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Ratty revolution

One does not need to go to Reuter’s odd news section any more to have a look at – really odd news – Washington Post is doing it as well. The state government of Bihar (a state in India and homeland of Lalu Prasad Yadav) is actually encouraging people to eat rats in an effort to battle soaring food prices and save grain stocks.
Authorities in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, are asking rich and poor alike to switch to eating rats in a bid to reduce the dependence on rice. They even plan to offer rats on restaurant menus.
The government believes that eating of rats will serve twin purposes — it will save grains from being eaten away by rats and will simultaneously increase the grain stock. Officials say almost 50 percent of India’s food grains stocks are eaten away by rodents in fields or warehouses.
Bihar’s caste and tribe welfare minister, said rat meat was a healthy alternative to expensive rice or grains, and should be eaten by one and all.
In Bihar, eating rat meat is not an oddity. It is eaten by Mushars, a group of lower caste Hindus, as well as poorer sections of society.
Now that’s what I thinking out of the box and innovative governing. Not only it will ease the food burden of the state, it will give birth to new products. Food companies would soon start selling ready made rat masala like they sell biryani and haleem masala. The famous chefs will come up with recipe books with rat recipes and names like “The Culinary Rat” or “The Fattie Rattie Cookbook” among others. With so many rats being eaten, there would be surplus rat skin at hand and enterprising fashion houses like PRADA or DNKY may jump in to introduce a new line of shoes and bags made of rat skin.

English language will also get a face lift. For instance, line like ‘I don’t give a rat’s arse’ would be changed. When people will start eating rat’s arse, they will not be so generous with the rat’s arse and would probably keep it in pappu’s birthday menu. The term lab rat will also become extinct as there would be no rats for lab and they will have to make do with ants perhaps.

This is what you call a ratty revolution, a squeaky ratty way to change the world. Way to go Bihar!

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  • false stuff!!!

  • My first reaction was YYYYUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!! I have an aversion to rats, mice, hampsters or any of those kinds of animals. But on second thought I need to shut my mouth and be so grateful for being able to affordto eat anything I like. Humans are so ungrteful.

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