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I had a dream !

Yes, I had a dream, but it was nothing like what Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King dreamt about. In fact, mine was bordering on a nightmare.

After watching Mush’s last speech in office and talking about it for the rest of the day, I went home, switched on the telly again. I had a look at Hamid Mir going ballistic over some poor sod, switched off the TV and decided to keep the idiot box unplugged for the rest of the day and went to my friend’s home. Couldn’t escape politics there as her mom wanted my ‘expert’ opinion on the unfolding events (Yes, I did work for a newspaper a couple of centuries ago and that does not make me an expert, in fact it makes me a lot more confused than most people) so escaping it was not working out fine. I came home, did a bit of reading (a trashy romantic novel) and slept. My last though before dozing off was, “hey, I have been successful and did not think about politics,” and then I had that dream.

I saw a huge room with white marble flooring, expensive curtains and a huge sofa, like really huge. I immediately realised that it was the ‘President’s House’ in Islamabad (Don’t ask me how I knew it, but I just knew). In my dream, I was wandering in that hall wondering what the heck am I doing in this palatial palace and then I stopped in my tracks and saw it.

I saw Mian Sahab (Mian Muhammade Nawaz Sharif of PML – Nawaz for the uninitiated – yes he has a whole political party with his name) perched on the sofa with his – get this – pet lion (that’s his party’s election brand)! I was scared and wanted to run away – I mean a lion is scary itself, but a lion in company with Mian sahib is about as lethal as it gets and my self preservation instincts told me to run. Suddenly I realised that there are no doors in that huge hall. I turned back and looked at Mian sahib with pleading eyes and he had that Mustafa Qureshi / Sultan Rahi snarl on his face which all but said, “Ab Phansi Razia Ghundon main” (I cannot translate it). I decided screaming is the best option and screamed. Thankfully, that did wake me up.

I escaped the dream by screaming myself out of sleep, I am wondering how am I gonna escape it if becomes a reality?

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