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Where’d all the good people go?

Television industry in Pakistani has never had it this good but it has never produced shows as trashy as are being telecast these days. We have had Imran Khan foaming with rage at Babar Awan on Geo’s Capital Talk and Amir Liaquat presenting a show where Musharraf’s impeachment gets religious sanctions by religious scholars who want their fifteen minutes of fame. To top it all, we have had Nadia Khan on her morning show blurting to the whole world that not only is she pregnant, but baby’s probable due date – which is January 2009 – and that she intends to lose the mommy pounds by March 2009. Yes, I have added this bit of info for all the people who land on my blog wanting to know about Nadia Khan’s impending bundle of joy (if the baby turn out to be anything like Nadia, there would be nothing joyous about it I am afraid). Did anyone puke? Its all right, it only means that you are normal. What’s most ironic is that she did it all while interviewing Karachi’s city Nazim (Mayor) who is quite a professional and did not respond to any of her stupid demands (she wanted him to sing and dance on her show). I now fear if we are going to witness baby’s arrival and first burp live on TV.

All I can do is sing this song “Good People” by Jack Johnson which seems to describe telly scene here in Pakistan.

It goes something like this:

You win, it’s your show, now
So what’s it gonna be
‘Cause people
Will tune in
How many train wrecks do we need to see
before we lose touch of
We thought this was low
It’s bad getting worse so

Where’d all the good people go?
I’ve been changing channels
I don’t see them on the TV shows
Where’d all the good people go?
We got heaps and heaps of what we sow

Here is the Video

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