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Links for the weekend

Some links that I thought should be shared with friends and foes

A preacher in Nigeria was given reprieve by the superior court, who was earlier arrested for marrying 86 women and fathering 170 children. Actually, he was only arrested for marrying 86 women, but should have been arrested for bringing in 170 children into this world.

He was arrested because custodians of Sharia wanted him to divorce all his wives but four, as allowed by the Sharia, the preacher on the other hand wanted the cake and eat it too, so he declined and now, it looks that he will happily ever after with all his 86 wives, 170 (and counting) children and numerous grandchildren.

The Onion has this hilarious take on this international conman named Barrack Obama who ran away with left over campaign money.

In another news, an Italian man was granted divorce by a court in Salerno on the grounds of …well, a nagging all intrusive mother-in-law. He hopes to get married again but he is strictly looking for a girl who has no parents.

University of Oxford came up with a list of ten most annoying terms/words used in English language and the most annoying one was ‘at the end of the day’ !!!! I think Brits have not heard the really annoying phrases of late. If they want, they can come and chat with Dr Shahid Masood and only then they will know what can be constituted highly annoying and superfluous as hell.

Austrailians are fighting the slump in the economy in an innovative way. In Canberra, Australia, a holiday resort will hold a month-long, nude “anything goes” party to combat an expected economic downturn. According to the management of the resort, it will be a ‘hedonism resort’, where anything goes for a month. If you are into kinky stuff, book your reservations now, but get in shape before you actually there. You won’t have any designer duffs on you to hide the cellulite and extra tire that you carry around your mid section.

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  • hahaha… omg the one on obama is sooooooooooooo good !!! specially since over the weekend i saw a southpark with a similiar theme to it !!!

    i had already known da guy with the 86 wives (bloody ell!!!!) and the most annoyin terms… but giv the brits a break eh… its a wonder ‘innit’ never made it in the list… some people find that annoyin… the pure linguals type 😀 !!!

  • I’m updating my list of annoying things to say, I’ve only been using one out of the ten this far. Does that make me “fairly unique”? ;o)

  • i guess nagging mom in laws is an overrated joke

  • lol ,
    loved the one on Obama
    And 86 wives :O . .How did he mange that ? I can imagine him saying , “I am sorry I cannot give u an appointment , I am getting married on this tuesday , next thursday and on the 30th of this month . My schedule is all full”

  • I got the African Obama, the Indonesian Obama and the commie Obama but why Sardar ji Obama?

  • Ha ha, yeah, Sammy!

    Plus he’s wearing a bandhgalla too!

  • Here are my most annoying words and phrases. don’t know if they have made it into the Queen’s English but are popular here in the States.

    I hate it when people call vegetables veggies. I hate it when people call macaroni and cheese mac and cheese.
    I hate it when people call your rear end your buns.

  • You have an interesting blog. Thank you for passing by mine and leaving behind a nice comment. I shall return here at leisure.:)

  • wow ! what an interesting piece !

  • wow ! what an interesting piece !

  • Interesting news blog,lets see which Obama we will be dealing with in next few months..BHO!

  • It’s past the weekend, but I enjoyed your piece… Is it alright with you if I borrowed the idea for the top 10 irritating phrases? I’ll credit your blog for it…. 🙂

  • sure
    by all means and credit should either go to telegraph or Oxford university … i merely copied it. 🙂

  • that onion article is wickedly funny man 😛

  • how did obama get in? didnt really get that. funny anyways!

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