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Enter the President

Our President visited Quaid’s tomb and this is what he wrote in the tomb’s diary – check out the spellings of GOD and STRENGTH, looks like he spends a lot of time on MSN chatting with the chicks.


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  • I have received this image from a lot of sources but I am yet to find a link that authenticated if this was what he actually wrote.
    Although I have zero doubts over Zardari’s English skills but anyone having Internet, a scanner and legible hand writing can produce this document and spread it everywhere over the Internet at no cost.
    In this case, it seems that having a legible hand writing was not a prerequisite either.

  • And he is KGS graduate
    Oh god! What is wrong with Karachi grammar

  • Unfortunately life doesnt come with spell check. Or should I say fortunately. else everyone would be a copywriter!

  • LOL @ “looks like he spends a lot of time on MSN chatting.”
    But then again maybe the poor guy is dyslexic!

  • which chic would talk to zardari? lol

    i am not willing to believe that he cant spell “God”. every 8 year old can.

    may be his “jiyala” offered to write it for him?

  • Oh deary my. We do relay on spell checkers too much lately, hmmm wonder if I can bring che’s “life doesn’t come with a spell check” into a positive reality *pondering*

  • Guys stop making fun of President of a country,whose politicians are for sale for any price.May God grant us a statesman like M.A Jinnah.

  • Now that is really pathetic….

  • had it been anybody else, i would not have believed it but with zardari, anything is posible

  • Shani,

    He never went to KGS, he passed his tenth grade from St. Patrick’s Convent and went to Cadet College Petaro to finish high school which he never did. He was expelled from Petaro for breeching discipline repeatedly.

  • Ugh! As if there were not enough humiliations on his file. I so totally hate that guy.

  • It says “May Good give us the strut to save Pakistan”.
    It actually makes sense, in a strange twisted way.
    Are you sure this is authentic, though?

  • Only if people learn to read and write proper English.

  • he never went to KGS, lakin itna toe ata hoga

  • The other day i was watching his speech that he made after the Marriott bomb blast and i dont know whether its just me… but he looks kinda retarded to me.. 🙁

  • Zardari is a bit “mentally challanged” indeed… but hey luckiest of the bunch though… I mean how many people can claim being both an ex-con, and a president of a sovereign country?

  • this has absolutely no credibility taz lol its funny though that you believed it

  • I wish the spelings wer his onli shortcoming, I wold’v forgivn him a thousaaand times!

  • At first I thought that this could be fack but now as I have seen the video of our President commenting on Sarah Palin’s beauty and saying that he might hug her if the associate would insist, then this thing could also be true… This person is out of his mind…

  • Did you really believe that Zardari can’t spell God ?

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