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Things we did during Summer School

If I am the immodest type (and I am the immodest type), I would say that my posts on the summer school were a great hit. I have gotten quite a few emails asking me to send them info about any such events in future (needless to say that they are all men and are totally drooling over the pictures of all the gorgeous girls at the summer school).

A friend asked me if I did anything else besides taking pictures of sleepy heads in the class and the informal harems and getting kajal requests from random Italian women. I picked out a few pictures which detail some other activities that I was part of. Here they are:

Among other things, we ate. At least twice a day at Agli Archi (Pronounced aali archi in Italian) and we cribbed about the food most of the time.

At times, all we could pick to eat was Pizza, I think I have had enough Pizza there to last me a decade, if not more.

Some of us crossed borders and went to Slovenia

And then made it back to Italy everyday.

Some of us practiced being sugar daddies. Muhammed does look like an Arab version of P. Diddy. He may not be a music mogul but he is rich, an Arab diplomat. He lives in London and has a huge house, he likes them young and drives a BMW 7 series with diplomatic number plate which gives him the license to park it anywhere and that is huge if you happen to live in a city like London. He is serious sugar daddy material, contact him through me if anyone is interested.

Some of us ate ice creams (Italians are the Masters when in comes to ice creams)

Some of us gossiped (Wherever Rares was, gossip followed) while others (Michael) tried to work.

Some of us made faces.

And some more

We attended mega boring seminars

Some of us sang (I missed that one)

Some of us danced

And the more skilled ones belly danced

Some of us drank and took pride in it.

While it rained cats and dogs in Slovenia, we were shown flags by the boring-guy-who-thought-he-was-funny (I thought I was back in my fourth grade Social studies class).

Quite obviously, we bitched about the boring guy afterwards (It is in this beautiful hall we came up with the distinction between the fine art of bitching, gossiping and general cribbing to the new recruits of the ‘Bitch Club).

One of us posed next to a bridal car, probably because they wanted to ride in one so badly. 

Some of us went to a castle at 3.00 in the morning and somehow managed to raise the alarm. The police came to check out the place, Camelia was worried as none of us had photo ids on us and she thought that the police might want to take us with them. I thought the worst that could happen was that we would end up seeing the insides of an Italian lock up. Ken, on the other hand, was actually looking forward to compare Italian lock ups with the other ones he has been to. Much to my dismay (I need drama in life all the time) the Italian police did nothing and left us in peace.

When we got more inventive, we held “Who has the softest skin competition?” among men. 

Daniel and Alejandro were the only two contestants. There were several judges and it was unanimously decided that Alejandro has the softer skin. Daniel thought it was only because Alejandro shaved last. If any copy writers (you know who you are) decide to use this idea, I want my cut, both in money and glory.

But most of all, we POSED FOR PHOTOGRAPHS.

We all were natural born models, ready to strike a pose and pout to our heart’s desire. All we needed were the words, pictures anyone, and viola, we were READY.

and we looked good doing that 🙂


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  • Gotta love your comments on the photos!

  • with reference to the eyes part in the last post, i was beginning to compare the eyes of those in the last pic of this post and realised that you have probably forgotten turning off red eye reduction setting of the camera…

  • Oh,
    this is fabulous.

    I loved the photos with beer jug and sugar daddy.

    I want a sugar daddy but preferably no Arab sugar daddy

  • Thanks terra,


    If you want sugar daddies, you cant be choosy, you gotta take whatever is available …

  • Seeee?
    you should have been nice to your lawyer Spanish freind hahahha
    you would have needed him perhaps to get you out of jail
    why was I not told about thissss?
    I`ll have to have a talk with Camelia

  • Looks like you are perfecting this awfully new genre of PIC-telling..

    I can see you had a fabulous time………………. behind the camera!

    You can’t fool us with these kosher pictures. Show us da gold!

    Alright, alright! I will say it out loud! ok?? I hate you Tazeen! I hate you!!!

    Please switch your life with mine! I am begging you…pleaseeeeeeeee pleaseeee!

    Askari, get a grip man, get a grip! she is your friend and you should be happy for her!

  • Askari, if you switch your life with Tazeen, i end up being your friend! Think it over!

  • aww, so fun!!

  • askari, i have a feeling all her pictures would be kosher. but why none of her, i wonder too.

  • seems like u had fun. Thanks for sharing with us… 🙂

  • i miss going to Slovenia most… lol
    I felt i was exercising- crossing boundaries and all
    My brain was like wow i`ve crossed the whole country by foot
    ps lollll at APOO`s comment

  • Apoo,

    I have a feeling that the two of you will hit it off and will end up bitching about me.


    I actually am in the pictures, those who know me who I am.


    Not all of it was fun but yeah these are happy times.


    You are the only person from the summer school lot who actually bothered (Apart from Codruta and Catalina and you all are Romanians) to comment, thanks a lot. I know they have all visited the blog (I have feedjit) but they never said a word, I was not even blasted for putting up the pictures.

  • holy shit, I am still laughing hard. Two guys had the softest skin competition and the one who lost actually gave the reason that the one who won had shaved last … this is priceless … i am so gonna read your blog regularly


  • Thnaks Sabatee, it was hilarious indeed.


    I am afraid you guessed wrong

  • the softest skin contest is hilarious

    the posing is pretty funny as well but i am betting that other folks in this class have a lot more pics of taz then she is showing from her collection.

  • now thats fun!

  • Loved these pictures, truly captured the spirit of young people. Looked like you guys had lots of fun.

  • Gosh, cant get over the pictures of guys with soft skins. They look adorable.
    Who came up with such amazing ideas?

    You guys were brilliant, my school is pretty boring and we don’t do fun stuff at all

  • crossing borders everyday can be tedious, believe me, i have done that in past.

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