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Life Skills

My latest article published in the October 2008 issue of Monthly Herald


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  • A sliver of sensibility in this mad world. well written. as usual i am jealous of any one gets printed 😛

  • wohoo! Herald!

  • That is so cool!!

    Congrats 🙂

  • Well done with the article. It’s a rush to see your name in print.


  • Everyone,

    Thanks a lot for the kind words. Its not my usual fare but I want to continue writing proper investigative reports that involve a bit of leg work to keep the journalist in me alive.

    It was in extremely fine print (Herald I am afraid is not online) so if you guys have actually read it all, hats off to all of you.

  • very well written Tazeen. Would you mind if I share this article with my class… I am puruing health administration and might want to share this in my strategic planning in health organization class…

  • LEBE ,I thought thats Lesbian!

  • Sorry,I mean LSBE! in the picture arrow cross!

  • Neeku,

    You are most welcome to share the article.

  • This is just a collection of WHO?UNICEF like material.Nothing original!What happened to that poor AIDS victim and how you made her life journey easy,that is journalism….not this show off!

  • Hey, u are the person! 🙂

  • Anon,

    There is a world of difference between journalism and philanthropy and social work, quite obviously you don’t know jack about any one of them so stay quiet.


    of course I am a person, what were you thinking, that i am an alien from outer space?

  • I mean so you are the person who wrote it…
    and u know Aahung? the NGO?

  • yes, I wrote it, it has my name on it. I don’t personally know anyone at Aahung but I have spoken to people there for this story.

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