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The voodoo dolls and Nicolas Sarkozy

French have beaten every other nation in the world when it comes to poking fun at their head of state. Let’s admit; George W. Bush, Silvio Berlusconi, Angela Merkel and our own President Zardari make a much better fodder for poking fun but the French have beaten us all. They came up with Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo dolls.

The Nicolas Sarkozy doll went on sale Oct. 9th 2008. The president tried having it banned but that decision backfired and it became the hottest selling cult item. The doll comes with a set of 12 pins and a manual which explains in detail how to put a curse on him.
For only €12.95, French people have a chance to literally poke their president and have fun while doing it.

Sarkozy’s legal team demanded a ban, arguing that the president owns the right to his image and had never authorized the doll, but the court over ruled the litigation saying that the doll was protected by what it called the ‘right to humor’. “Caricature and satire, even deliberately provocative and crude, falls under freedom of expression,” three judges wrote in their ruling.

Interestingly, it is his sixth lawsuit this year. In February, Sarkozy sued a journalist for publishing the content of a text message he said he never sent to his former wife, just days before his wedding to his third wife, Carla Bruni. In May he went after two T-shirt producers who had made fun of his last name. He has sued Ryan Air for using the image of his then girl friend Carla Bruni among other litigation cases. If the latest case has made more waves than others, it is also because, as interior minister in 2006, Sarkozy was one of the staunchest defenders of the right of newspapers to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that offended many Muslims.

Sarkozy turns out to be the most litigious president in the history of France; I bet some of the French people must be wondering if he is better suited for a more litigious society like United States of America than France.


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  • that guy has some issues… but at least unlike bushiewushy he does not go around attacking other countries just coz sombody stole his tricycle !!!

  • Dang! The French people have all the fun 🙁

  • lol, voodoo dolls! something tells me that sort of thing would be big here.

    a bad legislature passed banning smoking in parks? why, let me just stick a pin in the thigh area. country selling Qadirpur gas fields to private investors? let me just poke your pelvis, mr prez!

  • Didnt know the French have such wonderful sense of humour.Was reading the other day, this blogger,an American mom living in France and how she was surprised to see that a ‘smile’ is not in the French nature.
    Is the doll selling good? That should tell.

  • imagines what the gillani doll would do to the sherry doll while he was sleeping. I think we should wait a bit till we make paki leaders into dolls 😛

  • I know some folk who practice voodoo. I should mention to them that Bush could use some sticking, but maybe it’s been done as he’s sinking so much in the polls. But it hasn’t stopped him from invading countries because Daddy was a war hero.

    I think we have flat cat Bushes.

  • At least you could see the funny side of it. Some sick spanish racists put up a website recently in an attempt to curse Lewis Hamilton (British F1 driver) in his attempts to win the world title at the last forumula one race in Brazil this weekend.

  • I’d love voodoo dolls of the the members of our current government, how they manage to gain power is a mystery to me.

    We could learn much from the French, they are really good at protesting when something is wrong too. Here we complain but fail to act most of the time.

  • New product: soccer balls with faces of presidents. Ppl be kicking them to the moon.

  • arre we have been doing this for years now. beating up the effigy of our beloved leaders with sticks and shoes and setting it on fire.
    Effigy making is a booming industry here.

  • Che,

    Burning effigies is a lot of work, sticking pins is easy, a lazy person like me would definitely prefer a voodoo doll over effigies

  • lol, i wish someone would come up with a voodoo doll for zardari and gillani 😀 😀 maybe i will *evil grin*

    this guy has a colourful past record for lawsuits huh, serves him right ‘right to humour’

  • meh, the french. they’re like marmite they are, you love ’em or you hate ’em
    fancy nailing palin’s cabbage doll? http://tinyurl.com/5tp53a

  • @razz

    I’m cursing Kimi Raikkonen for dropping out of contendership for the driver’s title but I ain’t a racist… more like a race-enthusiast : P~

  • I almost feel sorry for the poor guy. . . . voodoo dolls for cursing him,rofl they sure are inventive at their humour.

  • Organ Harvester,

    You should have patented that ‘Idea’, its gonna sell like hot cakes in so many countries.

  • definitely a funny idea, French may be the next superpower if they use the same skills to deal with the current one!

  • Great idea…..more power to the French!

    Sarkozy should have sued for a royalty deal……look at all the money he’s losing. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

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