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Arabs are racist and quite proud of it

I wrote a blog a few months back about not wanting to go to Dubai and I got a few responses that said that I should try my luck as it is land of opportunities. As it was a light piece, I never raised my biggest concern but I think that Arabs are the biggest bigots and most staunch racist people on planet earth and one must avoid them if one can. Some people, especially those who wear their religion on their sleeves (and face, head and ankles) would be offended that their brothers in faith are attacked in such a manner, but it is the truth. Unlike Western democracies, Arab racism is entrenched in law and a non Arab person has no hope for a fair judicial trial if pitted against an Arab. There are racist and bigots in the West, but being racist is generally considered a bad thing and no one would openly flaunt their racism like Arabs do.

During my recent trip to Italy, I had a chance to travel with Arabs. We were waiting at the Venice train station late one night and the minute they would see either a black person or a South Asian (there are lots of South Indians and Bangladeshis in Venice), they would huddle closer and try and hide their bags. I was also implored to hide my purse under my coat as they feared that any suspicious looking man (read black or desi) may snatch it away. When I looked at one particularly suspicious man, he turned out to be an Indian factory worker from Hyderabad in blue overalls, probably going back to his home after a long grueling day (I know it because I went up to him and spoke with him for ten minutes after my argument with the Arabs). When I said that he seems like a harmless man, the girl said, “These people (South Asians) are jealous of Arabs and their wealth and would rob us any chance they get.” Outraged that I was, I said, “In case you have failed to notice, I too am one of these people (South Asian).” To which she said, “But you are my Muslim sister.” I told her point blank that if I have to form an association with anyone, I would rather associate myself with the factory worker from Hyderabad. After all, we share the skin colour, food, history and we both work for a living, something to which Arabs are not really familiar with.

The reason for this tirade of mine is that I just read this article in Guardian where an Iraqi Arab living in UAE proudly said that he will never use the new metro if it’s not segregated and will never sit next to Indians and Pakistanis with their smell. “We need slaves; we need slaves to build monuments. Look who built the pyramids – they were slaves,” he further added.

If anyone has shown such unabashed racism and cruelty to fellow human beings in any other part of the world, they would have been taken to task. If nothing else, they would have been bashed in the media. In Arab wonderland of Dubai, it happens everyday and it is sanctioned by law. They take pride in racism and bigotry and it seems that they are extremely proud of it.

on their way back after an 18 hour a day shift.

No washing facilities for the workers.

There have been incidences that 20 men have shared a single room.


Photo courtesy: The Guardian.

Some more photos were forwarded to me by Tarek Fateh, author of Chasing the Mirage which I am pasting below.


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  • I find the Arabs in general morally reprehensible. They are suppose to be the Fathers of Islam…and yet they go against almost every principle that Islam stands for.

    I once told my aunt that I dont like the arabs…she told me “you can’t say that, because the Prophet SAW was an arab”…
    I told her much later that the majority of the arabs were misogynistic bastards. They lack respect, are arrogant beyond belief and have too much pride which is evident in their sense of entitlement and superiority.
    These people are nothing like our beloved Prophet SAW.

    This racist crap..Arabs, Indians, Malays etc. etc. should really come to an end now…its high time that it does. We are all Muslim and on the Day of Reckoning The Almighty Allah SWT is not going to differentiate…we will all be judged accordingly.

  • “This racist crap..Arabs, Indians, Malays etc. etc. should really come to an end now…its high time that it does. We are all Muslim and on the Day of Reckoning The Almighty Allah SWT is not going to differentiate…we will all be judged accordingly.”

    I agree with these words of azra but with minor amendments, “We are all HUMANS and on the Day of Reckoning whoever your God maybe is not going to differentiate and will judge all accordingly. If you are an atheist, then we are all HUMANS an will all die same death and thats it”

    Everybody is racist. Some are xenophobes like the person who said what was in Guardian byt most are racist to smaller degrees. Deny it all you want but at some point in your life you must have judged someone on the basis of their race, religion or color. It sad but true.

  • I am not a Muslim, nor a SE Asian, But as an expat resident in India what has been sad for me is the animosity and lack of trust that many Hindus and Muslims have towards each other here. They are both Bangalorean, Karnatakan, Indian… and yet they look towards each other as “the other”. Then there is the not legal caste system which is still present in the consciousness and treatment exhibited by wealthier Indians towards many who are “workers”. There are no easy solutions, I applaud you for speaking up about this.

    I should add that I come from California where there are many who treat Mexicans in a similar way as to what you describe. But I think it is at least more common for schools to be less segregated in the US. I think this helps people to grow up having more familiarity with other cultures and types of people.

    Hey, we are all Earthlings and Human.

  • You know what I often ask? if on the Day of Judgment there will be separate days for each race and what if kids from these “mixed” marriages and unions have to be judged? What if there is a clash in the timetable? So many questions, so much insanity and so few bullets.

    My point is that we shouldnt care. We shouldnt stoop to their level and we shouldnt pay any more attention to these biggots as is necessary. I get upset with people who will rally to support a Palestinian cause but will pretend that reverts, south asian Muslims, black muslims dont exist.

    Nice post.

  • i could not agree more…. !!!

  • Azra,

    Religion is personal, the sooner wee realise that and stop judging people on the basis of that, the better it would be for all of us.


    I agree with you. If we only start considering other people human beings like us, things would be a lot better. Religion and race have been divisive forces that have only brought misery to people.

    I have traveled extensively and the only thing I have learned is that human beings are all the same, with similar aspirations, hopes, fears and sorrows.

    My particular grouse against Arabs is more pronounced because they have totally fucked up Pakistan. Everyone in Pakistan lays the blame on Americans but the truth is that it is Arabs who fund religious fanatics in Pakistan. It is they who come and buy cheap kidneys in Pakistan. They have bought huge lands and use them as their private hunting grounds. Some of them were natural reservoirs which they fenced off to breed animals which will be hunted. In case of floods, esp in Sind, the walled reservoirs cannot take in excess water and floods ruined harvest and human settlements and our spineless government cannot stand up to their Arab Masters (Bastards) which adds to the misery of the people.

    I don’t know if I am making any sense but I am just up to my neck with them and this article did snap something in me.

  • Arab is the only race, which is proud of its racism. This racism goes back to the pre-Islam days of Jahiliya, when they used the word ‘Ajam’ or illiterate or who could not speak for non-Arabs. This was the time when they were poor as compared to their Persian neighbors, and their empire was its prime at that time. They were so arrogant when they were poor, now they have petro-dollars, own buildings on Champs Ellyse and barons of Wall Street, how one could expect them to respect their poor brothers in faith from Pakistan and India.

  • I am sadly really ignorant about the situation there so I will take your word for it. We are no better off on this side of the border. Fighting each other over religion, caste, region and what not. I dont think its ever gonna change. We have got to make our bubbles stronger and hope it survives till the day we die.

    On an happier note saw something in newspaper that made me smile. Matrimonial ads from Pakistan! Yes now there is a special column only for matrimonial ads sent by families in pakistan looking for a suitable match for their child in india. That made me happy.

  • this is something that has been there and will remain so no need to get frustrated about. money can go to anybody’s head so we cant really blame then as they are born with it… everybody lives their own lives and is answerable for their own deeds…

  • Come on UTP,

    People making 70$ dollars a month and living like slaves whose passports are confiscated because they serve the purpose of development of Dubai and I dont need to get frustrated. People are dying there every day. Every day we have people deported back from UAE and Oman and no one raise any voice against it. They have deported 4000 workers because they wanted to form a trade union last year. I liaised with AHRC on that but nothing happened because the government did not want to do anything for its poor and hungry voters.

    Yes shit happens everywhere. The least we can do is call it vile stinking shit. If you can be indifferent to it, fine but not everyone is blessed with such a nonchalant disposition like yours. Some of us are hurting over it. Not just for Pakistanis or Muslims but for HUMAN BEINGS across the globe who are facing such atrocious living conditions.

  • whenever i go to middle east, i feel suffocated, even while walking on the road, dunno if it is the heat or if the air is heavy itself

    but i guess it is the cycle. and it has to happen everywhere. they might be racists and they might be arabs but end of the day they are humans who have segregation-mentality

  • thanks taz, for posting on this subject. unfortunately, from what i have read, and heard, supports your premise. i have a brother-in-law who faces the struggle of rising in the ranks of corporate dubai (of all places) – which goes to speak even louder of how the worker class is probably treated. the way pakistanis and other south asians are treated as second-class citizen must be severly reprimanded. “we are seen as second-class muslims by them too”, a friend would always reiterate. i hope the new generation of Arabs will rise above this. i’ve had very little encounter with racism in my life, but the very little that i’ve had, really really hurt.

  • Arab racism towards Indo-Pakistani and Black Africans is not only institutional, but it is embedded in Sharia law. Once Arab superiority over non-Arab Muslims gets a religious stamp of approval, and all Desi Muslims start taking on last names to make themselves of fake Arab origin (Siddiquis, Qureshis, etc.), the situation becomes worse.

    I have dealt with this subject in my book “Chasing a MIrage” where I have traced this doctrine of Arab superiority back to the days of Caliph Omar and later when Desi Muslims were forced to pay jaziya to the Ummayads rulers in Sind (8th century).

    This Arab racism against Pakistanis is also helped by our own upper class twits who say “shit happens”, because I can bet they flaunt their own ancestral Arab origins while using the term “kaalia” to describe Black Africans or any darker skinned Indian or Pakistani.

  • Interesting !!!
    Wanted to break it down:
    “Everybody is racist.” I agree with “che”. We can start all the way from down from family, to relatives, to town, to city, to province, to country, to religion, to color (race) – everyone is racist in whatever domain they are in.

    I have lived in Dubai all my life. Nothing to be proud of as millions have spent their lives here. Its been a good ride so far, honestly. Racist arabs rule, but expatriates who come here with a hope and joy of a future do get a chance. Some have made it big, some not so big and others not at all. Many however, got something that they did not get in their own country which is what got them here in the first place – a lifestyle, an opportunity. Take any country in the world that provides citizenship to “ALIENS” – US, UK, EUR, AUS all have been extremely rascist countries in their times and still are. The rules of rascism have changed, sure. Now it all happens at a higher level whereas in the arab world it is still at a level where other countries were 100 years (more or less) ago. They do talk about it and have regulations and rights, but like I said it still happens only now at a different level.

    Somebody has to work at gas stations and drive taxis, right? You really think they cannot stop the infiltration of illegal “ALIENS” from mexico and south america into US? But then somebody has to mow the lawns, and fix houses right? Also, these illegal/legal “ALIENS” cannot complain because they could not even dream of having all that in their own country.

    The number of people going back to India from ME is alarming because India is doing well. This was not the case 5 years ago. Now there is cheaper labor available from the Philippines and Africa. That is how it is all around the world. They either get cheap labor to their country (like the Americans did to the Africans) and fuck them over, or send work across the oceans to china and india and raise taxes in their own countries and fuck their own people. It all happens all around the world. Surely, the rules are there but in reality, they have been made by those who know how to twist them. In Pakistan feudals have ruled over innocent farmers for years (no arabs there), only now the media goes around telling stories and that too, without results.

    Religion and preaching are two different areas – religion is personal but preaching is not. Those who preach, in today’s world are extremists and fundamentalists. (I wrote a whole bunch of stuff here but deleted it because it deteriorated from the topic)

    It is not the fault of the arabs that Pakistani people are losers to fall for religious fanaticism. You can contest by saying “they target the illiterate and buy people with their oil money” I’d say those who are educated never read the Quran or the Bible (or whatever it is that people read or dont read) with translation to understand the true meaning of it, how do we expect the illiterate to understand? Parrots !!!

    I am NOT for this pride – something I have seen day in day out, year on year. I am just saying that this has nothing to do with the arabs. This is how the world works. Raising your voice in concern is a great thing (hence appreciation for what you wrote) and should be done, but comparing with the rest of the world as a better place is something I cannot digest. It happens everywhere and arab world is no different. My opinion.

  • Yes, the Arabs are quite racist. And the average Sub-Continental Muslim comes back quite disappointed from his travels there. I know people who’ve gone for the Hajj and come back quite disgusted by it all, especially the naked commercialism displayed by the hosts.

    //After all, we share the skin colour, food, history…//

    This might be kinda unrelated to the post but this reminds me of a part of “Freedom at midnight” where Mountbatten discusses the exact composition of what Pakistan will be.

    The original version of Pakistan, of course was a lot larger than the “moth-eaten” version Jinnah eventually managed to wrest from the British. In the discussion, Jinnah was trying to convince Mountbatten that the whole of the Punjab and Bengal should be included in Pakistan. Mountbatten, who was quite a Congress/Nehru fanboy, wanted only a part to go to Pakistan. To which Jinnah replied that a Bengali was a Bengali first and then a Hindu or a Muslim, hence there should be no partition of the province. Mountbatten, exasperated, would then go back to the original question: then why do you want Partition at all? And thus it would go on…

    [Do note that “Freedom at midnight” is a rather bad book, at least as a history book—in my opinion its aggrandizes the fool, Mountbatten too much]

    The antipodal opinion to the Hum-sab-ek-hain version is of course is the India-is no-more-a-united-nation-than-the-equator version which isn’t all too wrong too.

    A Tamil, a Punjabi and a Bengali have nothing in common – not skin colour, not food and not history.

  • You are so right. Arabs are racist and not only to South Asians but to other Arabs as well. Egyptians, Moroccans, Libyans and so on are discriminated against as well. Not to say that these same nationalities who are victims of racism themselves don’t act racist towards sub-continentals (aka “Hin-dus” which is the common phrase given to all of us including Muslims). Sad but true. There’s not much we can do until they have their black gold.

  • They probably forgot our Prophet’s(PBUH) last sermon

  • I have said this about Middle Eastern Muslim countries for decades – and will repeat again – these countries have one of the most indignant, oppressive, and abusive immigration policies. Modern day slavery is openly practiced in these countries – I wonder when is the Islamo-consciousness, which is currently occupied with issues such as right to wear hijab, eat Zabiha, and shoving Sharia down everyone’s throat, is going to look at yet another ugly duckling of immigration and labor abuses within…

  • Take any country in the world that provides citizenship to “ALIENS” – US, UK, EUR, AUS all have been extremely rascist countries in their times and still are

    Dear Living in Dubai – so what does it take to become a citizen of Dubai?

    In the racist US – path to citizenship is equally available to ALL tribes – illegal (in some cases such as the amnesty of 1986) or legal immigrants. Where as in Dubai, like other self-righteous, but just as racist of course as are US, UK, and whatever, Middle Eastern Muslim countries, citizenship is available ONLY to select few. This is not just my opinion, instead it is a fact. A fact that needs to change… BTW, are you a citizen of Dubai?

  • Mr. Fateh,

    BTW thanks a bunch for writing an excellent book… I wonder if there’s a way that your book could be donated to the libraries across the Middle Eastern countries. I will be willing to contribute $$ towards this effort. While we’re on this subject, are there any plans to have your book translated in Arabic?

  • Tez,

    Excellent article… this should be forwarded to His Highness, the sole proprietor of Hajj Enterprise, King of Saudi Arabia…

    I totally agree with you, just as much Afghanis hate Pakistan for having fucked up their country, I think it’s about time that us Pakistanis open up about how Pakistan has been sold for cheap to the greedy and inconsiderate bastard princes/kings/amirs… these peeps have raped Pakistan in more ways than one – it’s about time Pakistani Hakoomat’s sudden awakening to the sanctity of its sovereignty includes doing away with the hunting parties (from what I have read – the princes/VIPs build tent cities in and around deserts of Balochistan/Sind)…

  • [b]I should add that I come from California where there are many who treat Mexicans in a similar way as to what you describe. [/b]


    I am a product of California public school system (both high school and college in Orange County) – class of 1987 in HS…

    In California, even with overt racism against the Mexicans, the school system is open to ALL. Where as in most of the Middle Eastern Islamo-Petro countries, children of expats are NOT allowed to attend local high schools nor universities…

  • i cannot agree more

    just that bit about financing fanatics. americans are equally responsible if not more. in the 70s and 80s americans supplied books that for example taught counting to children with the number of bullets, dead russian soldiers etc.
    hamid mir has showed these books on tv

  • I hate them and every time some ignorant american mistakes me for an arab or assumes that pakistan is an arab country I show such disgust that they start apologizing profusely and I also tell them if you say this to an arab he will actually kill himself, such is their arrogance and hatred towards non-arab.
    All I know is they messed up my country and my people. If it werent for Indian and pakistani engineers and workers, Saudi and UAE would have nothing. All they had was raw material, no skill no education and certainly no labor. When someone helps built your country, the least you can do is respect them. But no we are just slaves right? they bring a bad name to Muslinms and the world of islam is in the dark only because of them.
    Here in the US illegela mexicans are not even treated this badly and they are ILLEGAL> Legal workers from indo-pak suffer in these countries.
    I agree with everything you said in teh article and in the comments above.

  • americans are equally responsible if not more

    Even better – Zbigniew Brzezinski himself has been recorded encouraging Mujahideen jihad in the name of Allah against the godless Russians…

    Having said that, I don’t think this is comparable to the Saudi financing of enforcers of Whabism in Pakistan…

  • Here in the US illegela mexicans are not even treated this badly and they are ILLEGAL

    I agree – as indignant as it is to be living in shadows in the US, for most illegals, the conditions are slightly better than are for laborers in Islamo-Petro economies. However, as far as legal immigration is concerned, Petro-Islamo countries should be ashamed for their indignant exploits…

  • All said, Arab women are very beautiful. No comparison to our desi population and they also know how to carry them selves. Nothing better than dating them in US.

  • Fateh sahib, I have not seen any where in sharia stating or practicing the superiority of Arabs. If any thing, the prophet PBUH said in his last sermon that Arabs have no superiority over non Arabs or vice versa. I do not know from where you have got the idea that it is embedded in sharia, would you please share some history here. By the way sharia end with life of Prophet PBUH.

    Besides the superiority is in Arab nature. Before Islam, Arabs were illiterate and had nothing to be proud of, Persia/Syria were the refined cultures of that era and still Arabs said them “Ajmi” and looked down upon them. I guess it is in their blood and I do not think that we need to make an association with their attitude and sharia/Islam.

  • i really enjoy your column because you speak your mind fearlessly. thank you for sharing your passion. you say things people like me would tend to think but would be afraid to say themselves, and you articulate it very well:)

  • Sharia – intro:

    1) A loose set of rules – never cohesively formalized

    2) Since Muhammad passed on before completion of a formal framework of Islamic rules/laws i.e. Sharia attributing incomplete works as a whole to someone, while also relating to the demise of the concept with its supposed creator, is a bit too much of a stretch

    3) Due to evolution of society and makeup thereof, thanks to sectarian interpretation, Sharia ended up morphing into multiple yet simultaneous set of religious laws – special casing of Sharia – (Shia version of Shariah is different than than of for Sunnis)

    4) The evolution and makeup of society, over the years, also led to addition and removal of several sets of rules from Shariah

    Therefore, during certain eras, especially during the early days of unilateral Arab expansion, historically speaking, the Shariah of the time did give preferential treatment to Arabs (Muslims) over non-Arabs (Converts or non-Muslims).

    Heck Shariah in its form today accords unfair and preferential treatment to Muslims – e.g. a Non-Muslim cannot be chosen as Khalifa

  • I guess it is in their blood and I do not think that we need to make an association with their attitude and sharia/Islam.

    Actually, concept of Dhimmi in Shariah is an excellent example of the manifestation of Arab superiority complex…

  • Everyone,

    In case you failed to notice, I am talking about INSTITUTIONALIZED racism, something which is embedded in LAW. Individuals and societies in other parts of the world tend to be racist as well but they do not make it part of their constitution.


    Thanks a lot.

    Han Solo,

    Since you are defending sharia, should i point out that DATING women, Arab or otherwise, is HARAM as well.


    I couldn’t agree more. If someone mistake me for an Arab, I literally go ballistic.

  • Great post, Tazeen. I think a lot of people missed the fact that you were talking about the institutionalisation of racism; it does exist everywhere, but in most other places is frowned upon, both socially and in law.


    Quirky Indian

  • just promoting hate,that’s what this column is about!do not label all arabs like this.Again you think with All or none mindset.Please grow up!

  • Ok, this anonymous guy is irritating the shit outta me.

    In case you have failed to notice, it is MY blog, you don’t like it, please don’t visit it.

    I am actually thinking of banning anonymous posts.

  • Thanks for the great post. My blood boils whenever I think of the way my countrymen (both Muslims and Hindus) are treated in ME. I have never been to ME but my brother had been to. Though he held a white collar job (Chartered Accountant) he used to fume about the way the arabs yell at him and other South Asian professionals. I can only imagine the plight of those unskilled workers in the squalid camps.

    I cannot believe there are some who defend the actions of arabs. Your post and the follow-ups also shattered the myth I had about Muslims, that they will blindly defend the acts of fellow Muslims – particularly arabs.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I have this theory that God sent down the Prophet to the Arabs to prove once and for all that if he can convert these guys, the rest of us have no excuse.

    But to be fair, i think most of us are referring to what are known as “khaleeji” Arabs – i.e. those residing in the Saudi Peninsula and Gulf states. Arabs reside all the way from Morrocco to Iraq, and lots of places in between, and often share the same indignation towards their Khaleeji brethren.

    Great post btw, and it gets me thinking – its the way pakistanis refer to and treat begnalis in our country as well. racism was a good way to make the white man feel bad, but it gets mighty uncomfortable when we have to face our own racist demons.

  • I never knew about Arab racism before this… it is quite surprising seeing that so many people flock there for the job opportunities.

  • Tazeen, you don’t need to get personal. If I don’t follow law then it does not mean the law is not good.

    Zobee, may be my definition of sharia was incomplete and may be sharia law has been diluted over the centuries by the influence of local cultures but Prophet PBUH explicitly stated in his last sermon that racism of any kind was not allowed in Islam. I guess it ends the debate of involvement of Islam with racism.

  • Terra,

    People go their because everyone has seen the skyscrapers and the glitz, it only last couple of years that stories of gross violations of human and labour rights have started pouring in …

    Han Solo,

    Where did I get personal?
    And I have to disagree with you, if the law had been, I would have followed it. I, and all other law abiding citizens follow the laws because at some level or the other, they make sense to me, most of the Shariah Laws are developed in 9th and 10th centuries, just like most Ahadis were compiled in that time period.

    I can never follow the law that says a husband has the right to hit his wife (Shariah allows that) if he deems it necessary to discipline her. For someone who is against corporal punishment at school, this is a definite no no.

  • That’s why the final message of Islam was sent to the Arabs-they thought they were superior, but lived in darkness. Unfortunately, it seems that with many Arabs, the spirit of Islam did not remain.
    I lived in Egypt, and heard of a few stories, but alham, for the most part I didn’t witness racist behaviour or attitudes.

    Gulf Arabs are mostly the ones who ill-treat poor people from other countries who work as unskilled labourers. It’s terrible, and they will be punished in the Hereafter.

    I’m appalled at these pictures. It’s beyond shocking to see Muslims treat fellow Muslims in an abominable manner.

    However, it must be said that South Asians are just as racist toward blacks.

    I pray for a just world of compassion..

  • zoobee:
    “Dear Living in Dubai – so what does it take to become a citizen of Dubai? ……………………………………………….

    A fact that needs to change… BTW, are you a citizen of Dubai?”

    I am not a citizen and honestly I dont care. This is by far the safest place on earth. A thousands times better then California. So yeah, its a trade off, but a good trade off. And the reason that it is so safe is because they do not give citizenship to people.

  • Hans Solo,

    Actually, given the clear contradiction that exists between the rejection of racism in the last sermon by Muhammad and, the fact of gender/belief based discrimination in Shariah, it is rather stupendous or convenient to claim “end of debate”. If anything, in order to right the wrongs(gender belief based discrimination) Muslims need to engange in a serious introspective debates…

  • LOL @ Loving Dubai it appears that living amongst Arabs has their racism also rub off on you… It is rather pathetic to hear people, especially those who are immigrants themselves blame immigration for imagined lack of safety…

  • @Zoobee: I so agree with you. Actually on everything 🙂 specially the comment to Han Solo. We are not following most of what was said in the last sermon by the prophet PBUH, and the laws and current structure of the religion is not based on his preferences but the leaders following him. We need to engage in such dialogue so that we can logicalize somne of the absurdities.
    I also agree with the gulf arabs being the real weird ones. I have moroccon friends and they are amazing people. But they are not truly arabs but berbers.
    As for arab women being better than desi women. You have got to be kidding me. Maybe desi women just make you nervous with their intellect and opinions lol We do not know how to carry ourselves maybe because we lack their arrogance and conforming natures.
    Wow tazeen your blog is so happening 🙂

  • Zoobee is Da Man


    this is the most popular post so far. 45 comments and counting and when we have such esteemed people like zoobee and Tarek Fateh sahab commenting, it has to become happening, but thanks for actively participating in the discussion

  • Hey this is more fun than work 🙂
    You know what just hit me…all non-arabs are racist towards arabs…lol here is a taste of their own medicine

  • That was me again, Khadija

  • Try not to take it personally
    I am sure that girl you are talking about D
    is really kind and didn`t mean to offend anyone
    she called me sister as well and i`m not even muslim
    i really appreciated that
    anyway she was kind all along D i like her for who she is and we all have prejudices and little flaws
    take care

  • Holy smokes! This place has become more crowded then some of the latest pics that you uploaded in this post.

  • Hi…

    From the looks of some of these people- they seem to be from my home state of Kerala( going by the lungi- mundu look). The amount of crap they would put up with in the middle east to make the tax free money that will allow their family to live a really good life back home. The communists in Kerala don’t allow the economy to grow and it is NRI money from the Middle East that is responsible for a lot of development there. Slaves they may be in the middle east, but they are heroes back home for their families. As for the arabs- money breeds arrogance. They seem super feudal.

  • In an utopian world everyone would consider the other just another human being. Not so in reality. We all are rascist in some way. Some more than the others.

  • Zobee my friend I guess you missed the point. When I said “end of debate” I meant that Islam strictly forbids any sort of racism as clearly evident in last sermon so blaming it on Islam or sharia is not justified. Blame to local cultures, blame to local lords but don’t involve Islam as Islam has nothing to do with it.

    By the way this post and some comments are so grossly generalized that they themselves are on borders of racism.

  • Blame to local cultures, blame to local lords but don’t involve Islam as Islam has nothing to do with it.

    It is to this what I was responding to – this the “not Islam’s fault” is the grossest excuse that is used by educated or otherwise Muslims today. Instead of acknowledging the facts that exist today, it is much easier to be dismissive and move on…

    If it is not Islam then what is? (Sunni? Whabbi? Shia? Ahmadi? or?)

    Adding further to your assertion about creepage of cultural innuendos in Islam – do you then mean that Islam too died with Muhammad? or?

    While at it, which one of these following statements of discrimination about Islam or Shariah do you think are due to culture, and are pure generalizations?

    1) Islam does not accord same path divorce to a woman (i.e. woman has to ask husband for permission to divorce where a man does not)

    2) Shariah does not allow a non-Muslim citizen of the state to hold top office

    3) Concept of Na-mehram in Islam

    4) Quraan asks a husband to punish, symbolical or otherwise, a wife for her disobedience, but nothing about a husband’s disobedience…

    5) Shariah treats non-Muslims as second class citizens

  • If we were to judge a race by the sheer vulgarity of their taste, habits, culture and society the Arabs should be all lined up and shot…with golden bullets as the normal ones should be reserved for what they call us in dubai “kharijis” (ones who should be sent back)

    That being said, i like sheesha..so there 🙂 Taz you rawk sis!!

  • Dubai Slaves – mainstream geek media’s picked up the story…


  • I too hate the way non-Arabs are treated in the Middle East, and wrote about it sometime ago.

    What really bugs me is that for all the peanuts they are paying them, the workers are lucky if they even get paid…

  • Thanks taz for posting this.

    I’ve heard about the racism in arabs a couple of times but weren’t really convince about it. Sure i believe not all arabs are racist but it seems that they tend to look as themselves being waaay more superior than the other races in this world.

  • “After all, we share the skin colour, food, history and we both work for a living, something to which Arabs are not really familiar with.”

    I could not agree more with this.

  • after Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and Khilafat the Arabs have kept alive the concept of Arab and Ajam. i guess the level of this difference is the same as it was in ignorance era.
    thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post 🙂

  • I somewhat agree with CHE

    God Himself has stated in the Holy Quran which bears the following meaning:

    He has created you from one
    Adam and Eve and then segregated you into different casts/tribes so that you can recognize one from the other.

    This segregation has now become racism among us as a whole. Not all Arabs are racists be it the past or the present, there are good or bad people everywhere.

    If we look at history the best of the Arabs (The Holy Prophets – since there is not one prophet of Allah (counting Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, etc. – and their Companions) were harbingers of peace and equality.

    I myself have been living in an Arab state for the past decade and have never had a single incident where I was racially profiled.

    What I’m trying to say is that Arabs are a closed culture, and they are reluctant to accepting change in their behavior/societies as a whole, this has been the case since the beginning.

    Why do you think it took Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) 23 long years to change the mindset of the people living in the Arabian Peninsula?

    Nowadays when we hear about a person who is converting to Islam, it takes about 1-1.5 years for him to study Islam independently.

    Yes they have discriminatory laws favoring their own people because of political reasoning, they need to keep their kingdoms safe or there will be a rebellion if the people are not given preferential treatment.

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