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An honest tribute to Lollywood


This Rajput is WILD!
and this one is stubborn

The variety of cinema produced in Lahore’s film industry is astounding. Last week, the film on display in the same cinema was “Ziddi Rajput”. This week, it is “Vehshee Rajput.” In all probability, the same actor (Shan) has played both versions (Ziddi and Vehshee) of Rajput clan.

Hats off to diversity – or lack of it.


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  • I just finished watching this film at Capri cinema in Gulberg. Was my first time to go watch a Lollywood film in cinema.
    I didn’t really have high hopes and went mostly for the cultural experience. I think most of the people with me watching were probably Rickshaw drivers.
    The dancing, guns and blood were dished out abundantly. In between the scene with guns and girls there was a story about of conflict between two major groups within the village.

    I was shocked at some of the dancing. So much for Hollywood being vulgar.
    And the amount of ‘blood’ being smeared on everyone was a bit much for me. Plus the scene where he saws off the guys head (slowly).

    Central theme (much like Pakistani politics) was ghariat.

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