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The sound of music

After detailing crappy stories about life amidst religious fanaticism in Pakistan, I am happy to report that Pakistani music scene is looking bright for female musicians and there are a couple of musical associations that are especially notice worthy.

On the repeat mode on my iPod these days is Saba and Selina’s live rendition of their romantic number ‘I am in Love’. Apart from foot tapping music and their amazing vocals, what I like most about this song is the progressive lyrics. In Pakistani romantic music, it is always a male that actively seek/pursue love and women generally tend to follow them. This song is an unabashed declaration of love from a woman who says, “I am in love, I am believer and I couldn’t leave him if try.” Not the regular fare in desi music and extremely refreshing. Kudos to the girls.

Haniya and Zeb are the other two musicians who are making their mark in the music industry and they are pretty good at live performances as well. Apart from making songs in Urdu, they are the first female musicians who are doing rock music with Pashto lyrics; amazing, isn’t it. They have just shot their first video ‘Aitebaar’ which has used dance as a metaphor for love, it’s an excellent video, enjoy …


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  • great to see intelligent women join the fold of intelligent music. was sick of the hip-swerving visuals female “artistes” were being forced to provide, lacking any sort of substance. the days of smart female musicians hath arriveth.

  • whoa. comment moderation? whaa? i cant make any more of those naughty comments? dayem.

  • Yar i was sick of anonymous sickos who post crap without posting their names. It is one of my pet peeves these days, i mean if you cant even use your fucking name, then you have no right to voice your stinking opinions, at least not in MY SPACE.

  • yea, another thing… i feel songs made by bands and not regular for-movies musicians are getting popular too

  • hey! videos not workin right now (yes, I have an amazing internet connection. period.) but I’l watch them soon..
    I liked the way you’ve given the write up of the first song..

    // This song is an unabashed declaration of love from a woman who says, “I am in love, I am believer and I couldn’t leave him if try.”


  • Have you noticed how intelligent, forward looking women always have big noses? …ha! Gimme hopeeeeeee tazeenaaaaa

  • And is this THEIR song or a rehash?

  • Desi Chick rockers rock!! Even they’re believers, they still rock! 😉

    Awesome… good to see…

  • Anita,

    Zeb and haniya song is an original but Saba and Selina one is just a cover. What I am celebrating here is the fact that women can get up and sing a song about desiring men and being proactive in a relationship, i think its awesome

  • So when do we see a chartbuster from tazeen 😉 or rather hear.

  • Che,

    I sing everyday, for at least a couple of hours, in my car while commuting. I am soon gonna be famous as the crazy girl who sings and dance while driving !

  • Well the least you can do is record it and send it to me. I wont put it up on youtube i promise 😛

  • xeb and haniya totally rock. and i love the ‘karachi – city of candle light’ so much….

  • Eh I never got into urdu songs much. You can go ahead and blame my amreeky upbringing for that one.

  • would listen to the songs as soon as the damn speakers start working 🙂

  • where is MEkaal Hasan??? THat is like the real stuff!!

    Scribblers Inc.


    P.P.S-would you have any clue if their album Andholan came out?

  • ok two more things:

    a)zeb and haniya are GOOD!! its one of the rarest all girl blues combo that I have come across…and yes they totally Rock!! 😀

    b)gumby seems to be playing drums for Noorie, Mekaal Hassan AND for Selina and co. Seems like a real hard workin guy.
    AND A KICK BUTT drummer!!

    so yeah I follow a little too much of your music!! 😀

    wishes from india
    Scribblers Inc.

  • Scribblers

    Meekal just produced Aazl’s latest album.

    Yes, it was a special program called Coke Studio where they gathered the best musicians and obviously Gumby is the best of the lot.

    He left Noorie and now works for everyone, whenever he has time but he always works with Meekal.

    Its great to know that our music is popular elsewhere as well. 🙂

  • Yeah this experiment of doing gigs with one best musicians was great..loved their live performances & their music was quite refreshing.
    Zeb & Haniya have also come up a jazzy kinda album which sounds quite fresh..I loved their pushto number apart from few other tracks..its great to see young Pakistani female musicians coming up with something original & something different from typical desi numbers..can’t wait for Arooj Aftab’s album to be released though its going to take some time.

  • Tazeen you could not be more wrong than this. I agree that the lives of Pakistani women are not ideal but you just sound like those NGOs who talk about non issues all the time. There has never been any issue for women singers in Pakistan and we had some great singers from Noor Jehan to Iqbal Bano to Farida Khanam to Nazia Hasan. There had not been any restriction on choice of lyrics as you have talked about “progressive” lyrics. May be you have not heard real Pakistani music . Your post implied that the women singers of Pakistan were not free to choose their lyrics. Actually we have had better women singers than male singers. I really do not think that Hadiqa or Nazia were ever restricted to not sing any particular song. The posts like this make you less credible and it seems that you have some agenda.

    By the way the first song’s title is “I am a believer” and not “I am in love”. I am not sure if this is only me or if other have observed that gals not only sounded like men but also looked like men 🙁 . They just crushed the classic song.

    For second song, the choreography is good for Pakistani standards but the music as well as voice quality is not up to standard. May be I am too hard on these singers, I had some training in music in my childhood.

    Not sure if this comment would be published :-).

  • Han Solo,

    For the last time, let me tell you, it is a blog, not a newspaper that needs to be politically correct. Yes, I have an agenda which is to write whatever the hell I want, you have a problem with that, please do not visit my blog. I would be very happy to never see any comment from you ever again.

    Now fuck off.

  • Isn’t women singing in public haraam in Islam? =)

    You local neighbourhood, fundo.

    PS: Kudos for highlighting this. We do need to break away from the Hadiqa dominated music scene. I saw Annie at the embassy and she left a lot of ppl spellbound and a lot of mouths hanging (including mine). Here’s to more rights for women…hopefully.

  • yeh saba aur selina main say left wali bohot sexy hai… I want i want!! haha

  • It is really really a great achievement for them…give more power to women…….

  • zeb and haniya are so refreshingly good.. the song, Aitbaar is amazing…

  • Oops…that was supposed to be your local neighbourhood fundo…=(

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