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The most blinged out bike

You have seen blinged out humans, and blinged up cars, now bicycles are getting a blingy make over too. A Scandinavian design company Aurumania has launched a limited edition run of the world’s most blinged-up bike.

At just over £60,000 (what’s a little £60,000 for some solid bling), the Gold Bike Crystal Edition is believed to be the most expensive bicycle ever made.

Each of the ten produced, is hand-built and gold-plated with 24-carat gold, and decked out with over 600 Swarovski crystals.

Hand-sewn leather grips and a Brooks leather saddle provide finishing touches to the bike, with each limited edition number embossed with gold leaf and set into a leather badge onto the bike’s headtube.

The company has also created a 24-carat gold wall holder for the bike, so it can be displayed as a work of art.

I am wondering if it is being bought as an investment on art or gold or a collectable.

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  • No matter how much gold, jewels and diamonds you embellish a bicycle with it would still be a bicycle and look best on the road, or barring that in a shed or garage. You can’t suffocate the soul of the bicycle with your adornments.
    In this other world, they are done with the necessities (hence 25 thousand in another world die each day of hunger), and the luxuries, so now they need to innovate and make new things they can desire, chase and waste money on.
    Only a sign of further decay.

  • Unless they can *guarantee* a victory in Tour de France I am not buying that!

  • also most useless bike.

  • What a waste of blog space!

  • I don’t think it’s a waste of blog space, but it sure is a silly idea.

  • Beauty definitely is in the eye of the beholder, but … I think for £60,000 one might acquire a ‘better’ piece of art.

  • I couldn’t agree more Liam, £60,000 is a lot of money but the bike is aimed for people with loads of money who have everything and need more stuff to spend money on.

    As for me, a bike that cannot carry me from point A to B is useless, but thats my middle class thinking and upbringing 🙂

  • I’d love to see a buyer of this bike try to ride it on the road. It would be stupid, but then it would be stupid to buy it.

  • and can you go places with it or would you just hang it on the wall?

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