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Building Taj Mahal – DIY


Gone are the days when proclamation of love through building something as grand as Taj Mahal was something only emperors could indulge in. Now anyone with £200 spare cash and lots of time can actually built Taj Mahal and that too with their bare hands. Before the light hearted faint at taking up such a mammoth task, let me assure you that it is perfectly safe. Lego has launched the biggest model in its 74-year history – a 5,922-piece replica of the Taj Mahal.

The model will be on sale from September and is considered to be so tricky that only those over the age of 14 are recommended to tackle it.

When finished the model measures 3ft wide and 2ft tall and uses a whopping 800 more Lego bricks than the company’s next biggest model – the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.
Lego spokeswoman Jenny Brown said the Taj Mahal model was designed only for very experienced enthusiasts, adding: “It will certainly present a worthy challenge to most Lego fans – but a fun one.”

The original Taj Mahal, in northern India, was built in the 17th century in memory of an emperor’s wife. It took 22 years and 20,000 workers.

It won’t take Lego fans quite as long; they can build their own replica, complete with domes, minarets, arches and stairs, in a little less than 40 hours.


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  • we like this lego thingummie! now only if i could afford it!

    i cant even afford a teenyweeny box of lego!! sigh!



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