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The art and science of sleep


Ah, the summer school in Italy has ended and we all got our certificates of attendance. Here is the documentary evidence that we worked really hard and were present in classes all the time, no matter what.

Sleeping like a baby.

Alejandro and Joseph, sleeping it off.

Alejandro and Joseph, sleeping it off some more.

Micheal sleeps in style and with accessories.

Adrian with some much needed shut eye.

This is what you call alert nap; Constantin can wake up any minute and deny falling asleep.

George of the jungle was not comfortable in the class.

Alejandro again, I guess he had better things to do than the rest of us.

Another one caught sleeping….

Emir, the man who just could not be bothered with pretending otherwise.

Lyubov decided that she has had enough of the lectures; honestly, I can’t blame her.

Micheal again, this time with glasses on for a different look.

Alejandro again with the Macedonian girl (Bojana, I think); giving the term “Sleeping together” a whole new dimension.


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  • Ah Tazeen is back at posting.

    The last comment was an absolute cracker.

  • its not fair! the poor people

  • Tazeen,be fair and show your picture too!
    Its not fair to have fun like this,leaving yourself off and beyond.

  • ha loved the last caption πŸ™‚

  • wow. thats a lot of people snoozing during class, even for summer school

  • Hahahaha,

    George of the jungle is definitely not at home in the class room, he is wearing a jacket inside the classroom.

  • Holy shit,

    everyone slept and tazeen worked as the official photographer, is that what the summer school was all about?

  • where is your picture
    we want your picture as well

  • Che,

    Thanks a lot, i am quite proud of it myself for reasons other than the obvious one.


    If you notice, it is the same people sleeping on different days

  • oh boy, this is funny.

    reminds me of good ol college days when we would party all night and sleep it off in the class.

  • Sorry to hear about the marriot blast. Hope everyone you know is safe.

  • I’ve been known to have the one you call the “Alert Cat nap”s at school… I am wondering at the moment … is that how funny I would look =/

    Anyways, your pictures is making me yawn at this appropriate (12:03am) hour of time… I am heading to get some sleep….

    P Wallah S: heard about the marriot bombing … hope all is well …

  • Aahh…Who goes to college/school or whatever to study. but I guess people should have better things to do that catching up on their sleep πŸ˜›


  • Just the other day, my professor at IIT told me while taking attendance, ” Aditya…….you are present, but sleepy..” and added, with a devilish glint in his eye,”Perhaps perennially so….”

    I completely identify with messrs Micheal, Aljandro and George

  • Alert Nap – my favorite!

  • Constantine is handsome πŸ™‚

  • wish you haven’t told everyone’s name

  • and where have the sidebar items gone?

  • Come on people,
    i am sure no one will mind the pictures, they all look adorable and it was done with extremely honorable intentions.

    PS: Kulsoom, Constantin will be happy to see this. πŸ™‚

  • Bullseye!

  • Funny! I have a hard time staying up in classes too every now and then …

  • ROTFL, hehe, this really cracked me up. How about you, do you take quick naps while not snapping pictures of the quick nappers? πŸ˜›

  • Tazeen,have you not taken permission from those souls in pictures you can be sued for violation of their privacy.Better safe than sorry!

  • hehe

    that was really funny…..

  • Hey girly, so nice to see your blog πŸ™‚ I have some more “sleepy” pics that I will send you soon, I am in the middle of exams, so many students and just one of me :)))) I was expecting to see me sleeping at the Aurelio Peccei conference… Hehe! Hugs & kisses from Bosnia & Herzegovina!


  • Hi Tazeen The classes must have been very interesting ha, ha I am feeling very sleepy suddenly

  • :)))) genious, ahhahha

  • lol this is funny and yes where are your pics??? or you did not sleep a wink while the entire class dozed off eh?

  • Thanks Irina,
    The genius takes a bow.

    I obviously cannot take my own picture if i had fallen asleep.

    so funnyyyyy

  • “Constantin can wake up any minute and deny falling asleep”

    wow. I think I just found kryptonite.

  • i like the macedonian gal lol

  • brillllliant!!! though the last one was a little more illuminating…Egaaaad!! πŸ™‚

    Scribblers Inc.

  • damn, i hope these ppl werent studying to be surgeons?! πŸ˜‰

  • Farooq,

    Nah, no surgery there. They were studying the art of diplomacy and the snoozing is indeed the best way to be diplomatic, what say?

  • so these guys came from diff. part of the world to take these courses? wow, talk about waste of time n money πŸ˜›

  • Listen here Ammar we were suppose d to be at school most of the day
    we sometimes didn`t even get breaks so as to fill in our names on the presence list and this was the first time i ever fell asleep in class too
    and i usuallly can`t fall asleep if i see the light of my mobile at night or i hear someone breathe in the room
    D it doesn`t mean we were not very much awake the rest of the time

  • Adina,

    Dont worry about Ammar and you are such a sweet soul that you came for everyone’s rescue even though your photo is not here.

  • @ adina

    aww.. that sounds tragic, i take my words back.

  • πŸ˜€ wow what college daze..the slumber-education comes handy while attending presentations later in life. Thank god I attended collaze.

  • Ah the last picture is a riot, esp the caption.
    Where are these people, why are they not commenting on the blog, its hilarious

  • loved the last photo and caption … outta this world

  • Thanks a lot people

  • oh boy, is this funny or what?

    where do you get these ideas?

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