It’s a proud tradition, sifarish is.

    The Times of Bullshit

  • gosh… ill remember this when people talk about lalu yadav and all here… 🙂

    well, anyways, nice to be back here… was busy with exams….

  • Yet another proof of this governments incompetancy. The future of pakistan is gonna be fun fun fun!

  • Ridiculously funny!

  • WTF?
    and wt a fantastic addresser she used… SISTER OF PM…
    God!!! show them hell….

  • dude, only in the subcontinent … lol …

  • In the past we have seen many forged letters, such as the one from Benazir Bhutto to Peter Galbraith. Cheers,

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