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It’s Tazeen !!!


Holy shit, urban dictionary has an entry for Tazeen (if you do not know that it is my name, what are doing here?)

According to urban dictionary, Tazeen means a very meaningful stare, somewhat scary, very piercing

Example cited of use of Tazeen goes like this:

Bryan: OMG, she is totally giving me the TAZEEN.

Jordan: You probably deserve it.

I am sure my mom did not know about the urban dictionary roots of the name, she only checked the Persian / Turkish roots and happily named me Tazeen, but I must say that urban dictionary reference beats it all.

Thank you mom, I love my name even more now.

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  • hi TAZEEN
    My name is also TAZEEN.
    I m from India.

  • Whats the Actual meaning of tazeen? :S

  • Whats the actual meaning of Tazeen?

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