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Analyzing the gender of your blog

Gender Analyzer uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman. So if you want to know about your writing style, place your blog URL and find out if it is written by a man or a woman.

Please note that it is not to cause any confusion to the reader about their gender – apparent or perceived. I gather the website just analyze the writing style, that is why, despite being labeled a die hard feminist, my writing style is 68% male, or so gender analyzer says. It probably has something to do with the fact that I wear my narcissism right on my sleeves, have an ego which is approximately the size of Texas (quite rare in female species) and my blog has pictures of David Beckham.
Yeah, now I get it, its David Beckham pictures that did it.

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  • totally idiotic results
    87% F writer in my case

  • Interesting. After analyzing the homepage of my blog (which sports the most recent post), the results “thought” that that was “written by a man (76%)”. When I tested the same post on its own page (which included comments from readers as well), the percentage dropped to 62. Worked kinda fine.

    They still need to improve their training algorithm, though. The poll on their website shows that only 54% of the blogs are correctly classified.

  • 81% M… they got that right – though is it actually the style of writing they analyse, or d’you think the unshaven look in the picture might have done it? πŸ™‚


    Quirky Indian

  • vot is thisss?

    i got 62% male! (i am 100% female)

    all that bloody sports talk got me!

  • Test says 74% male and I’m all female.

    I’ve done this before but it was another site that did the test and it came out basically the same. We discussed it in a group that I belong to and we came to the conclusion that it depends on if English is your first language or not in many cases. Those who have English as their fist language and is not bilingual has a greater chance of having the test turn out correctly.

    Those of us that has been taught the language has also been taught to use it in a way that doesn’t correspond to what the tests use to define gender.

  • An error occurred
    Sorry, we can only classify web pages written in english

  • 60% man – lol, I wonder how, half the posts are still about married life, blah crap! what kinda man writes about such stuff afterall?

  • wow… i m 68% male too…

    but from the results of our various commentators… i think perhaps the analysis is flawed!

  • something is awfully wrong with this applet.. it says…

    I am 73% male… eh ?

    and to test further (and mainly because I was just talking to Apoo yesterday …. so thought of him hoping I would find another reason to pick on him !) I tested Apoos blog and it says… he is 69% Female.

    Ghor Kalyug/kayamat ! Gadbad hi Gadbad !

  • Guessed mine correctly – 77% male. Alright!

  • Hocus pocus. It guessed me as 60% Male but other blogs I put in there all came out as male too…

  • LOL…Mine say’s I’m 55% male…but more gender neutral! With all the male bashing I do, I’m surprised…maybe its all the swearing? LOL

  • 74% male….works for me

    Perhaps all your summer exploits and frequent references to the profusion of smart, talented and pretty young women in your summer school did the trick for you.. πŸ™‚

  • “I gather the website just analyze the writing style, that is why, despite being labeled a die hard feminist, my writing style is 68% male, or so gender analyzer says.”
    Or perhaps because of it.
    This reminds me of a [PhD-certified] quiz I once took at–when I looked into the attributes they sorted by, they pandered to stereotypes. Which, I suspect, is how this analyzer works.
    So with all due apologies to misanalysed males, I guess if you want the Gender Analyzer to figure out you’re fully female, write “sorry” after every word and never ever have solid opinions. :z

    My result? 82% male.
    Two X chromosomes otherwise.

  • all boys and girls,this genderanalyzer is an artificial intelligence programme but smart enough to tell us that Eve was born from Adam,thats why mostly hidden male percentiles.

    David Beckham

  • And it changes by your most recent post. I’ve never got female though…

  • “We guess is written by a man (53%), however it’s quite gender neutral.”

    See my blog caters to both genders. I love all my fans!

  • We have strong indicators that is written by a woman (100%).

    We think is written by a man (72%).

    We think is written by a woman (83%).

  • What freaks me out more than anything else is that Che and I got the exact same result.

    And yes Tazeen, we all saw the David Beckham comment, it was funny, but almost all of us got distracted by our results…

  • lucky me, it thinks im 80% male!

    In my defense, id like to clarify here that if im 20% female than that 20 percent is definitely a lesbian πŸ˜‰

  • Interesting site.

    My result: 57% male but quite gender neutral!

    I am straight I swear!! but perhaps I should consider the random comment from friend implying all of us are bi as a reason for my results which makes me 57% male and 43% female.

    PS: I am female

  • Jhayu,

    No one else saw the David Beckham joke, only you did.

    You and che got the same score!!! Looks like you guys are soul mates after all.

  • We have strong indicators that is written by a man (91%).

    WHAT?!!! How can my writing style be 91% MALE? HOW?!! I may walk like a man, talk like a man, and ummm, might actually be a man trapped inside a woman’s body but still… I am a woman dammit!!!

  • I think this is a gender-insensitive analyser πŸ˜›

  • lol this sounds fun. leme try πŸ˜‰

  • aahh horrors of horrors :p my blog is 81% written by a man…yikes LOL
    thanks for sharing, it was fun πŸ™‚


    Here’s another one a friend shared with me today. Gives you a little more detail. Check it out!

  • Uf thanx God…
    I was saved… got 63% marks for a man… hehehe

  • Haha, interesting. Let me try this one out too!

  • Hell yea! I’m 70% man!

  • I checked 3 of my blogs
    58% Male
    69% Male and
    87% Male πŸ™‚
    Yup Im a Male offCourse πŸ™‚
    But after reading the girls comment here I concluded that the Varification Server is probably Man Loving πŸ™‚
    I think the programmers use a simple statistical rule “There are more MALE Internet Users” Thats why the ratio of correct answers is HIGH!

  • it is kinda interesting to note this and i bet the following link will interest you further, if you havent to date clicked on it…
    it takes you one step further from the man and woman divider!

    p.s. i wonder why my blogs stated more manly than feminine.. doesnt feel too gud..

  • and now when i recheck.. i went sex change to 73% woman for one and 69% woman in the other.. this is cheating. the first time it gave me 57% man and 64% man :O

  • 53% Woman… oh well… the worst part is that a similar site came up with pretty much the same kinda results

  • Wow.
    I’m 74% female,makes me wonder about the other 26%.
    The Beckham comment made laugh-wow an alternate outlook to how it all began,eh?

  • Easily I acquiesce in but I dream the list inform should acquire more info then it has.

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