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The harems of Gorizia


The summer school I attended sucked on lots of counts but it sucked most for gender imbalance. There were so many smart, beautiful and really talented girls and so very few men. The pictures say it all; every man had a whole harem to himself.

It indeed is a man’s world.

Rado’s Harem

Joseph is very happy with his group of girls, the girls seem happy too. Every one is showing their pearlies.

Alex too has a very steady fan following

Alejandro’s girls (although Cheryl does not seem too pleased)

Rares and his bunch of girls

Daniel perhaps was the most popular guy at the summer school. Half the girls had a crush on him (You know who you are girls).

Abdul is not the babe magnet that Daniel is but he can pulls girls as well. After all, he is an Arab (they invented harems) he is rich and related to the slain president of a small country. No mean feat I tell ya.

Last, but definitely not the least, Emir with his small but dedicated harem of two.

PS: The last picture was mailed by Alejandro, the rest are taken by yours truly.

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  • And why was I denied this umm educational opportunity šŸ™

  • Che,

    Because you were not looking ….

  • and whose harem were u in?

  • Ok next time you go to any such place do let me know šŸ˜‰

  • I know you must have refused to be a part of harem. You are too supreme to share one man among so many woman.

  • my comment disappeared hmmmmmm
    your blog is so cool
    hugs from Romania

  • Thanks a lot Adina,

    You Maja and Irina are the only ones who commented. I thought people would want to have a laugh or two at themselves but i guess i was wrong.

  • I want to go to summer school too! Looks like you had loads of fun there!!

  • Tazeen I`m sure they just didn`t check the mail yet or they are not the type of people who leave comments
    it`s impossible not to laugh at these pictures
    No one could ever get upset with you posting them
    They look supercute anyway so…why get angry haha
    Anyway if you ever wish to come to Transilvania you`re always welcome
    It was so nice meeting you D

  • I forgot to sign my alst comment D

  • hye, there!!!!!!!!! the pictures are great!
    i’ve just arrived home and seen them. i also have a lot of pictures from which you can choose to add to your blog. kiss!

  • i am jealous! the situation is reverse for accountants.

  • ^Typo.

    Summer school is an evil concept.

    How can they run classes when you should be enjoying your summer holidays.

    Did that make any sense? I dont think so.

    Anyways, what was this summer school about?

  • Could I have their phone nos? (I meant the girls)

  • I think in saudia its actually legal to have a harem of up to four women. Oh but the catch is you have to marry all of them. Hahahaha.

    Looks like you had plenty of fun(and sleep) in summer school. Reminds me of the time I went to a summer program in arizona in ’06. Had fun there too.

  • God! Will I EVER attend a school like this?

    Engineering sucks on this count!

  • i am thinking of attending a school too now

  • šŸ˜› seems that sleeping is not the only thing that occurred in those classes in Gorizia!!!

    by the way most of them ahem “girls” seem to be featured in several pics…are the harems swinging?

  • Apoo,
    You live in US and all the men in the picture are from US, the girls are Asian and European.
    Are you willing to move continents for us or should I pass on the number of men who happen to be closer to you?

  • Oh I liked the last picture best.

    Emir definitely has the best taste when it comes to picking harems.

  • Looks like you guys partied hard …

  • The lucky guy…..

  • damn, i want a harem too! haha

  • Thanks a lot Saniya,

    You are the only one who noticed how adorable Emir looked with his harem, everyone one else is just checking the girls out …

  • you go girl! i just loved your initiative…..u are a trendsetter….this means we are allowed to come up with more evil features?….

  • heck I have a crush on Daniel…man he is hot hehehehe
    Khadija S

  • Where aRE you?:)

  • With all due respect, is the harem of Daniel still hiring? I would like to apply. šŸ˜‰

  • LOL, i vote for emir’s harem too!

  • Catalina,

    Thanks, you are most welcome to come up with even more evil ideas šŸ™‚


    Even if admission is closed at Daniel’s Harem, I am sure he will make an exception for someone as wonderful as you are.


    I was in Italy for a fortnight but I am back in the city of candle lights


    I too would vote for Emir’s harem. For one, Emir is adorable, for two, his harem is unique šŸ™‚

  • so what actually went on in those harems

  • Damn the lasy one was funny! šŸ˜€

  • Thanks Zambeel,

    Finally someone got it. The reason i put up all the other pictures was to arrive at the last one and the girls got side tracked by Daniel

  • oh gosh,

    You have no idea how hard i laughed at these pictures.

    I was actually looking for harem pictures for an assignment and ended up on your blog and Do i love google for that or what?

    I have seen the posts on the first page but they are all great. I will read further after i am done with my assignment. by the way, you have given a whole new twist to my assignment. I just love it.

    on a side note i like the last picture as well. All the guys are cute but are they gay?

  • Ah, the fun of it ….

    I just the love the picture … truly outstanding and your sense of humor is a killer …

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