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Safety packs that carry EVERYTHING !


Among other things, we did some lame ass simulation exercises in the summer school I am attending. It was yawn inducing and I slept through most of it, the only bright spot in the whole day was Micheal’s presentation. We were divided in groups and all were supposed to come up with multi pronged strategies to deal with a fictional flood prone town.

Among other things, it was decided that in case of floods people should be provided with safety packets. Micheal came up with the idea that along with safety jackets and dry food and other stuff, people should be provided with condoms in those safety packets. He not only just wrote it down, but also presented it to the class.

Rarish, another student opposed it. He was of the opinion that after floods, the area has lost many lives and need more people to fill in for those who have perished, therefore, condoms should not be provided in safety packs and procreation should be encouraged.

The debate actually went on for a few minutes and woke up everyone who was dozing off, needless to say, it was the most fun part of the simulation exercise.

Micheal writing the presentation to be presented to a wider group.

Micheal, presenting it.

Rarish opposing inclusion of condoms in the safety packs as he wanted more people to be born after the loss of lives in floods.


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  • My vote is for Rarish.

    What was your opinion btw?

  • Sounds like the kind of workshops I attended in Goa recently.

    I am pro-choice and would say include condom anyway and let the people decide whether to use it or not. Not every family will have lost someone and dont need to add another member to their family.

  • I am not entirely a pro-choice person… yet I believe the reason for using a Safety Pack is not ONLY used to prevent pregnancy… but for other things too..

    since its flood prone town… and it could also be susceptible to epidemic… the use could be a mean to be protected from harmful deadly disease… I mean aren’t most of the epidemic are spread across due to exchange of …. whatever….

    Its not always, contaminated water and air…

  • with logic like that, we are gonna keep burdening earth, arent we?!



  • Homes washed away. Possessions destroyed. Lives lost. Hunger. Thirst. Danger of disease and epidemics. But lust comes first. 🙂
    Could even be comfort sex… I’d go with Michael….screw all of the above, we want to screw. And safely!


    Quirky Indian

  • yea, kids need balloons to play with in those distressing times

  • lol, the debate is nothing more than a bit of fun. the idea i have of floods is that people are displaced, they struggle to get two square meals a day, most either have no place or only tents which they are sharing with more than just their partner. in that situation what would they do with the condoms anyway?

    someone said that sex and air are no big deal unless you are not getting any.

  • Seems to me as if your multi pronged strategies should deal with how to survive the flood rather than deal with the devastation in lives and property as the result.
    But at least it woke the class up!!

    BTW, has it been determined yet who exactly assassinated Bhutto? We hear little of that here but her death should be solved, it seems to me.

  • Heck….I can’t get la*d when the Sun’s out, let alone during a flood.

  • I would add Viagra to the list as well. You know, cold water is know to have that “shrinking” effect!

    Finally, condom or no condom, I am pro-sex!

  • Tazeen,which one are you in picture?Good Luck for having fun.I doubt these seminar do any wonders,expect travelling fun for partipants on tax euros.The real discussion is the socioeconomic changeand uplift .You guys are just doing a paid job.

  • of course no one took it seriously, it was done for effect only and as Micheal is such a diva, it was to be expected, he even shook his booty while presenting.

    This was a stupid excercise, but i am pro choice in most matters, as long as your choice in not cluttering my personal space, i am all for it.


    nah, no tax euroes for me, I paid my way myself, with my extremely hard earned Pakistani money which is going down the hill and even buying a cola in euroes is giving me a tiny heart attack everyday.

  • Interesting topic…different people…different opinion….but what was your idea….?

  • Lol, ofcourse it woke everybody up.

  • Tazeen don’t tell me that you are paying all the expenses for this trip ? I thought only people who are sponsored by some organization go to these sort of courses and generally these trips mean a reward for hard working people in company. Any how, try to go to Salzburg if you have not been there before, it’s just 3 hours drive from the place you are.

  • I agree with Han, generally people go on these sort of courses on company expenses, any way can u tell us how much was the fee for this course and overall expenses etc etc

  • For a Reluctant Mind, you sure do plenty of “lame-ass” stuff 🙂

    But jokes apart, would have loved to see that debate….. and for the record , I am totally with Michael..

  • hello tazeen, come visit, i have something for you:)

  • and i skipped exactly that afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the human kind is getting older, so i vote for rares, although michael is a darling

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